American Battery Metals Corporation

Nevada-based Lithium Brine Extraction Technology and Mining

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American Battery Metals Corporation. (OTCQB:ABML) is a battery metal exploration and mining company based in Nevada. The company is focused on creating a vertically-integrated lithium company in three ways: environmentally-sustainable exploration and mining, green extraction processes and battery metals recycling.

The demand for lithium is rising as lithium-ion batteries are used more frequently in smartphones, laptops and electric vehicles (EVs). Governments around the globe are eliminating or reducing the need for internal combustion engines and increasing requirements for the production of EVs. Companies such as Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) and Panasonic (TSE:6752) have also dedicated millions of square feet to creating battery-producing gigafactories in Nevada.

Similarly, American Battery Metals Corporation is pushing the 26,000-acre Railroad Valley lithium project in Nevada towards production. The property is comprised of 1,300 placer claims that strategically cover the deepest part of the western Nevada Basin. Nevada is considered to be the number one mining jurisdiction in the world, according to the Fraser Institute.

The company intends to complete a comprehensive geological survey across the land package to aid in the development of a resource estimate followed by the installation of up to 20 production wells over the next 18 months.

ABMC is not only focused on the mining of raw materials from the company’s claims in Nevada. The company is also diligently working with its expert strategic partners to create the most environmentally sustainable, cost-effective extraction technology possible. The ABMC extraction process is expected to be environmentally sound and is not expected to require the harmful and inefficient solar evaporation ponds associated with lithium from brine mining in South America, which takes 18-24 months for complete extraction.

American Battery Metals Corporation is currently in the accelerated research and development phase of its proprietary lithium-from-brine extraction technology which is expected to reduce the time for extraction from 18-24 months down to less than a week. The extraction process is expected to be tailored to the company’s brine resource, but is expected to be able to be adjusted and licensed for other mining companies’ lithium resources (brine and geothermal), providing another stream of revenue for ABMC.

ABMC is also positioning itself to provide a sustainable and profitable business for recycling end-of-life batteries. The company is developing a pioneering, closed-loop green battery recycling technology. End-of-service batteries, including those from the automotive, energy storage and consumer electronics industries, all possess the crucial battery metals that are required to make rechargeable batteries. “Mining” those waste materials by separating and recovering them to produce pure raw materials for reuse is the most environmentally-sustainable process that could help feed the battery metals supply chain. Such recovered resources can be redeployed into the supply chain at a lower cost.

Recycling complete batteries offers ABMC the opportunity to positively impact multiple battery metal supply streams, including lithium, cobalt, nickel, copper, vanadium, and manganese.

American Battery Metals Corp. is led by an experienced management and technical team. The company’s management team holds approximately 25 percent of the outstanding shares.

American Battery Metals Corp. Company Highlights

  • ABMC aims to be a leading vertically-integrated lithium and battery metals producer in the US.
  • The company is operating in the mining-friendly jurisdiction of Nevada, which is ranked as the number one mining jurisdiction in the world by the Fraser Institute.
  • The Railroad Valley lithium project is comprised of 1,300 placer claims over 26,000 acres that strategically cover the deepest part of the Western Nevada Basin.
  • ABMC owns 120 acres of private property with water rights in Railroad Valley, NV.
  • American Battery Metals Corporation is positioning itself to provide a sustainable and profitable business for recycling end-of-life batteries.
  • American Battery Metals Corporation is led by an experienced management and technical team.
  • Management holds approximately 25 percent of the company’s outstanding shares.

Railroad Valley Lithium Project

american battery metals valley

American Battery Metals Corporation’s 26,000-acre Railroad Valley lithium project is comprised of 1,300 placer claims that strategically cover the deepest part of the western Nevada Basin. The property is located in east-central Nye County, Nevada in the central portion of the Railroad Valley. The property is approximately 93 miles northeast of Tonopah, a major commercial center, 58 miles southwest of Ely with easy proximity and travel by paved road to the Tesla gigafactory and 120 miles northeast of Silver Peak, the only operating lithium mine in the state.

In January 2019, American Battery Metals Corporation acquired the Lynn Ranch property in Railroad Valley along with the water rights for approximately 120 acres of land.

The company plans to bring online 20 wells within the next 12-18 months. American Battery Metals Corporation also intends to complete a comprehensive geological survey across the property to aid in the development of a resource estimate.

american battery metals valley

ABMC’s operations at the Railroad Valley project are environmentally sustainable. To this effect, American Battery Metals Corporation has signed an LOI with Panel the Planet Inc., a solar and renewable energy project development company, to explore grid-tied and captive renewable energy projects at the property. The goal is to provide cost-effective power for lithium mining and processing.

American Battery Metals Corp’s Battery Metals Extraction Division

Extracting lithium from brines is typically easier and more cost-effective than extracting lithium from hard rock and clay. However, traditional lithium-from-brine extraction requires the use of evaporation ponds to remove the liquid water. This process can take up to 18 months to complete and has a detrimental impact on local communities, water supplies, and natural ecosystems. The evaporation ponds can also be expensive to build and maintain and solar evaporation occurs at the mercy of weather conditions.

american battery metals extraction

Through its battery metals extraction division, American Battery Metals Corporation is developing a superior extraction process as an alternative to conventional evaporation-based technologies.

