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Graphene-Enhanced Materials for Next-Level Performance

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ZEN Graphene Solutions (TSXV:ZEN) (“ZEN” or the “Company”) is an emerging graphene technology company with a large source of graphite from its globally unique Albany deposit, a rare source of igneous-related, fluid-derived graphite. The unique genesis of the Albany deposit has resulted in very fine-grained graphite crystallites, which yields an ideal graphite material for conversion to high-value Albany Pure™ Graphene products. These products include graphene, graphene oxide and graphene quantum dots for use in a wide variety of applications including graphene-enhanced composite materials, batteries, coatings and lubricants. Independent research results from Tokyo Tech and more recently from University of Connecticut confirms Albany PureTM Graphite exfoliates into graphene more easily than common flake graphite, an advantage that may give ZEN a significant edge in the production of graphene.

ZEN also leases a research and development and small-scale production facility based in Guelph, Ontario where it is working to develop graphene products such as graphene, graphene oxide and graphene quantum dots for use in a wide variety of applications including graphene-enhanced composite materials, batteries, coatings and lubricants.

The facility includes labs that are capable of producing the company’s Albany Pure™ Graphene products. ZEN currently offers a full line of Albany Pure™ Advantage products, including a Graphene Oxide Water Dispersion product and a Graphene Oxide Powder.

ZEN is eager to discover applications with commercial potential. Currently ZEN is pursuing the following:  Advanced Materials (graphene-enhanced polymers, concrete, and metal composites); Clean Technology (corrosion prevention, membrane technologies); and, Green Energy (fuel additives and battery technologies).  In addition, ZEN has recently expanded into biomedical applications in a response to COVID-19 (virucidal ink and COVID-19 detection).

ZEN is also seeking advanced applied graphene-related research projects where ZEN could support this research by providing customized graphene materials and, in some cases, funding in exchange for some commercialization rights (to be negotiated). Submit your proposals in confidence using this link.

In June 2020, ZEN announced a new research collaboration with Prof. Mohammad Arjmand of the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus (UBCO) to develop electrically conductive, molded and 3D-printed graphene/polymer nanocomposites as more versatile replacements for metallic electromagnetic shields. As part of the Department of National Defence’s Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) award, ZEN and UBCO were awarded a $200,000 contract  for future research and development.

ZEN Graphene’s Company Highlights

  • Albany Graphite Deposit hosts rare, igneous-related and fluid-derived graphite mineralization with the potential to produce high-quality graphene materials
  • 2015 PEA at Albany outlines a 22-year mine life, producing approximately 30,000 tonnes of purified graphite per year
  • Graphite crystallites at Albany yield ideal graphite material that can be converted into high-value graphene products
  • Production facility located in Guelph, Ontario includes production labs capable of creating Albany Pure™ products
  • Polymer nanocomposite market expected to grow to approximately USD$31 billion by the year 2025, according to Global Market Insights
  • ZEN has received extensive governmental support, including C$2 million in grants for research and development activities

Albany Graphite Deposit

ZEN’s flagship Albany graphite deposit is located in northeastern Ontario near the community of Constance Lake First Nation and the town of Hearst, approximately 30 kilometers away from the Trans-Canada Highway. Power lines and a natural gas pipeline are also located nearby with a rail line 70 kilometers away and a forestry access road 9 kilometers to the south.


Zen Graphene Albany Graphite Project

The Albany graphite deposit is a unique source of microcrystalline graphite, which has the potential to yield significant returns in the graphene market. In 2015, ZEN filed a preliminary economic assessment (PEA) on the Albany graphite deposit, which outlined the potential for an open-pit mine with an estimated life of 22 years, producing approximately 30,000 tonnes of purified graphite per year. Albany hosts a total indicated resource of 24.3 million tonnes of 3.98 percent graphitic carbon and 16.9 million tonnes of 2.64 percent graphitic carbon in the inferred category. The graphite mineralization occurs in two steep-sided breccia pipes which narrow with depth.

ZEN results chart

ZEN’s 2015 PEA was based on projections of selling 30,000 tonnes of high-purity graphite at US$7.50 per kilogram at a production cost of US$2.00 per kilogram. The total capital expenditure has been set at US$411 million. The company is working on a higher revenue model based on the production of high-value graphene-based products, and has increased recovery from 75 percent to 90 percent based on a simplified, low-cost flowsheet.

Lab and Production Facility

In March 2020, ZEN opened its production and lab facility in Guelph, Ontario. The facility includes 4,000 square feet of laboratory space, including space for small-scale purification and graphene production. Graphene products created at the facility are available for both research and development (R&D) purposes and commercial uses. ZEN intends to use its Guelph facility for small-scale pilot plant production of Albany Pure™ graphene products.

