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NanoGraphene Inc., doing business as GrapheneCA, is a commercial-scale graphene and graphene-based materials producer and supply company that has developed a scalable and environmentally-friendly process to manufacture graphene. The company also provides graphene-based technology for its industry partners and clients.

GrapheneCA’s engineers have spent the past three years developing proprietary high-quality graphene and graphene-based technology. Founded in 2016, the company first began producing graphene flakes in July of 2017 from its production facility in Brooklyn, New York.

As a result, GrapheneCA has met the challenge of integrating graphene into a host of real-world applications. The company offers a variety of graphene types, dispersions, composites and admixtures. Each product contains multilayer, industrial-grade graphene that is ultrapure, defect-free, unoxidized and highly-ordered. The company has recently launched its OG Concrete Admix, an all-in-one solution that is lighter, stronger and more cost-effective than current products.

GrapheneCA has also signed an MOU with Apis Cor to develop a 3D printing system capable of printing graphene material for the construction industry. The ability to 3D print graphene material could lead to a breakthrough in the construction industry as printers are expected to locally produce materials such as cement, cut the associated labor costs and significantly reduce construction times.

The development of a Mobile Graphene Container System (MGCS) is another technology that GrapheneCA provides to the graphene-as-a-service (GaaS) industry. It is the first offering of modular graphene manufacturing that is both high-yield and portable, an important innovation for B2B end-users.

In addition to its products, GrapheneCA has invited over 400 companies across 40 different industries to examine the properties of the company’s graphene to enable rapid production and distribution of graphene products on an industrial scale. GrapheneCA’s products are currently being tested by over 200 enterprises from across the globe. These include items for cement, coatings and epoxy as well as applications for the medical, cosmetics and energy storage industries.

GrapheneCA Company Highlights

  • Economical solutions to a graphene market that is expected to surpass US$1 billion by 2023.
  • Complete ownership of key intellectual property.
  • Patented technology that makes it the only green graphene manufacturer.
  • Over three years of experience in the development of graphene and graphene-based products.
  • A varied offer of graphene types, dispersions, composites and admixtures.
  • A flexible production system that brings graphene production to the end-users, providing cost-saving benefits for all parties.
  • Service to multiple industries across the globe, including the composite, packaging, medical, cosmetics, coatings, filtration, concrete, high-tech and energy storage industries.
  • GrapheneCA has an MOU in place with Apis Cor to develop a 3D graphene printer for the construction industry.
  • GrapheneCA has launched its Original Graphene (OG) concrete admix. It is the first product to make graphene commercially available to the $395 billion retail concrete industry.
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