FinCanna Capital Corp.

Funding the Production of Ultra Premium Cannabis Products in North America’s Largest Market

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FinCanna Capital Corp (CSE:CALI) is a royalty finance company uniquely focused on investing in licensed medical cannabis businesses with a focus on California, the largest market in North America. As operators seek funding and big pharma, big agriculture and big tobacco await further legalization,  FinCanna aims to capitalize on this market opportunity by providing access to capital companies operating in the licensed medical cannabis sector in exchange for royalty payments based on a percentage of their revenues.

Key investment highlights include FinCanna’s large scale potential, a skilled and experienced management team and current and potential royalty investments.

FinCanna has an agreement in place with Cultivation Technologies Inc. (CTI) under which the company will provide capital towards the development of CTI’s fully entitled Coachella Campus. In exchange for funding the development of the Coachella Campus, FinCanna will receive a royalty payment of 10 percent of CTI’s Coachella Campus revenue.

The Coachella Campus is designed to be a 111,500 sq. ft. facility to be built on six acres of land in Coachella California.  It is planned to host an indoor, ultra-premium cultivation centre for licensed medical cannabis with innovative and best-practice solutions including a multi-tier grow system, a controlled atmosphere and gas-tight rooms to maximize quality standards. The Coachella Campus is also planned to host an extraction and manufacturing centre for licensed medical cannabis products.

CTI’s management team is skilled and experienced in multiple areas related to medical cannabis including finance, permitting, legal, agriculture and technology.

Company Highlights

  • Led by a team of finance professionals and industry experts with advisory support from strategists and licensed medical cannabis specialists
  • Rare royalty finance company focused on California licensed medical cannabis market
  • Invested in a top-tier licensed medical cannabis business, Cultivation Technologies Inc (CTI)
  • CTI is permitted for development of their Coachella Campus to be constructed on six-acres
  • CTI currently conducting licensed extraction of medical products in an interim facility at the Coachella Campus
  • CTI management team are experts at navigating permitting in California

Cannabis Market in California

In North America alone, legal cannabis sales for 2016 were estimated at $6.7 billion and are projected to grow past $21.8 billion by 2020. California is the largest cannabis market in North America, boasting over 30 percent of legal cannabis product sales in the country.

When it comes to cannabis production, every state has its own set of laws and regulations. California was the first state to legalize medical cannabis in 1996, and over the years has become a knowledgeable & sophisticated medical market. The state has recently implemented regulations restricting the use of pesticides and mandating seed-to-sale tracking for all distributors. Many current operators will not be able to meet these stringent new standards and in turn this is expected to drive the market for ultra-premium licensed medical cannabis as planned by FinCanna’s flagship investment, Cultivation Technologies Inc.

Flagship Holding: Cultivation Technologies Inc (CTI)

FinCanna’s first royalty investment is with CTI, a company which intends to produce licensed, medical, ultra-premium indoor cannabis. CTI is led by a team of experts in precision agriculture, medical cannabis, law, engineering and technology. The two companies have a royalty agreement whereby FinCanna will earn a royalty of 10 percent of revenue from CTIs planned first cultivation and extraction facility in Coachella California.

As part of their agreement, FinCanna is providing funding to CTI, which will in part fund the development of the Coachella Campus in Southern California. This property is fully entitled and will run the full wholesale supply chain for licensed medical cannabis, including a large-scale indoor medical cannabis facility on six acres of land. The facility is designed to include a 81,600-square-foot cultivation space with a multi-tier grow system; a controlled atmosphere with protocols for chemical-pesticide-free cultivation; with gas-tight rooms to mitigate contamination risk, minimize crop loss. The Campus will also have on-site testing which will screen the product against industry standards and future-state compliance while also testing for pesticides.

Additionally, CTI began operations in October 2017, in its interim solvent extraction facility, one of the first permitted facilities of its type in the state. FinCanna is entitled to receive 50% of the profits of the interim facility.

FinCanna Management

Andriyko Herchak CPA, CA—President, CEO and Director

Andriyko Herchak has over 20 years of experience in executive leadership with publicly traded companies. He is a former CFO of an international sales and marketing company generating US$1.4 billion in annual sales and is also a former CFO of a Canadian public company sold for C$650 million cash.

Robert Scott, CPA, CA, CFA—CFO

Robert Scott has over 20 years of experience in corporate finance, including merchant and commercial banking experience with a major Canadian bank. He has served on management teams and boards of a number of Canadian publicly traded companies and listed several companies on the TSX Venture Exchange

Morris L. Reid—Director

Morris Reid is a globally recognized corporate and political strategist based in Washington, DC and London. He is a partner at Mercury, a high-stakes public strategy firm that represents the world’s most successful companies, leading advocacy groups, governments, political parties, NGOs and prominent public and political figures. He has extensive experience with various types of high-profile clients, including national leaders and corporate executives, advising them on high-level political and corporate issues for more than 15 years. He has media contributions in political and business marketing on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, the New York Times, USA Today and Forbes.

Jeffrey Tindale—Director

Jeffrey Tindale has over 15 years of experience in merchant banking and corporate advisory practices. He brings a strong background in corporate governance, finance and mergers and acquisitions.

Gaynell Rogers—Advisor to the Board

Gaynell Rogers is recognized as an expert voice on the medical cannabis industry in the US. She is a highly respected publicity and media expert who came into the industry as a twice cancer survivor. She is a senior consultant to Harborside, considered the largest medical cannabis dispensary in the US. She is a former Senior Publicist for Lucasfilm Ltd and was head of Feature Film Publicity for Pixar. She secured the creation of the first cannabis mini series TV show “Weed Wars” on the Discovery Channel in 2010, has two Fortune magazine covers and is featured in multiple New York Times articles. She is an active philanthropist serving on many boards throughout her career.

Miguel Motta—Advisor to the Board

Miguel Motta is CTI’s President and CEO. He previously led global strategy for a US$1 billion portfolio of agricultural products as an executive for Monsanto, a Fortune 150 company. He was previously the President and CEO for SGB Inc, a venture capital-backed company.

Rosy Mondin—Advisor to the Board

Specializing in corporate law, Rosy Mondin served as strategic advisor for several companies involved in the processing, distribution, and safe use of medical cannabis. She co-founded Soma Labs Scientific in 2014, which amalgamated to form Quadron Cannatech Corporation in 2016. Ms. Mondin is CEO and Director of the company, which focuses on extraction and processing solutions. Ms. Mondin is also the co-Founder and Executive Director of the Cannabis Trade Alliance of Canada (CTAC) and Special Advisor to the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD), where she works with industry leaders, government legislators and educators to develop an inclusive, safe, and ethical cannabis industry. Ms. Mondin has over 18 years of legal and entrepreneurial experience launching and managing startups and public companies.

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