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As fast as the global gambling market has grown in recent years, that exponential growth appears to be only the beginning. According to Research and Markets, the industry is expected to grow from US$465.76 billion in 2020 to $516.03 billion in 2021, representing a CAGR of 10.8 percent. That same report suggested that the sector could reach US$674.7 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 7 percent, and its becoming clear that an ever-growing segment of that business will be on digital casino tables.

In North America, the trend toward electronic table games (ETGs) is starting to make waves and in Asia, demand for electronic table games (ETGs) is starting to outpace traditional live tables.

While casinos have largely kept pace with technological innovation in their slot machine businesses, large sections of casino floors are ripe for innovation and poised to go digital.

Unlike slot machines, which revolutionized casinos in the mid-20th century, multiplayer games on “green felt tables”, such as Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat and many others, haven’t been updated to reflect the clear benefits of digitization (more on this below). The trick with any new technology is to preserve the traditional social enjoyment of casino gaming. Until now, the ‘feel’ and enjoyment of traditional card games on digital tables haven’t been widely available. But with the introduction of new products by industry disruptor, Jackpot Digital Inc., the traditional card game ‘feel’ has not only been replicated, but it has also been enhanced.

Jackpot Digital Inc. (TSXV:JJ,OTCQB:JPOTF) is a unique gaming company that manufactures digital touch screen ETGs that replicate and enhance the experience of multiplayer casino games such as poker, blackjack baccarat and many others. Jackpot Digital has deep roots in the gaming business and has evolved with the changing landscape throughout Canada and the USA for over two decades.

Since the launch of its flagship product, the revolutionary Jackpot Blitz™ digital poker table, in 2017, the company has emerged as a positive disruptor in digital multi-player casino games. The company began the launch of its technology by establishing a dominant position at sea, working with recognizable cruise ship brands like Carnival Corp. (NYSE:CCL), Virgin Voyages and coming soon to Royal Caribbean (NYSE:RCL). Now that post-pandemic reopening is underway at casinos around the world, the company is working to establish that same at-sea dominance into land-based, regulated casinos in North America, as well as the massive Asian ETG market.

Jackpot Blitz™ is essentially a digital ‘smart table’ which brings the social benefits of multiplayer casino games into the digital era. The 84-inch, 4k touchscreen creates a stunning player experience while controlling costs and maximizing operator efficiency and flexibility. It also provides casinos with a unique opportunity to reduce their overhead costs by eliminating the need for staff or dealers to manage individual tables.

Jackpot Blitz™ solves common issues plaguing the gaming and casino industry, such as rising salaries, employee training difficulties, limited revenues and profits due to slower gameplay, theft and operational challenges like COVID-19 shutdowns.

But more importantly, the product creates a beautiful and fun player experience. With vivid color, 4k animation, realistic Texas Hold’Em ‘card-bending’, convincing chip, cash and card sound-effects, and unique side-bet options such as “Bet The Flop”, Jackpot has succeeded in making its digital tables much more captivating than its “green felt” predecessors.

Given the quality of the playing experience, Jackpot Blitz™ is clearly the natural evolution of multiplayer casino gaming. With dealer-less tables, players can take part in larger poker games, play blackjack, and a variety of other games. The technology creates the genuine interactive experience that table games are known for and coming developments include the ability to order food, drinks or even show tickets right from the table.

For casinos, Jackpot Blitz™ reduces ordinary gaming expenses like cards and chips, but also increases table revenues because dealer-less tables deliver more hands-per-hour in an error free manner. Simply put: Jackpot Blitz™ is digital live gaming without the dealer.

Management’s passion for casino gaming shines through in the product’s appealing design. Reception and acceptance by industry peers have been excellent and, shortly after its introduction, Jackpot Blitz™ was nominated for the 2017 Global Gaming Awards in the Land-Based Gaming Innovation.

But the key to scaling new gaming products worldwide lies in licensing and certification, which enables expansion into regulated land-based markets, where 99% of the business exists today. The good news is, the company has completed GLI certification, positioning it for a major expansion into land-based casinos, now that casinos are opening up around the world.

“You need GLI certification to operate a gaming machine on a regulated casino floor. That means having the backend technology approved by regulators before you can operate in land-based casinos. Earning the necessary certifications is challenging and expensive, meaning barriers for new market entrants is high. Jackpot has already completed this groundwork, meaning we’ve mitigated that element of risk for investors” said Mathieu McDonald, head of Investor Relations for Jackpot Digital in an interview with INN.

Jackpot Digital had only just begun land-based installations prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, at which time the industry had to hit the ‘pause’ button. In terms of land-based business, the company has its digital tables installed in regions of Canada, the USA, France and the US Virgin Islands, with an eye toward expansion into the large Asian market.

The recently announced return of the cruise ship business signals a significant upswing in revenue for Jackpot in the second half of 2021. This resurgent revenue, combined with huge potential for new installations into land-based casinos means the company’s growth trajectory is steepening as casinos re-open worldwide.

Interestingly, the company faces little-to-no competition from start-ups and new entrants who must clear substantial regulatory hurdles already achieved by Jackpot. Meantime, there is no competition from the largest gaming-tech companies due to the uniqueness of this niche, yet sizable, market. This competitive ‘moat’ around the business puts Jackpot in a rather ‘goldilocks’ position with respect to competition and the sheer scale of the opportunity. For example, there are over 6,500 live poker tables in the US and Canada alone, to say nothing of the poker, blackjack, baccarat and countless other multiplayer table games worldwide, an immense opportunity for this casino gaming disruptor.

In addition to its bricks-and-mortar casino business, Jackpot Digital is now leveraging its software expertise and casino relationships to enter the rapidly growing iGaming space. The company recently announced the spin-out of its iGaming assets into a new public company, which will give investors who own shares of Jackpot on or before Jul 21, 2021, direct exposure to the rapidly growing iGaming market.

The company says the decision to spin-out its iGaming assets will increase shareholder value by separating its two distinct businesses. This clear division will allow Jackpot Digital to focus on growing its ETG footprint in land-based casinos, while the new Spinco (yet to be named) will focus exclusively upon online gaming. iGaming demonstrates its own explosive growth potential, given the wave of online-betting legalization ongoing in Canada, the US and around the world.

Jackpot Digital’s Company Highlights

  • Jackpot Digital is a global leader in the manufacturing, installation, and operation of electronic gaming tables.
  • Jackpot Digital is an early mover in the electronic gaming industry, seeing significant electronic gaming growth potential. Europe and Asia present untapped markets in the iGaming industry.
  • Jackpot Digital’s electronic gaming tables are found on land and sea, featuring prominently in gaming areas on cruise ships, such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess, Virgin Voyages, and Costa Cruise, with plans to add machines to Royal Caribbean ships soon.
  • The company’s flagship Jackpot Blitz™ product merges the best of traditional gaming experiences through interactive, feature-rich, digital tables that increase poker revenues while decreasing costs for casinos.
  • Jackpot Blitz™ provides consistent, recurring revenue for the company through attractive licensing and royalty deals.
  • Jackpot Digital is aggressively expanding into onshore casinos, with multiple installations in land-based casinos already occurring.
  • The company has obtained the necessary GLI certifications to develop and operate ETGs in various global jurisdictions.
  • The company recently announced a spin-out of its iGaming assets. Shareholders will receive one share of Spinco for every five shares of Jackpot Digital common stock they own, with a record date of July 21, 2021
  • Jackpot Digital’s ETGs are safe and easy to sanitize as they eliminate the exchange of chips, cards, and cash.
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