Graph Blockchain

Providing Blockchain Solutions Across Multiple High-Growth Markets


Graph Blockchain Inc. (CSE:GBLC) is a blockchain development company that provides state-of-the-art private blockchain solutions for enterprise applications. Graph Blockchain is based on existing relationships, developing channel partnerships, direct sales and a “land and expand” strategy through the subsidiaries of multi-national clients to replicate its solutions in high-growth markets.

The company’s blockchain solution is private and customizable to ensure that all transactions are recorded, transparent and immutable and can give their clients near real time business intelligence and database management. Their technology uses Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology and Bitnine’s AgensGraph database which includes a control tower and user interface dashboard development capabilities. The technology also uses a graph database, which allows the data on the blockchain to be computed faster than using a traditional or relational database. When combined, the blockchain and graph database components drives the company’s platforms. To date, Graph Blockchain has been granted two patents in South Korea and has two patents pending in the US.

Relational databases allow users to identify and access data in relation to another piece of data in the database as the data is often organized into a table. However, when multiple people are trying to access different forms of the data it can slow the system down. Graph Blockchain’s graph database, on the other hand, organizes and condenses the data into graphs, which helps increase the speed that the data can be retrieved even with multiple users operating at the same time and allows for an intuitive visualization of the data.

Graph Blockchain Company Highlights

  • Graph has access to the networks, resources and technologies from its founding companies Datametrex and Bitnine Global.
  • Graph Blockchain is looking to enter the growing esports and gaming market.
  • Targeting the global food SCM, cannabis and logistics markets, among others.