Oakridge Global Energy Solutions


A New Era in Lithium Battery Manufacturing.

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Incorporated in 1986 and head-quartered in Melbourne, Florida, Oakridge Global Energy Solutions (OTCMKTS:OGES) is the only “Made in the USA” lithium-ion battery system producer. Oakridge’s primary lines of powerful, high-quality lithium batteries are targeted to the golf car, remote control and unmanned aerial vehicle markets and home energy storage markets.

Oakridge Global Energy Solutions uses existing proven technology coupled with its proprietary chemistry to produce safe, cost competitive lithium-ion products of the highest quality.

Currently focused on this highly profitable and niche market, Oakridge Global Energy Solutions has confirmed order backlogs worth $19.3 million in the USA, $50 million in the US and Australia, and $110 million from Japan.

Investment Highlights

  • Batteries made in USA using a proprietary lithium chemistry
  • Lithium batteries produced are comparable in price to traditional lead-acid batteries, but charge faster, last longer and are much lighter.
  • Rapidly expanding workforce, and has been approved for nearly $9 million in property tax breaks from Brevard County
  • Confirmed orders of $19.3 million backlogged in the US
  • Additional orders of $50 million in the US and Australia that are awaiting firm delivery schedule
  • Further $110 million of orders from Japan awaiting firm delivery schedule
  • Primary shareholder (90%) is Precept Fund Management SPC
  • Oakridge Global Energy Solutions owns 11,000,000 shares of Leclanché S.A., a Swiss developer and producer of energy storage systems
  • Filed for NASDAQ main board listing on July 31, 2015