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Developing A Thermometer for the Lungs

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The global healthcare industry continues to experience rapid growth. With an average annual growth rate of 7.3 percent since 2014, healthcare spending is expected to exceed $10 trillion by 2022. Healthcare spending in the US accounted for 17.7 percent of the entire GDP in 2019, with that figure expected to rise to nearly 20percent by 2028.

Segmentation is an important consideration when it comes to investing in healthcare companies. Respiratory diagnostics is one segment within the healthcare industry to keep on the watchlist, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before COVID-19, a child dies of pneumonia every 39 seconds and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) projected around 18 million more health workers are needed by 2030. Amid the pandemic, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases become an even larger health concern. The respiratory disease diagnostics market alone is expected to be worth $6.7 billion by 2025.

Avisa Diagnostics (CSE:AVBT) is an innovative healthcare company specializing in respiratory disease diagnostics through its rapid, point-of-care Avisa BreathTest solution™. This simple, ultra-rapid breath test was designed to save time, money and lives, and has been dubbed a “thermometer for the lungs.”

Avisa Diagnostics’ Company Highlights

  • Avisa Diagnostics is a clinical-stage medical device company developing the Avisa BreathTest™, a novel drug/device biomarker technology platform that enables the ultra-rapid detection of virulent bacterial pathogens, detecting and monitoring bacterial load after the patient inhales or ingests its drug substrates via proprietary delivery systems.
  • The respiratory disease diagnostics market alone is expected to be worth $6.7 billion by 2025, and the Avisa BreathTest™ is a unique technology addressing a prevalent issue within this growing market.
  • 1.7 million people are on ventilators in the US alone, and nearly half of all individuals on a ventilator get ventilator-associated pneumonia, a potentially fatal condition. The Avisa breath test allows for unprecedented monitoring and has the potential to save thousands of lives.
  • Avisa is currently in the process of putting together their investigational new device exemption for the FDA. Pending approval, they will then be able to move into commercialization.
  • Avisa’s management team has decades of combined experience in the development and commercialization of medical technology, diagnostics and clinical regulation and strategy. Experience in these key industries put them in a strong position to move the Avisa BreathTest™ through clinical trials and into commercialization.
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