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Wall Street Reporter, the trusted name in financial news since 1843, has published reports on the latest comments and insights from leaders at: Red Light Holland (OTC: TRUFF) (CSE: TRIP) Nass Valley Gateway (CSE: NVG) (OTC: NSVGF) Sundial Growers (NASDAQ: SNDL) and Charlottes Web Holdings (TSX: CWEB) (OTC:CWBHF).

Wall Street Reporter highlights the latest comments from industry thought leaders in CBD, cannabis and psychedelics:

Nass Valley Gateway (CSE: NVG) (OTC: NSVGF) CEO Michael Semler: "Path to $100 Million Revenues"

In his recent debut presentation on Wall Street Reporter's "Investors Discovery Day" livestream, Nass Valley Gateway (OTC: NSVGF) CEO Michael Semler shared NSVGF's strategy for building a $100 million revenue business in the CBD market. NSVGF is a fast growing distributor of top quality, broad and full spectrum CBD products in categories including beauty, sleep, and pain relief for both humans and pets. In his interview, Semler shares that NSVGF is at a key inflection point, and positioned for explosive revenue growth in the coming year as its CBD product lines are expected to enter thousands of retail, specialty, and big box stores, online and direct sales channels - and expanding its product line to over 60 SKU's.

One of NSVGF's most exciting new growth initiatives is the upcoming launch of Nass Valley Direct, a direct sales/MLM channel, which has recently brought in Jeff Rogers, former CEO of top MLM company Kannaway, with a long track record of success in the direct sales industry. Semler explains why he expects direct sales to be a powerful source of revenues for NSVGF, and its competitive advantage in the highly competitive CBD market.

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Charlottes Web Holdings (TSX: CWEB) (OTC:CWBHF) CEO, Deanie Elsner: "World's leading hemp wellness company"

"...Charlotte's Web entered 2020 as the world's leading hemp wellness company with the strongest infrastructure in the sector. We had several headwinds to address. And by the close of 2020, we demonstrated how we are outperforming our peers and are managing our business to win long term...We have the most recognized and trusted brand with the No. 1 position in awareness and loyalty. We're the market share leader across our channels. We own our vertically integrated supply chain, which provides us low-cost advantage, safety, transparency and traceability."

"We have the largest B2B retail distribution reach and the largest e-commerce platform generating robust consumer data. We have proprietary patented genetics that deliver quality and consistency, further supported by the liver safety study results published by ValidCare this week, and our brands are backed by science, clinicals and research led by CW Labs. So despite a challenging year, we took action and we outperformed most of our competitive set. We expanded our footprint, gained market share and further strengthened our brand metrics…"

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Red Light Holland (OTC: TRUFF) (CSE: TRIP) CEO Todd Shapiro: "Psychedelics is Next Billion Dollar Market Opportunity"

Cannabis industry pioneer Bruce Linton is relishing his new role as Advisory Board Chairman at Red Light Holland (OTC: TRUFF) (CSE: TRIP). Recently he joined TRUFF CEO Todd Shapiro on Wall Street Reporter's NEXT SUPER STOCK investors livestream to discuss the coming global boom in psychedelics. TRUFF produces and sells recreational grade psychedelic Magic Truffles to the current legal adult use market in the Netherlands, and is planning global expansion as legislation is rapidly changing globally. In his Wall Street Reporter interview, Bruce Linton explains why he sees "Psychedelics is the New Cannabis", and how he is helping TRUFF get positioned to capitalize on this generational market opportunity for psychedelics.

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April 13 - TRUFF enters into letter of intent to purchase 80% of Happy Caps Urban Gourmet Mushroom Farm, specializing in quality 'grow your own mushroom kits', mushroom plug spawn and fresh mushrooms for the wholesale market.

March 19 - TRUFF closes acquisition of SR Wholesale B.V., one of the Netherlands' premiere distributors for quality psychedelic truffles. In 2020, SR Wholesale generated over $2.44 Million in revenues[1], and over $822,0001 in gross profit, with approximately $400,0001 of cash and working capital currently on hand. SR Wholesale has established a distribution network of over 400 companies that sell their products across Europe, including working with sub-distributors which provide products to over 1,000 shops in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Czech, Greece, UK, France, and Portugal.

March 16 - TRUFF announces it has completed the sale and import of the Company's high-grade consumer packaged goods ("iMicrodose Packs") from the Netherlands to Canada under a Health Canada psilocybin import permit obtained by CCrest Laboratories Inc. in partnership with Shaman Pharma Corp. The Transaction between Red Light Holland and the Montreal, Quebec-based cGMP lab, CCrest Laboratories, is the first of a multi-phase project to expand into the mental wellness pharmaceutical sector by demonstrating a legally compliant route for supplying raw materials containing psychoactive molecules, produced abroad by Red Light Holland, and imported into Canada.

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Sundial Growers (NASDAQ: SNDL), CEO Zach George: "Evolving to Deliver Higher THC Potency Meeting New Consumer Demands"

"...Canadian cannabis consumer preferences are evolving, but are currently biased towards high THC potency. We have had to rapidly adapt our cultivation processes to meet those demands over the last six months....the modular nature of our facility provides Sundial the ability to rapidly adapt to evolving market conditions and we continue to be agile in our response. The scale and modular room design of Sundial's cultivation facility make it one of the best in Canada. Since inception, we've compiled a broad spectrum of cultivation statistics, including more than 600 harvests, including 243 in 2020 and 52 in the third quarter alone. Sundial has leveraged his data analytics capabilities to focus on key improvement areas. I am proud to say that just last month in October we generated the highest average potency results since Sundial's inception…"

"...To continue to serve evolving consumer preferences Sundial has also acquired an expanded library of genetics. We expect these genetics to have a financial impact in early 2021. ...We exited Q3 with lower costs, greater efficiencies and dramatic improvements to our balance sheet. Despite underperforming on revenue, we reached several key operating milestones. As we continue to improve our processes, we are also working to elevate our customer experience while driving long-term growth…"

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