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Stocks2Watch to Host Inaugural Investor Luncheon with Special Guest, Bruce Campbell from StoneCastle Investment Management, Tuesday October 26th

Stocks2Watch Investor Series today announced their agenda is set for the inaugural Investor Luncheon with Special Guest, Bruce Campbell from StoneCastle Investment Management, Tuesday October 26. Individual investors, institutional investors, advisors, and analysts are invited to register now to attend the Luncheon.


Gain market insight, find investment opportunities, and consider investing in StoneCastle's various funds… all safely in the comfort of your office/home using our latest technology. Confirmed Investor & Finance Professionals will receive a gift certificate to order in lunch on Tuesday, October 26.

LUNCHEON AGENDA: (Pacific Standard Time)

12:00PM: Market Outlook - Bruce Campbell, Portfolio Manager at StoneCastle

12:20PM: Reliq Health Technologies (Healthcare) TSX.V: RHT

12:40PM: Amerigo Resources (Copper) TSX: ARG

1:00PM: Indiva (Cannabis) TSX.V: NDVA

1:20PM: Royal Wins (Gaming) CSE: SKLL

1:40PM: Investing in StoneCastle Funds - Bruce Campbell, Portfolio Manager at StoneCastle

Registration Open to Investors and Finance Professionals >>> This event is suitable for private investors, brokers, fund managers, financial institutions, funds, buy & sell side analysts, influencers, newsletter writers and journalists. The event is not suitable for people pursuing commercial opportunities.



Stocks2Watch hosts online and in-person interactive events for publicly-traded companies to meet and present directly with investors. To learn more about Stocks2Watch and view a complete list of events, please visit

EASTERN LUNCHEON: Scheduled for Tuesday November 23


Neil Lock,

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