Cannvas MedTech

Cannvas MedTech is a leading cannabis education and analytics company.

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Cannvas MedTech (CSE:MTEC) (Frankfurt:3CM) (OTC:CANVF) is a leading cannabis education and analytics company. Cannvas provides accessible and evidence-based education through its Cannvas.Me platform, offering a safe space to learn about all aspects of cannabis with no pressure to purchase or consume. Its Cannvas Data platform harnesses the power of cannabis data and analytics to deliver deeper insights into industry trends. The Cannvas Health platform brings .Me and Data together to offer a white label education solution with cannabis analytics to provide a clearer picture of consumer behaviour.

Cannvas.Me is an accessible and evidence-based digital cannabis education platform for medicinal and adult-use cannabis consumers curious about the potential health benefits of cannabis as an alternative treatment or supplement to traditional pharmaceuticals. Operating independent of any funding from licensed producers or clinics with original content overseen by Medical, Educational and Cannabis Sciences Boards, Cannvas.Me provides a safe space for cannabis education with no pressure to purchase or consume.

The site’s features include an Academy with cannabis courses broken down into learning modules, a Strain Matcher pairing particular strains with symptoms they’re known to alleviate, and a culinary section with advice from expert chefs who cook extensively with cannabis. Using machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to contextualize and adapt to its users’ needs, Cannvas.Me consistently ensures content is personally and geographically relevant and gives individuals a uniquely progressive experience.

Cannvas.Me is the exclusive cannabis education provider for Advica Health, Medical Marihuana Patient Relief, Namaste and Hi-Jane, among others.

Cannvas Data helps LPs, dispensaries and clinics convert casual consumers to customers through cannabis data. Pioneering to be the social and census data collection agency of the cannabis industry, Cannvas Data delivers cannabis analytics and meaningful insights to the global cannabis community about consumption and purchasing patterns, consumer behaviour and demographic differences.

Among the only companies collecting and analyzing pre-purchasing patterns, Cannvas Data is a leading source of comprehensive and unbiased information on the behaviours of active and potential cannabis consumers across Canada.

The Cannvas Health platform is a white label solution extending the reach of the educational Cannvas.Me resource to smoothly integrate with existing portals, and leveraging the Cannvas Data platform to provide valuable analytics for organizations to better understand key business drivers and industry trends.

Additional resources and companies operating under Cannvas MedTech include:

  • Cannvas Kiosk, a network of learning kiosks in high-traffic medical, educational and retail areas across Canada improving accessibility to free and unbiased education about cannabis.
  • Cannvas Marché, a network of high-tech cannabis education and fulfillment centres providing digital learning resources, on-site health practitioners and a fulfillment program from leading and local cannabis brands. (To date, PUF Ventures Inc. (CSE:PUF, FWB:PU3, OTCPK:PUFXF), MoodTM and Medical Marihuana Patient Relief Inc. have joined the Cannvas Marché program.)
  • Pet, the company’s digital cannabis education platform for pet owners curious about cannabis-based treatments for their furry friends.
  • Cannvas Creative, a full-service in-house digital and creative agency servicing clients in and outside the cannabis space.

With offices in Toronto and Vancouver, the Cannvas team brings significant experience developing and supporting patient-focused CRM platforms for leading international pharmaceutical brands such as AstraZenica, Bayer and Tylenol, with strong backgrounds in data, technology, education and community engagement. Management and ‘friends and family’ are also significantly invested in the company.

Company Highlights

  • Launched Cannvas.Me platform in October 2018.
  • Launched wholly-owned subsidiary in September 2018.
  • Cannvas Marche program has partnerships in place with PUF Ventures, MoodTM, MM Patient Relief.
  • Revenue opportunities through Cannvas Creative, Cannvas Connect and Cannvas Data.
  • Developing education material for Cannvas.PET.
  • Over $300,000 sold in contracts with in-house agency, Cannvas Creative
  • International expansion opportunities.
  • Partnerships in place with the Wellness Soldier, Loop Media Group, Advica Health, Namaste Technologies Inc. (TSXV:N), CanvasRX, Business of Cannabis, Natures Hemp Inc. and Tech West Canada.
  • Tightly-held share structure with friends and family holding stake in the company


In October 2018, Cannvas launched Cannvas.Me, a scalable and comprehensive solution for the global cannabis community that offers interactive tools and physician-backed content to those looking to learn more about the potential health benefits cannabis can offer. By working with the global academic, government and policymaking entities across the globe, Cannvas will be able to help explain the wants and needs of consumers in the cannabis space.