American Battery Metals Corp’s Battery Recycling Program

Battery recycling is expected to rise in the next decade, along with the rise in electric vehicle demand and energy storage applications. American Battery Metals Corporation believes that the entire battery supply chain needs to put forth a concerted effort to increase the efficiency of the battery metal recycling and redeployment process.

American Battery Metals Corporation is developing solutions for recycling battery scrap materials and end of life automotive and consumer electronic rechargeable batteries, positioning itself to provide a sustainable and profitable vertically integrated business.

Most companies use one of two methods in the metallurgical recycling process:

  1. Pyrometallurgical treatment followed by hydrometallurgical processes to produce new metallic products on the market.
  2. Direct hydrometallurgical treatment for the completely sorted and separated battery components.

While American Battery Metals Corp. does not see the traditional models changing, the company does expect the processing flow sheets to evolve as battery chemistries change.

american battery metals flow

American Battery Metals Corp’s Management Team

Doug Cole — Chairman and CEO

Doug Cole is the director, chairman and CEO of American Battery Metals Corporation. He joined the board in February 2017 and has served as Chairman and CEO since August 2017. He has been a Partner with Objective Equity LLC since 2005, a boutique investment bank focused on the high technology, data analytics and the mining sector. He currently serves on the board of eWellness Healthcare Corporation (EWL).

Since 1977, Cole has held various executive roles, including Chairman, Executive Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of multiple public corporations. Since 1982, he has been very active with the University of California, Berkeley mentoring early-stage technology companies. He has extensive experience in global M&A and global distributions. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley in 1978.

Ross Leisinger — COO

Ross Leisinger has over 30 years of experience in the exploration and mining industry. He has participated in numerous projects from initial project conception through production. He is responsible for ABMC’s environmental compliance, mine safety and health considerations, and will assist and oversee the permit acquisition process as ABMC ramps up plans for its lithium mining operation in the Western Nevada Basin.

John C. Lukrich — COS

John Lukrich joined America Battery Metals Corporation in January 2018. Over the past 30 years, he has held various executive management positions including Managing Partner, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, President and VP of Finance at companies including Angel Rush Ventures, LLC, Vertical Response Group Questra Corp., Inc., RateXange Corp. Intervista Software Corp. and Great Bear Technology. He started his career as an audit and tax specialist at Ernst & Young. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of California, Berkeley and a Master at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

Ryan Melsert — CTO

Ryan Melsert is the recent former R&D Manager for Tesla’s Gigafactory Battery Materials Processing group. He founded and led this cross-functional team of mechanical and chemical engineers who implemented first principles design to develop novel first-of-kind systems for the extraction, purification, and synthesis of precursor and active battery materials. This development scope included the fundamental conceptual design, rigorous thermodynamic and process modeling, design and fabrication of bench-scale prototypes, construction and operation of integrated pilot systems, and implementation of commercial-scale systems for the processing of battery materials.

Doug Nickle — Government Relations and Business Development

Doug Nickle heads up ABMC’s business development and government affairs. A former Major League Baseball pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies and San Diego Padres, Nickle has since served in various roles in the wine industry and technology sector, as well as a coalition-building expert in the government and political non-profit sector. He currently serves on the board of the Bridge Alliance, an association of over 90 member organizations focused on good governance reform. Nickle is the author of “The Point of the Gun”, a straightforward book about firearms and personal defense strategy. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 1997 from the University of California, Berkeley.

Bill Hunter — Director

Bill Hunter received his B.Sc. from DePaul University in Chicago and an MBA with distinction from the Kellstadt School of Business at DePaul University. He is currently the CFO of AMCI Group and CEO and a board member of AMCI Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ:AMCIU). He is a seasoned financial executive with over 20 years of advisory and capital markets experience and has been involved in over $20 billion of transactions throughout his career in the natural resources and industrial industries.

Prior to joining AMCI, Hunter led the Americas Banking team at Nomura where he advised Mitsui in their acquisition of a minority interest in the Moatize Coal Mining complex from Vale and Globe Specialty Metals in their $3.1 billion ‘merger of equals’ transaction with FerroAtlantica. Before Nomura, he led industrial and natural resource teams at Jefferies, TD Securities and BMO Nesbitt Burns.

Doug MacLellan — Director

Doug MacLellan has served as Chairman of the Board of eWellness Healthcare Corporation (OTCQB:EWLL) since May 2013. From November 2009 to December 2017, he was an independent director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of ChinaNet Online Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:CNET), a media development, advertising and communications company. From June 2011 to present, he has been Chairman of Innovare Products Inc., a privately held company that develops innovative consumer products.

From May 2014 to October 2016, MacLellan was a member of the Board as an independent director of Jameson Stanford Resources Corporation (OTCBB:JMSN), an early-stage mining company. From September 1992 through April 2014, he held various Board positions and was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation. (OTCQB:RXPC.PK), a vertically-integrated specialty pharmaceutical company. He also continued to serve as president and chief executive officer for the MacLellan Group, an international financial advisory firm, from March 1992 through January 2016.

From August 2005 to May 2009, MacLellan was co-founder and vice chairman at Ocean Smart Inc., a Canadian-based aquaculture company. From February 2002 to September 2006, he served as chairman and co-founder at Broadband Access MarketSpace Ltd., a China-based IT advisory firm, and was also co-founder at Datalex Corp., a software and IT company specializing in mainframe applications, from February 1997 to May 2002. MacLellan was educated at the University of Southern California in economics and international relations.

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