DigiMax Global Solutions

Providing Clarity and Compliance for Digital Coin and Token Offerings


DigiMax Global Solutions (CSE:DIGI), is a Toronto-based company designed to become a world leader in advising businesses issuing security token offerings (STOs) on a 100 percent regulatory compliant basis in countries around the world.

DigiMax was formed by five partners, three of whom have vast experience in the crypto-currency, ICO and STO industry and two of whom that have over 40 years of combined experience raising capital through security tokens and in conventional securities markets. The result is a team that combines expertise from both the token and conventional public capital markets.

While the token issuance space has been popular in the last few years, it has raised security concerns that have prompted the industry to turn away from the crowd-funding model into STOs that abide by global securities laws and regulations.

Despite this shift, the industry has continued growing. It is estimated that approximately $6.5 billion was raised via ICO globally over the course of 2017. Meanwhile, in the first three quarters of 2018, ICOs raised $20.6 billion worldwide. With this much money involved, the market needs further transparency to ensure that funds are being allocated properly and jurisdictional securities, including in the US, have been responding accordingly.

DigiMax is addressing transparency concerns in the space with their regulatory-compliant security tokens marketplace in two ways. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, DigiMax Capital Corp., DigiMax will provide both non-registered consulting services to clients to assist them in being properly prepared to issue 100 percent regulatory compliant security tokens.

DigiMax Capital Corp has been granted registration as an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) in the province of Ontario. This designation is expected to allow DigiMax Capital to distribute securities of such issuers on an exempt basis in Ontario. The company also expects to take a more active role in the distribution of securities registered in jurisdictions across the globe.

Moving forward, DigiMax is expected to release the DigiMax Drop app for download through the Apple and Google app stores. The goal of the app will be to provide investors with a transparent and safe way to identify and purchase new, regulatory-compliant digital coins and tokens. The app will provide regular updates on specific coins as they progress through their development and after the coin has been launched.

Digimax Company Highlights

  • Developing a safe and transparent way for investors to identify and purchase regulatory-compliant digital coins and tokens by implementing industry best practices.
  • Instrumental in making coin and token offerings more transparent and regulated.
  • DigiMax Capital has been officially registered as an exempt market dealer (EMD) in Ontario
  • Management is notably invested in the company and controls approximately 60 percent of the shares.
  • DigiMax Drop app platform has been designed to provide investors with regulatory-compliant STOs.
  • Established joint venture partnerships in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, England, Malta and the US.