The platform is free-to-use and utilizes machine learning algorithms and AI to give each user a geographically-tailored and personalized experience that builds off of each visit to the platform. IBM Watson will be providing their AI services to Cannvas in order to ensure that the AI component is being continually updated.

Additionally, the site will feature innovative tools to users: Cannvas University, Cannvas Strain Matcher and Cannvas Culinary. Cannvas University will house educational modules that cover the science, health and fitness and beverage market as it relates to cannabis. Users will be able to educate themselves on the consumption of cannabis-infused food and beverages, how cannabis can play into their daily lives and to educate themselves on the strains, chemical makeup of the plant, and how the active compounds could benefit their lifestyles.

In addition to the educational modules offered on Cannvas University, Cannvas has initiated the CHAT to delve deeper into health conditions and provide clarity on lesser known ailments that some individuals suffer from. Each CHAT module will focus on a particular illness and will provide a breakdown of its history, symptoms and potential treatment options. Meanwhile, the Cannvas Strain Matcher educates the individual on which ailments can be treated by certain cannabis strains. Cannvas has also teamed up with Wellness Soldier to provide recipes for the use of cannabis in cooking.

As of July 2018, Cannvas has acquired over 650 online domains that will be used for marketing awareness and customer acquisition purposes as the company rolls out its expansion plan for the Cannvas.Me platform. The company will also be offering the platform on a physical device in medical clinics and related services across Canada.

Notably, Cannvas.Me is not sponsored by licensed producers, as is the case with similar technology solutions in the space. This means that any suggestions or educational materials posted by the community, is for the community and highly associated with the specific needs of the individual.

Embedded loyalty program

Cannvas.Me has developed an intuitive loyalty program that gamifies user interaction. The company sees this as an opportunity to gather customer insights and develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with consumers. This customer insight is vital in personalizing the user’s experience.

Revenue stream opportunity

As part of Cannvas.Me, the company will have access to significant geo-specific data regarding preferences, trends, points of interest and more associated to the community. This has given the company the opportunity to develop multiple models that can be used across the cannabis sector, especially to globally licensed producers and other entities that could make use of the information to enhance their operations. Cannvas.Me will be able to offer geo-specific data that will help businesses predict customer needs, predict customer segments at greatest risk of attrition, and future strain attributes, amongst other functionalities.

International Expansion

Cannvas also intends to expand the presence of Cannvas.Me outside of Canada. The company is particularly looking at expanding into Germany, one of the fastest growing medical cannabis marketplaces in the world. Germany has embraced cannabis as a legitimate for of medication, which is even backed up by insurance companies.

“We have had great success introducing our cannabis learning platform in Canada and look forward to educating others around the globe about the potential benefits of medical cannabis,” said Loutskou. “The cannabis revolution continues to spread around the world with governments and regulators recognizing the lack of available information about cannabis and the need for better education. Building off our positive results in the Canadian marketplace and the global relationships we have developed, the opportunity has never been greater to significantly expand the reach of Cannvas.Me on an international basis.”

However, Cannvas will not be focusing on Germany and Europe alone. The company will continue to meet with government agencies, policymakers and educators from across the globe to share the need for unbiased and physician-backed information that will be tailored for each country and its laws.

Other Products

Besides Cannvas.Me, the company has also developed additional revenue streams so as to maintain a diversified presence within the cannabis space.

“By taking on a diversified approach and maintaining a limited exposure in each space, we keep our position in the market safe from any volatility or industry fluctuations,” said Cannvas CEO Shawn Moniz.

Cannvas Creative

As an in-house agency, Cannvas Creative has the mandate to support clients in growing and outperforming their ever-growing and complex markets. The offerings under Cannvas Creative include brand strategy, commercialization, and full go-to-market strategies through multi-channel campaign design and management. Cannvas Creative has already secured over $300,000 in contracts.

Cannvas Data & Cannvas Connect

Operating as a core component, the Cannvas Data offering will provide access to a multitude of data points such as desired cannabis effects which users are seeking, strain reviews, geolocation data, scientific and medical research data as well as other data points; all coupled with machine learning algorithms. The solution will allow for businesses to learn customer insights and create marketing campaigns which will drive the right message to the right audience using the customers preferred channel of communication. Utilizing this approach customers only see the information they are interested in seeing, and businesses are able to target consumers that best align with their offerings. Our clients will also have the option to utilize Cannvas Connect, a blockchain and smart contract enabled system paired with Cannvas Data for secure data transfer.