ZEN was awarded a $1,000,000 grant in May 2019 that has helped fund the company’s progress in graphene-enhanced concrete research and development to date. Moving forward, ZEN intends to continue research at the Guelph lab, focusing on graphite purification, graphene production research and pilot projects.

ZEN’s e-commerce store is also operated out of its Guelph facility and will offer a variety of Albany Pure™ Advantage graphene-based products including graphene, graphene oxide and graphene quantum dots. The company is currently selling graphene oxide for R&D and application development activities and is working towards expanding its graphene product selection.

ZEN Graphene’s Management Team

Dr. Francis Dube — Chief Executive Officer & Director

Dr. Francis Dubé completed a Bachelor of Science at Waterloo, and then obtained an Optometry degree at the Université de Montréal in 1997.  Dr. Francis Dubé assembled the team and lead the successful proxy battle to remove the incumbent Board of Directors of ZEN.  He was named Co-CEO in August 2018 and full-time CEO in April 2019 due to his leadership and vision for the company.  Previously, as an entrepreneur, Dr. Dubé was a director and Co-founder of Cannacure Corp., a private cannabis company that he saw to a successful buyout of $40 million.  As a result of his role with Cannacure, Dr. Dubé has gained significant experience in strategic planning, fundraising, and capital markets.

Greg Fenton, CFA — Chief Strategy Officer & Director

Greg Fenton is a Chartered Financial Analyst and seasoned investment professional, with a Bay Street career spanning nearly 30 years. He has worked in various capacities with ever-increasing responsibility in both the Canadian banking and investment management sectors. Greg has been a partner in three investment management firms, heading the Risk Solutions Group at Scotiabank and leading Liability Driven Investment Group at National Bank Financial.  Greg currently leads a company providing balance sheet optimization and investment services to Canadian and international corporations. His experience spans many disciplines: capital markets, investment management, actuarial, pension, insurance, accounting, tax and risk management. He also acts as an advisory board member to numerous corporations.

Brian Bosse — CFO, Director

Brian has been a respected professional investor for nearly 30 years with corporate capital allocation policy being his key business specialty. He forms and motivates great teams revolve around stakeholder return on investment using leadership styles that fuel employee intellectual curiosity. Formerly Brian served Dundee Corporation’s Goodman & Company Investment Counsel as portfolio manager of the Goodman Bluespring Fund. He earned an honors degree from the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics in Waterloo Ontario plus the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.  Brian joined ZEN Graphene Solutions in May 2018 as director and officer following a successful proxy battle.

Peter Wood — President

Peter Wood is a geological engineer with over 35 years’ exploration and project management experience in the mining industry. During this time, he has worked with several major mining companies including Newmont, Homestake, and HudBay and has also been actively involved in the exploration and development of gold, base metal, platinum-group element, and magmatic nickel-copper deposits with many junior exploration companies.  Peter graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours BASc in Geological Engineering in 1983 and an MSc in Geology in 1987.  He joined the ZEN team as Vice President, Exploration in January 2013 and has been responsible for the successful completion of the company’s NI 43-101 compliant initial resource estimate and subsequent PEA study and, more recently, with the company’s market development and R&D initiatives.  Peter was promoted to ZEN’s Vice President and subsequently President in 2018.

James Jordan — Chief Operating Officer

James Jordan graduated from Queen’s University in 1983 with a degree in Mining Engineering (Mineral Processing) and has 35 years of experience that covers a full range of mineral extraction processes, including iron ore, industrial minerals, precious and base metals and electrolytic zinc refining.  Prior to joining ZEN, he has held senior management roles with Polyus Gold and Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd.  James’ experience includes senior management, strategic planning, and operations management.  Before moving into operations, James spent 20 years in consulting engineering in a variety of roles.  In 2006, Hatch Ltd. appointed him Director Mineral Processing to build the mineral processing group in Mississauga.  Previously, he was a project manager and metallurgical engineer for SNC Lavalin Inc.  His experience spans all stages of project development: feasibility studies, detailed engineering, construction, and commissioning.

Dr. Colin van der Kuur — Head of Research

Dr. van der Kuur was the first graduate from the University of Guelph with a Specialized Honours degree in chemical physics in 1993.  He completed a doctorate in leadership in 2010.  He served as the Director of Church Planting for the Fellowship Pacific.  Part of his work was developing and training consultation teams for the non-profit industry.  He has many years of non- profit board leadership serving on regional boards and two seminary boards.  He brings experience in coaching professionals to reach performance goals.

Monique Manaigre — Senior Government Relations and Account Manager

Monique has been a health care practitioner and entrepreneur for over 25 years, in the fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Massage Therapy.  For the past 5 years Monique has focused her efforts on the science and applications of graphene. Since joining the ZEN team in May 2018, Monique has built an extensive network of high-level contacts in the public and private sectors, in Ottawa and around the country, and now spends her time educating senior government and industry officials on the future of graphene in next-generation materials.



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