Cannvas MedTech

Cannvas MedTech is a data-driven business technology company within the cannabis space

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Steve Loutskou, the founder and COO of Cannvas MedTech (CSE:MTEC) brings technology innovation to the burgeoning cannabis sector through data-driven business solutions. As a serial entrepreneur, Steve’s business experience allowed Cannvas to evolve from a concept to a company that’s changing the face of technology and cannabis. Forming a team of experts and implementing a growth strategy through innovation.

~ has been designed as an unbiased, user-focused source of cannabis-related information that allows for interactions between all those who are part of the legalized community of using cannabis. From medical and recreational users having a source of trustworthy information, to nurses and practitioners having scientific articles they can use as an educational resource. Even licensed producers, legal dispensaries, clinics and insurance companies; all have a place at

Using todays multi-faceted approach to communication, offers dozens of consolidated data and news streams for the cannabis space, providing insight to users and businesses in a highly personalized and contextual manner. The company has thousands of pre-registrants eagerly awaiting the launch of

Cannvas MedTech has also diversified its business across a number of services for the cannabis sector. This includes our sister company, Cannvas Creative, which is a marketing agency dedicated to enhancing its clients’ presence within an ever-growing market. Cannvas Connect, a blockchain and smart contract enabled system paired with Cannvas Data, its B2B/B2C Data Analytics Insights offering, that will provide a lens into understanding industry trends at both the business and consumer level.

Cannvas MedTech is led by a management team with notable experience in designing and building  customer-centric marketing solutions that enable our partners to harness the power of data to truly understand their customers.  Management and ‘friends and family’ are also significantly invested in the company. is a comprehensive solution for the cannabis community that offers innovative tools, news and individual personalized experiences for cannabis enthusiasts; as well as providing valuable insight for the industry market. offers information for anybody and anyone looking to better understand the potential of cannabis use. is not sponsored by licensed producers, as is the case with similar technology solutions in the space. This means that any suggestions or educational materials posted by the community, is for the community, and highly associated with the specific needs of the individual. 

Awaiting the anticipated launch date within 2018, the company has already pre-registered thousands of users and has partnered or pending partnerships with multiple organizations within the cannabis space.

Embedded loyalty program has developed an intuitive loyalty program that gamifies user interaction. The company sees this as an opportunity to gather customer insights and develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with consumers. This customer insight is vital in personalizing the user’s experience.

Revenue stream opportunity

As part of, the company will have access to significant geo-specific data regarding preferences, trends, points of interest and more associated to the community. This has given the company the opportunity to develop multiple models that can be used across the cannabis sector, especially to globally licensed producers and other entities that could make use of the information to enhance their operations. will be able to offer geo-specific data that will help businesses predict customer needs, predict customer segments at greatest risk of attrition, and future strain attributes, amongst other functionalities.

A Diversified Business Model

Besides, the company has also developed additional revenue streams so as to maintain a diversified presence within the cannabis space.

“By taking on a diversified approach and maintaining a limited exposure in each space, we keep our position in the market safe from any volatility or industry fluctuations,” said Cannvas MedTech CEO Shawn Moniz.

Cannvas Creative

As an in-house agency, Cannvas Creative has the mandate to support clients in growing and outperforming their ever-growing and complex markets.  The offerings under Cannvas Creative include brand strategy, commercialization, and full go-to-market strategies through multi-channel campaign design and management.  Cannvas Creative has already secured over $300,000 in contracts.

Cannvas Data & Cannvas Connect

Operating as a core component, the Cannvas Data offering will provide access to a multitude of data points such as desired cannabis effects which users are seeking, strain reviews, geolocation data, scientific and medical research data as well as other data points; all coupled with machine learning algorithms. The solution will allow for businesses to learn customer insights and create marketing campaigns which will drive the right message to the right audience using the customers preferred channel of communication. Utilizing this approach customers only see the information they are interested in seeing, and businesses are able to target consumers that best align with their offerings. Our clients will also have the option to utilize Cannvas Connect, a blockchain and smart contract enabled system paired with Cannvas Data for secure data transfer.

Company Highlights

  • Thousands of pre-registrants for
  • Over $300,000 sold in contracts with in-house agency, Cannvas Creative
  • Listed on the CSE as MTEC
  • Tightly held share structure with friends and family holding stake in the company


Shawn Moniz—CEO

As Cannvas MedTech’s CEO, Shawn Moniz leads the strategic direction and overall firm-wide success. He comes with over 19+ years of strategic CRM brand positioning and loyalty focus, marketing automation, and omni-channel data driven marketing experience. Being a strategic marketing technologist, he has a multitude of disciplinary backgrounds in which he has played major roles in leading the vision, innovation, and growth strategy while demonstrating exceptional leadership and mentorship to teams. With his wealth of corporate leadership and technological expertise, Shawn will enable Cannvas to establish a dominant presence in the cannabis sector.

Steve Loutskou—COO

Steve Loutskou is responsible for driving growth for early-stage clients, directing our consultant management team and incubating strategic partnerships/accounts while initiating the development of new growth account operations. He is an experienced multi-disciplinary innovator in the business world, working at the forefront of integrative business application development, utilizing his leadership skill set to capitalize on current and developing commercialization opportunities. He recently founded a vibrant consulting and advisory company that excels in providing high-value solutions to businesses in the areas of technology, marketing and growth strategy. He is charged with the leadership of Cannvas’ clients through the process of creating, promoting, and evolving their online footprint, ensuring that these businesses engage in successful practices and that reflected the ever-changing online market demands.

Mirosalv Beganovic—CPA, CA

Mr. Beganovic is a designated CA, CPA who has worked for several public accounting firms including Ernst and Young LLP and Crowe Soberman LLP where he provided services in Assurance, Audit and Taxation, and he was involved with numerous financial statement audits of Canadian subsidiaries of foreign listed corporations. Mr. Beganovic became a fully standalone practitioner in 2014.

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