Cannvas is preparing to launch a second cannabis-based educational platform, similar to the company’s Cannvas.Me platform, aimed at the health and wellness benefits for pets. Cannvas.PET will be scalable and a comprehensive solution for the global pet community and will offer users interactive tools and research-backed content for those wishing to learn about pet healthcare and cannabis.

In Canada, there are approximately 13 million cats and dogs and most pet owners treat their furry companions as an extension of their family. In 2014, Canadians spent $6.6 billion on their pets, providing a sizeable market opportunity for cannabis products and supporting technologies as pet owners turn to alternative treatments for their pets.

Cannvas Cannabis Acquisitions

In September 2018, Cannvas formed a wholly-owned subsidiary called Cannvas Cannabis Acquisitions, that will focus on investments and acquisitions in the growing cannabis sector. Cannvas Cannabis Acquisitions will compliment Cannvas’ current product offerings and may include technology, marketing and design, packaging, food and nutraceuticals, regulation and enforcement, new product development, cultivation related equipment, gear and paraphernalia, retail stores, dispensaries and testing labs.

Cannvas Marché

Cannvas has also announced their intention to create a network of high-tech learning and fulfillment centers across Canada with the goal of improving accessibility to free and unbiased education regarding medical and recreational cannabis while also providing on-site retail options from leading cannabis brands. These locations will operate under the brand name Cannvas Marché and will feature on-site medical and educational staff, digital learning resources and a fulfillment program.

“This is an exciting venture unlike anything being done in today’s market, benefitting active and potential medical and adult-use cannabis users by improving accessibility to free cannabis education while providing visitors to the center with the opportunity for immediate fulfillment on-site,” said Cannvas COO and Cannvas Cannabis Acquisitions CEO Steve Loutskou. “Our hope is that anyone of legal age will be able to visit their local Cannvas Marché, sit in on seminars pertaining to their lifestyle, speak with a health practitioner and, if they choose, interact with one of our retail partners to purchase cannabis products suited to their needs.”

Each center will feature hands-on education sessions on a variety of cannabis-related topics that will be led by a registered health practitioner. The centers will also showcase original physician-backed content that has been created for the Cannvas.Me platform. Visitors can register for free seminars each week or drop in anytime to access the content on their own through tablets and touch-screens.

In addition to the centers’ educational platform, they will also offer consumers leading brands to purchase from in a pressure-free environment.

cannvas marche

Soon after Cannvas announced the Cannvas Marché program, they signed PUF Ventures as their first licensed producer to join the program. The following month, MoodTM, a premium-focused cannabis storage brand, and MM Patient Relief, a private late-stage ACMPR license applicant, also joined the program.

Cannvas Kiosk

Cannvas has announced that they will be installing a network of learning kiosks in high-traffic retail areas across Canada to further improve access to free and unbiased education about the potential benefits of medical and recreational cannabis. The content at each kiosk will utilize the Cannvas.Me platform. Cannvas is working on integrating the kiosks with select healthcare clinics and platforms from coast-to-coast to ensure that users will have the opportunity to follow up with a licensed medical practitioner.

Partnerships and Agreements

Tech West Canada

Tech West Canada is a leading western Canadian organization that provides international opportunities for Canadian startups and is funded by Western Economic Diversification, in collaboration with the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP). Tech West has provided Cannvas, among others, tactical and practical support and help them gain access to key international events, such as Web Summit, CES and Mobile World Congress.

“We had the privilege of attending three world-class technology conferences with considerable support from our friends at Tech West Canada, to network with the leading minds of new technologies and introduce our patient-centric medical cannabis platform,” said Moniz. “Tech West is known to provide early-stage tech companies like Cannvas with incredible strategic guidance and business development support at an international level. We have leveraged this support at three amazing conferences and explored real opportunities and significantly grown our business.”

Natures Hemps

In July 2018, Cannvas signed a LOI with Natures Hemp, a biotechnology and consumer products company that provides hemp to the B2B and B2C markets, to form a data analytics agreement. Cannvas will provide industry insight and analytical modelling capabilities through their Cannvas Data offering to Nature Hemp’s business models and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Business of Cannabis

Cannvas has partnered with the Business of Cannabis, an online B2B cannabis media platform for news, analysis and insights into Canada’s cannabis sector, for the development of a series of data projects that will be delivering insights to the industry.


