DigiMax Global Solutions

Providing Clarity and Compliance for Digital Coin and Token Offerings

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DigiMax Global Solutions (legally named DigiCrypts Blockchain Solutions pending a name changed to be approved by Shareholders at the next Shareholder Meeting), is a Toronto, Canada based company designed to become a world leader in advising companies issuing Security Token Offerings (STO’s) on a 100% Regulatory Compliant basis, in any country around the world.

DigiMax is a Reporting Issuer in Ontario, Canada and has filed an application to become listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”).

DigiMax was formed by five partners, three of whom have vast experience in the crypto-currency and ICO industry and two of whom that have more than 40 years of combined experience raising capital through public companies and issuing of common shares.  This partnership brings together all of the benefits and expediency of raising capital though security tokens, with a team that has decades of experience raising capital in conventional securities markets.  The result is a team that combines expertise from both the token, and the conventional public capital markets world.

While the token issuance space has been remarkably popular in the last few years, it has raised security concerns that have prompted the industry to turn away from the crowd-funding model into security token offerings (STOs) that abide by global securities laws and regulations.

Despite this shift, the industry has continued growing. It is estimated that approximately $6.5 billion was raised via ICO globally over the course of 2017. Meanwhile, in the first three quarters of 2018, ICOs raised $20.6 billion worldwide. With this much money involved, the market needs further transparency to ensure the funds are being allocated properly, and jurisdictional securities, including in the US, have been responding accordingly.

DigiMax Global Solutions is addressing transparency concerns in the space with their regulatory-compliant security tokens marketplace in two different ways.

First, through its wholly owned subsidiary, DigiMax Capital Corp., DigiMax will provide both non-registered consulting services to clients to assist them in being properly prepared to issue 100% regulatory compliant Security Tokens.  Upon becoming a registered Exempt Market Dealer in Ontario, Canada pursuant to an application submitted to the Ontario Securities Exchange, DigiMax will provide services requiring registration such as legal due-diligence, valuation and sales of Security Token Offerings to qualified investors in regions where allowed as an Ontario registered Exempt Market Dealer.

Second, following a successful registration as an Exempt Market Dealer, DigiMax Drop will be offered as an electronic App available from App Store on Apple and Google App. The goal of the App, will be to provide investors with a transparent and safe way for investors to identify and purchase new, regulatory-compliant digital coins and tokens as part of their investment strategy. The company has ensured that the site provides regular updates on specific coins as they progress through their development and after the coin has been launched.

Company Highlights

  • Developing a safe and transparent way for investors to identify and purchase regulatory-compliant digital coins and tokens by implementing industry best practices.
  • Digital coin and token offerings becoming more transparent and regulated.
  • DigiMax Capital seeking registration as an Exempt Market Dealer in Ontario.
  • Management is notably invested in the company and controls approximately 60 percent of the shares.
  • DigiMax Drop App platform provides investors with regulatory-compliant STO’s.

History of Cryptocurrencies, ICOs and STOs

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and encrypted tokens that can be exchanged between users across a network. The transactions between users are validated across a decentralized public ledger, or blockchain, by other users on the network.

Bitcoin emerged in 2009 and sparked the development of a comprehensive industry that includes numerous cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash, which are hosted and transacted within blockchain networks. Cryptocurrencies have seen significant growth as multiple industries begin to embrace blockchain technology solutions.

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, the applications of blockchain technology soon developed to include smart contracts and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), among other applications. An ICO is the non-literal description given to the issuance of a“Utility”token.  A true Utility Token is issued for use between two parties on either a Business-to-Business (B2B) or a Business-to-Customer (B2C) basis to assist with electronic transactions between the parties.  Under securities laws around the world, Utility Tokens were NOT legal as a means of raising capital for the company issuing the Utility Token.  Unfortunately both the issuers and the purchasers of these tokens were confused by these laws and Utility Tokens were often used as a means of raising capital.   As a result, the issuers (and their advisors) were in violation of the securities laws in the country that these tokens were issued.

The Partners of DigiMax understood this problem from the outset and chose not to become involved in ICOs as a Company.  Instead, DigiMax has put its effort into becoming one of the world leaders in developing a global infrastructure to develop 100% regulatory compliant Security Token Offerings (“STOs”).  STOs are regulatory complaint because they follow all of the same laws as any company would that issues common shares.  A Security Token is so named because it is recognized at the outset that a company issuing a token that shares in the future development of the issuer company (either through sharing of revenue, profitability or some form of equity) is in fact a “security” under the laws that already exist in virtually every country in the world.  By ensuring strict adherence to all such laws in whatever jurisdiction the STO is being issued, the issuer and Advisors can ensure that such an offering is 100% regulatory complaint.  This includes that all activities related to the formation, due-diligence and sale of such tokens to investors is conducted by properly Registered Broker/Dealers in the country where such tokens are being issued.

