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BP8 to Expand Seaweed R&D Activities into Essential Mineral Extraction Utilising AI Search Technology; Carbon Credits

The Board of BPH Global Ltd (ASX: BP8) (Company) is pleased to announce that the Company is expanding the nature of its business to include the following projects:

  • Essential mineral extraction: The Company’s extraction of individual macro minerals and micro minerals from seaweed and sea plant biomass, to enable the sale of those macro and micro minerals to the commodities markets, and to industry specific markets such as the battery industry, and thereby create an additional revenue stream for the Company; and
  • Seaweed and Blue Carbon Credits: The Company’s sale of seaweed cellulose fibre as a filler in biopolymer, bioplastic and battery electrolyte solution separator materials as revenue streams for the Company and to serve as a means of evidencing carbon sequestration and storage for the purposes of qualifying for blue carbon credits. On receipt of the blue carbon credits, the Company would seek to sell those blue carbon credits as an additional revenue stream. (Together, the New Projects)
  • R&D program now includes:
    • Essential Mineral Extraction: extraction of seaweed-based individual macro & micro minerals for sale into the commodities markets and industry specific markets like the battery and energy industries;
    • Artificial Intelligence technology (AI): AI to be developed and deployed to enhance nutraceutical and essential mineral identification and extraction; and
    • Carbon Credits: sale of seaweed cellulose fibre to the building materials and battery industries to attract Carbon Credits.
  • R&D program focussed on potential commercialisation opportunities.
The research and development (R&D) that the Company intends to undertake on the New Projects is in addition to the Company’s existing R&D activity which is focusses on:
  • Edible bird’s nest product enhancement by the infusion of seaweed-derived nutrients; and
  • Creation of a range of prototypes for food products, dietary supplements, healthcare products, and cosmetic applications that incorporate seaweed-sourced and/or bird’s nest-sourced nutraceuticals.

ASX Listing Rule 11.1.2 doesn’t apply to the expanded “nature” of the Company’s business

Following its review of the Company’s submission letter, the Company has received notice from ASX that the expenditure of $250,000 to investigate the possibilities of the New Projects will not attract the application of Listing Rules 11.1.2. The Company will notify ASX once anything eventuates from the R&D on the New Projects, and if the Company decides to pursue further opportunities, to report to ASX on the size and scope of the further developments.

Essential Mineral Extraction

Seaweed in general has a chemical composition significant in polysaccharides (agar), essential minerals and trace elements, although the composition varies from species to species. The target compounds of interest to the Company will affect the choice of species selection for the sake of commercial production and will also affect the method of post-harvest treatment and extraction for specific compounds.

For essential mineral extraction for sale into the commodities markets and for use in the battery technology and energy production industries, the initial specific focus is on nickel and cobalt. The Company is also monitoring the results of published research regarding the use of seaweed-derived chemicals and cellulose micromaterials in enhancing battery performance. Examples of recently published studies include the improvement made by added cellulose micromaterials to battery separators in sodium-metal batteries and to a prototype battery electrode made from a combination of silicon and a seaweed-derived alginate which improved the electrode’s elasticity and ability to store energy. The Company regards itself as a potential supplier of essential minerals, including these seaweed-derived cellulose micromaterials and alginates, to the current and emerging battery technology and battery manufacturing industries.

Regarding essential mineral extraction for use in vitamin supplement manufacture, the Company’s specific focus is on trace metals that are established by science to occur in rich concentrations in seaweed: nickel, cobalt and manganese. These minerals are common trace elements in vitamin supplements.

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This article includes content from BPH Global Ltd, licensed for the purpose of publishing on Investing News Australia. This article does not constitute financial product advice. It is your responsibility to perform proper due diligence before acting upon any information provided here. Please refer to our full disclaimer here.

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