GeckoSystems’ Sensor Fusion Breakthrough Lowers Personal Robot Costs

- January 12th, 2011

GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (PINK:GOSY) announced that they have made improvements with their proprietary mobile robot navigation software, GeckoNav.

GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (PINK:GOSY) announced that they have made improvements with their proprietary mobile robot navigation software, GeckoNav.

The press release is quoted as saying:

Traditional video centric machine vision systems are very expensive in dollars, power consumed, and time required to provide new data (i.e. the update rate). Taking a clue from compound insect eyes in nature, GeckoSystems invented the CompoundedSensorArray over ten years ago. The first generation used ultrasonic and infrared range finders intelligently merged using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. Now with structured light machine vision fused with not only sonar, but also with GeckoOrient™ in a biological hierarchical architecture, significantly greater performance is realized with dramatic cost reductions

Martin Spencer, President and CEO of GeckoSystems, said:

“The amount of data that the new GeckoImager provides is far greater than what can reasonably be collected with fixed sensors and at a much lower cost than scanning laser range finding systems that are frequently used. Our new GeckoImager sensor fusion system not only provides timely and actionable situation awareness information sufficient for our AI navigation software, GeckoNav, but also satisfies those requirements at a much lower cost, in both dollars and power,”

To access the full release, click here.

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