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Alphinat Inc. announces being chosen by it's a second Canadian province to develop a Greenhouse Gas Registry specific to a province's requirements to reports, track and monitor greenhouse gas emissions"We are pleased that this additional province has entrusted us to help in the fight against the harmful effects of greenhiouse gas" says Denis Michaud, Chief Solutions and Security Officer at Alphinat "and we look ...

Alphinat Inc. (TSXV:NPA) announces being chosen by it's a second Canadian province to develop a Greenhouse Gas Registry specific to a province's requirements to reports, track and monitor greenhouse gas emissions

"We are pleased that this additional province has entrusted us to help in the fight against the harmful effects of greenhiouse gas" says Denis Michaud, Chief Solutions and Security Officer at Alphinat "and we look forward to delivering the solution within their tight deadlines." he added.

"Our solutions are designed to leverage common components and, existing base solutions in orderand to help to greatly dieminish delivery risks to our clients" said Curtis Page. CEO at Alphinat.

Alphinat has focused on four main areas of solution development

and is now branching out in other common soluition processes with our SmartGuide technology:

1) SmartGuide ® Portal Edition for Dynamics 365 [1] , has optimized the way that clients can now create and deploy online services on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions including:
a) Grants & Contributions solutions for several federal departments and agencies.
b) Class Actions Settlements for automation, evaluation and disbursments of court ordered settlements.
c) Claims Settlements for automation, evaluation and disbursments of financial claims;.

2) SmartGuide® Greenhouse Gas Registry is a green fintech solution allowing governments and industry to work together in reducing the harmful effects of greenhouse gases;

3) SmartGuide ® Municipal Cloud aims at offering unparalleled productivity to municipalities. Municipalities will be able to choose from a catalogue of pre-built applications. SmartGuide further accelerates the speed at which they can deploy citizen-centric services. These services include service requests, applications for permits and licenses as well as numerous other citizen-facing digital services and internal applications; and

4) SmartGuide ® CIVIC Portal for Amanda™ [2] is a derivative of the Municipal Cloud solution front ending a partner solution for an improved user experience for both the client cities and their citizens.

All of the above solutions are available in SaaS mode as well as on-premises.

The Company also recently sold additional "SmartGuide SaaS" licenses and created the solution with a partner to assist in automating the application processs, evaluation and disbursenent of a class action settlement ordered by the courts of a provincial justice ministry. The Company also delivered of an enterprise portal solution for a city in the province of Ontario.

About Alphinat

At Alphinat, we are driven by the passion to make application development easy for everyone. We empower people with the knowledge and the vision of how a finished application should look and behave to be involved from start to end of the development of the process. After all, what better way to ensure a favourable outcome than to provide those closest to an application's end-users with a vested interest in its success throughout its development?

Enabeling the right people at the right time in the application development process. At the same time, we're constantly working to reduce the need to code in order to make application development and maintenance simpler and less error prone.

So, whether you choose to develop your applications with the help of SmartGuide® low-code platform, kickstart your project using one of our pre-built apps or contact us or one of our partners to do the work for you, we're here to help you deploy better applications in record time. Visit https://www.alphinat.com for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Forward-looking statements

Certain statements in this document, including those which express management's expectations or estimations with regards to the Company's future performance, constitute "forward-looking statements" as understood by applicable securities laws. Forward-looking statements are, of necessity, based on a certain number of estimates and hypotheses; while management considers these to be accurate at the time they are expressed, they are inherently subject to significant uncertainties and risks on the commercial, economic and competitive levels. We advise readers that these forward-looking statements are subject to risks, uncertainties, and other known and unknown factors that may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied in these forward-looking statements. A number of factors could cause significant differences between actual results and those described in forward-looking statements. These include, but are not limited to, the Company's capacity to increase acceptance of its products on the market, and to penetrate new markets; the potential existence of defects or undetected problems in the Company's products; the Company's ability to manage its growth; the Company's ability to compete with others; potential commitments; maintaining the Company's intellectual property rights and defending against litigation putting those rights in question; the Company's reliance on the knowledge of its key personnel; and the Company's access to sufficient capital to finance its future needs. This is a partial and non-exhaustive list of factors that could bear on any of our forward-looking statements. Investors are advised to not rely unduly on the forward-looking statements. This advisory applies to all forward-looking statements, whether expressed orally or in writing, attributed to Alphinat or to any individual expressing them in the name of the Company. The Company is under no obligation to publicly update these forward-looking statements, whether to reflect new information, future events, or other circumstances. Risks and uncertainties that bear on the Company are described in greater detail in the Company's Annual Report.

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

[1] Dynamics 365 is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation
[2] Amanda™ is a registered trademark of Granicus

For further information please contact:

Mr. Curtis Page
Chief Executive Officer
Alphinat Inc.
(514) 398-9799 ext 225

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Alphinat (TSXV:NPA) is a software technology company developing platform solutions with a variety of applications, including its SmartGuide™ platform, which has been designed to integrate with any customer’s backend systems such as “relationship management (CRM)” through its open application programming interface (APIs). The company is developing a number of low-code solutions that can be integrated with existing applications and technologies such as encryption solutions, AI or blockchain type crypto currencies with a focus on automating design, control and deployment of secure digital services and platforms.