In August 2018, Cannvas signed a LOI with CanvasRX, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aurora Cannabis Inc. (TSX:ACB) that is operating 29 clinics across Canada, to develop data models through the Cannvas.Me platform suited for CanvasRX’s B2B and B2C businesses.

CanvasRX has developed a database of education and information for the cannabis industry that they have accumulated through their strong partnerships, network of clinics and their access to and information on hundreds of strains of medical cannabis from the top licensed producers in Canada. CanvasRX is used by individuals who want to learn about medical cannabis, find knowledgeable doctors, select strains and to track their outcomes with patient reporting tools used by doctors.


Cannvas and Namaste Technologies have signed a revenue share agreement where the two companies will share the revenue generated through the co-branding and marketing efforts between Namaste’s medical cannabis patient portal and the Cannvas.Me platform. Under the terms of the agreement, Cannvas and Namaste will build and deploy technologies that will be beneficial to both platforms.

Namaste has developed the world’s largest cannabis-focused e-commerce platform that includes 32 sites in 20 countries and has a database of approximately 1.5 million users. Their site offers everything a cannabis consumer would need. In Canada, Namaste has developed the country’s first telemedicine app which allows patients to connect with doctors and nurses while simultaneously providing a wide array of high-quality cannabis products and services.

Advica Health

In September 2018, Cannvas and Advica Health, an innovative patient-navigation membership service, signed a LOI for Cannvas to become the sole provider of cannabis information and education to Advica Health’s membership.

Advica Health offers its members access to top facilities across the globe and assists in obtaining advice, treatment options and solutions. Each case is approached on an individual basis and help patients navigate the current healthcare system and collaboratively create an effective health plan with ongoing care, management and support from nurse navigators.

Loop Media Group

Cannvas and Loop Media Group have signed an agreement that will allow them to share data and insights to improve customer experiences on their respective platforms and Cannvas will become the exclusive provider of cannabis information and education to Loop Media’s Hi-Jane mobile marketing platform.

Loop Media’s Hi-Jane platform is able to directly connect dispensaries to consumers so they can build brand awareness, drive new sales, create loyalty and put the dispensaries and their products on the map. It can also immediately provide dispensaries with best-in-class location-based marketing, partner-service team and data analytics to help cannabis companies understand the trends and best practices for customer attraction.


Shawn Moniz—CEO

As Cannvas MedTech’s CEO, Shawn Moniz leads the strategic direction and overall firm-wide success. He comes with over 19+ years of strategic CRM brand positioning and loyalty focus, marketing automation, and omni-channel data driven marketing experience. Being a strategic marketing technologist, he has a multitude of disciplinary backgrounds in which he has played major roles in leading the vision, innovation, and growth strategy while demonstrating exceptional leadership and mentorship to teams. With his wealth of corporate leadership and technological expertise, Shawn will enable Cannvas to establish a dominant presence in the cannabis sector.

Steve Loutskou—COO

Steve Loutskou is responsible for driving growth for early-stage clients, directing our consultant management team and incubating strategic partnerships/accounts while initiating the development of new growth account operations. He is an experienced multi-disciplinary innovator in the business world, working at the forefront of integrative business application development, utilizing his leadership skill set to capitalize on current and developing commercialization opportunities. He recently founded a vibrant consulting and advisory company that excels in providing high-value solutions to businesses in the areas of technology, marketing and growth strategy. He is charged with the leadership of Cannvas’ clients through the process of creating, promoting, and evolving their online footprint, ensuring that these businesses engage in successful practices and that reflected the ever-changing online market demands.

Mirosalv Beganovic, CPA, CA – CFO

Miroslav Beganovic is a designated CA, CPA who has worked for several public accounting firms including Ernst and Young LLP and Crowe Soberman LLP where he provided services in Assurance, Audit and Taxation, and he was involved with numerous financial statement audits of Canadian subsidiaries of foreign listed corporations. Miro became a fully standalone practitioner in 2014.

Radu Puscasu – VP of Technology

With over 14 years of experience, Radu Puscasu has been heavily involved in creating meaningful customer relationship experiences through secure technology. He has held senior roles at Bell Media, TD Bank Securities (Equity Derivative Solutions and Data Management Services), and Pitney Bowes and has worked with client companies such as Takeda, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Novartis.

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