Today the market for ICOs as a form of capital raising is all but finished with only a few countries having laws that allow the issuance of utility tokens to raise capital remaining under certain highly restricted conditions.

The STO market however, although relatively new, is gaining popularity very quickly precisely because they are 100% regulatory compliant, And because they have several economic benefits that conventional common shares do not.

First, with a more stringent focus on transparency from securities around the world, and as more businesses recognize the benefits of raising capital through the digital market, STOs are becoming more commonplace. STOs can be issued, tracked and exchanged more easily and securely than common shares.

Second, Security Tokens often carry more features that are beneficial to the investor such as having both an equity value and a dividend value where such dividends are based on a percentage of sales, gross profit, or EBITDA.  These extra payments can often make an STO more valuable than a simple common share.

Efforts are continually being made to regulate the space to ensure that funds raised in STOs are being used for their intended purposes. Securities regulators, in the US inclusively, have begun regulating these instruments in the same way as traditional securities. Companies like DigiMax Global Solutions are also working towards providing investors with transparency in an unregulated zone. This is being done through the implementation of regulated channels that have been created to address the issues in the space and the delivery of platforms that only supply potential investors with regulated companies to choose from.


David Posner — Chairman of the Board of Directors 

David Posner currently serves as the Chairman of the board of directors of the Nutritional High International Inc. and Capricorn Business Acquisitions Inc. and is a a director of Aura Health Corp.

Between July 2014 and July 2016, Posner was the President and Chief Executive Officer of the NHII. Between 2012 and 2014, he served as the Acquisitions Manager for Stonegate Properties Inc., where he managed real estate properties and brokered deals in Canada and Oklahoma.

He was a Managing Director of Sales and Acquisitions for Maria Chiquita Development Company from 2005 to 2012. From 2004 to 2007, he was a partner in a private investment group investment group involved in the acquisition, rezoning and re-positioning for sale of land holdings in Costa Rica and Panama. Posner holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from York University.

Chris Carl — President & CEO

Mr. Carl was appointed Chief Executive Officer of DGSI on closing of the RTO. Mr. Carl brings over 25 years’ experience of public-company experience including 10 years as CEO of CanFibre Ltd. developing technology from a lab at UBC in Vancouver to building two $125 million manufacturing facilities in US.  Mr. Carl then spent 9 years as CEO developing BioExx Specialty Proteins Ltd. which was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Prior to that he spent including 8 years with Tenneco Inc., which was No. 11 on the Fortune 500 at that time.  In addition to his public company experience, Mr. Carl spent 3 years running Foundation Investment Capital Corp., a boutique venture capital and advisory company helping small public and soon-to-be-public companies establish foundation required to become successful. Mr. Carl was also the Regional Director for The CFO Centre based in Toronto. Chris obtained his Honour’s  B. Comm, from Queen’s University, in Kingston ON.

Greg Limon — VP Business Development

Greg Limon has 25 years experience in the medical, legal, real estate development, high tech, production and trading commodities industries. He has also completed two successful IPOs with his partners. He was a Founder of Canada Capital Group Inc. in 2015 that was created to profit from two primary objectives: build a North American distribution arm for its Chinese Cryptocurrency Mining computer manufacturer; and to build a better platform for underwriting ICOs.

During the ensuing three years, Greg has become a global leader in the Crypto technology and ICO industries having been recognized by icobench.com in March 2018 as one of the top 20 most influential industry leaders in the world.

Sergey Shilnov — Chief Technology Officer

Shilnov has been involved in digital development projects for more than 20 years. With a background in gaming and coding, he was an early adopter of technologies related to the cryptocurrency space. Shilnov has launched 2 software and infrastructure companies in the digital and crypto space in the past 5 years. He has been the CEO of QCoders LLC, a custom outsourcing software development company, and the CEO of reOrder Technologies Inc., a retail cryptocurrency infrastructure company.

Stan Milc — VP Global Marketing

Stan Milc has had a 10-year career in global business development focused on digital and cryptocurrency companies. He was recognized in March 2018 by icobench.com as one of the most influential leaders in the crypo industry worldwide. During the past seven years, Milc has been a partner at Canada Capital Group International and Caviar House.


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