Alphinat’s SmartGuide is a low-code development solution that allows enterprise clients or their SIs to develop their mobile and digital applications. By enabling development of secure web applications and platforms, Alphinat can be used to help rejuvenate legacy systems with existing technical limitations or build new secure digital services. The Alphinat SmartGuide system allows for drag-and-drop development of an application, providing users the ability to preview, test and adjust layouts and designs using a sophisticated visual editor.


Alphinat offers its SmartGuide platform and proprietary CRM solutions through both perpetual sales agreements and software-as-a-service (SaaS) models, providing its clients with flexibility according to their business needs. Alphinat caters its software development solutions to enterprise organizations and government entities with complex digital service needs, including secure single sign-on (SSO) to protect their disparate records of information. As of 2020, Alphinat has secured agreements with over 30 municipal clients to provide its low-code SmartGuide platform as well as several state/provincial and federal governments.

In July 2019, Alphinat announced the company had signed an agreement with another member of the G7’s federal government, making that the fourth federal government to begin working with Alphinat and its SmartGuide platform. The federal agency has been provided with the entire suite of SmartGuide tools, including the SmartGuide software license files. Government organizations represent over 70 percent of Alphinat’s sales, with fintech companies and human resources organizations representing the remainder of its business.

Alphinat has partnered with a number of leading technology companies in order to optimize its platform offerings and reach, including Unisys, Atos, the Maplesoft Group and Calytera.

Alphinat’s Company Highlights

  • SmartGuide platform enables clients to easily design applications through an easy-to-use drag and drop visual editor
  • Partnered with four federal agencies from G7 countries to provide them with SmartGuide and its full suite of tools
  • SmartProfile add-on allows clients to register an account and manage their digital credentials from a central platform
  • Secured over 30 contracts with municipal clients, including many in the province of Ontario and across the USA.
  • Alphinat announced in December 2020 the launch of a fintech green technology. With the cooperation of a Canadian provincial government, Alphinat has launched a Greenhouse Gas Registry for state and federal level governments looking to work with industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide a platform for financial management of these credits.

Alphinat’s SmartGuide™ Platform

Alphinat’s SmartGuide platform is a low-code development solution that enables enterprise clients to develop their own mobile and digital applications. SmartGuide is designed to be deployed in J2EE and .NET environments, allowing for applications that can be deployed as portlets, servlets, web parts, user controls or web services.


SmartGuide is designed to be compatible with leading cloud providers, enabling clients to deploy multiple applications on the same instance. Alphinat offers a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) edition of its SmartGuide low-code development solution, enabling potential clients to deploy applications to the cloud quickly and easily.


SmartProfile is an add-on for SmartGuide offered by Alphinat to allow clients to register an account and manage their digital credentials. Through SmartProfile, Alphinat aims to provide a Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) system capable of providing the optimal user experience without sacrificing security. Alphinat achieves this by offering a robust collection of security features, including multi-factor authentication (MFA), customizable session times, password age restrictions, password complexity requirements and IP address blocking after failed login attempts.

SmartGuide includes a signup system that can be adjusted to fit the exact requirements of the client. The platform comes loaded with a variety of predefined customer data fields that can be customized for any application. At the account management level, SmartProfile allows administrators to manage all account information with the ability to adjust user data and reset passwords. The platform comes with integrated CAPTCHA support to protect applications from spam and other automated attacks.

The SmartGuide platform is designed to allow for government & enterprise-level security and control over the applications it creates, including features such as AI, blockchain and unlimited bit encryption such as 1024-bit and two-factor authentication that are specifically designed to thwart identity and information theft.

Alphinat’s Municipal Services Platform

Civic Portal for Amanda is Alphinat’s digital platform designed to be integrated with Moneris, a leading payment solutions platform, allowing citizens and businesses to easily pay for licenses and permits using the platform. It incorporates into platform solutions such as Amanda and has the potential to enable seamless payment solutions that can be connected to additional payment gateways, depending on the use case.


The time and money necessary to facilitate in-person registrations and permitting systems can be significant, which led Alphinat to design a system that allows clients to take control of the process with a portal-based solution. Alphinat’s portal products can be built from scratch or a premade template, allowing clients to save time and money in the development process.

The Alphinat civic portal for Amanda comes loaded with a number of features that are designed for municipal registration and customer relationship management, including:

  • An online wizard capable of quickly connecting citizens and businesses to the applicable licenses and permits
  • Quick access options for advanced users that do not require back-end calls
  • Complete login support including Remember me, Forgot password and Google reCAPTCHA functionality
  • Self-service account creation including two-factor authentication (2FA) for enhanced security
  • Guided search technology to improve user requests


SmartPortal for Dynamics 365 is a responsive and accessible digital portal that is capable of leveraging existing CRM data without the need for additional code. The SmartPortal has the potential to enable basic users to visually assemble a fully integrated portal in a WYSIWYG environment.

SmartPortal can be seamlessly integrated into other back-end systems using web services including SOAP and REST, or by using the .NET or Java API. Users are able to access this interface with a simple single sign-on (SSO) authentication system. The SmartPortal system comes loaded with features including automatic field creation, a WYSIWYG environment, flexible deployment options and multi-organization support. SmartPortal also supports existing .NET and Java-based portals including SiteCore, Kentico, WebSphere Portal and Oracle.

Alphinat’s Management Team

Curtis Page—CEO

Marc Chartrand—CFO

Eric David—Independent Director

Michel Lemoine—Chairman

Karyn Pellatt-Caron—Independent Director

Benoit Ste-Marie—Independent Director

Marcel Elefant—Independent Director

Denis Michaud—Chief Solutions and Security Officer

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