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BLOK Technologies Inc. (CSE:BLK) (FRANKFURT:2AD) is investing in the development of emerging blockchain-based technology to provide real business solutions to targeted industries. The company’s experienced management team is dedicated to showing the business world that blockchain is much more than the volatile universe of Bitcoin—it is a decentralized and distributed ledger technology with the capacity to improve security and efficiency across a wide-range of business applications.

BLOK Technologies’ first project is its wholly-owned Greenstream—a blockchain-enabled supply chain management platform for Canada’s legalized cannabis industry. Combining blockchain technology with legal cannabis gives BLOK’s investors exposure to two emerging sectors both projected to be worth billions of dollars in the coming years.

Once BLOK Technologies has established a foothold in the cannabis sector, the company plans to expand both its portfolio of technologies and the industries it serves. Management will target adjacent industries with similar opportunities for blockchain-based transaction processing, supply chain management, identity verification and payments.

BLOK Technologies is hedging the vast experience and knowledge of both its management and in-house development team to capitalize on new market opportunities and deliver shareholder value.

Company Highlights

  • Developing global blockchain based DLT solutions for real business applications in markets that are ready for blockchain; supply chain, healthcare, fintech, etc.
  • Management team experienced in technology, cannabis and capital markets
  • Highly experienced in-house development team with blockchain, software development and fintech expertise
  • Greenstream: blockchain-enabled supply chain integrity platform for the legal Cannabis industry
  • Focused on value creation in blockchain sector through traditional, tried and true capital markets
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