Silo Wellness

Revenue Generating and Vertically Integrated Wellness Products and Retreats

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Silo Wellness (CSE:SILO,FRA:3K70,OTC:SILFF) is a vertically oriented and integrated mushroom company. It currently has four primary lines of business, including specialized psychedelic wellness retreats in Oregon and Jamaica, a patent-pending nasal spray, its premium Silo Wellness retail brand and psychedelic mushroom cultivation in Jamaica.

Silo Wellness is a revenue-generating business, setting the company apart from its peers. Having multiple revenue streams presents the company with more exposure to the rapidly evolving psychedelic and mushroom market and opportunities to grow with it. The company’s operational business plan and public showing have allowed the necessary funding and scalability to grow these pillars of business exponentially.

The company has a landmark, multi-year license agreement with the family of legendary musician Bob Marley for exclusive worldwide rights to brand, market and sell distinct product lines of functional and psychedelic mushrooms. Through this partnership, Silo Wellness aims to provide quality branded products with instant name recognition and global visibility.

Silo Wellness’ other revenue stream is its multiple retreats that offer specialized psychedelic experiences. Its guided psychedelic retreat in Oregon is a ketamine-focused wellness retreat set against the backdrop of the Oregon wilderness while the Jamaican retreat provides a psychedelics wellness-focused experience including ceremonies with the indigenous Rastafari community. The company expects to run 25 full retreats by the end of 2021.

In addition to its wellness retreats in Jamaica, its active cultivation operations in the country allow Silo Wellness to strategically leverage its lack of prohibition on psilocybin mushrooms and truffles. This positioning allows the company to build the inventory it needs for future retreats and meet the demands of local markets through supply-chain and system refinement.

The patent-pending psychedelic nasal spray is a unique addition to the company’s product line. Since 2018, the company has been working on obtaining the appropriate licensing and intellectual property (IP) registration for the nasal spray. This early work has strategically positioned the company to leverage a first-mover advantage on this type of product for the psychedelic marketplace.

The company recently achieved a significant milestone and signed its first commercial transaction via a binding Letter of Intent for a multi-year patent licensing agreement with Jungle Med to exclusively manufacture, promote, advertise, distribute and sell the nasal spray in Colombia and Brazil.

As for its premium retail brand, Silo Wellness expressed enthusiasm for the future of this revenue channel as a jumping-off point for other potential product lines once it has established a reputable and trusted brand. “We’re able to actually roll out a proper marketing strategy to support driving volume behind that line of product,” CEO Douglas Gordon commented.

Silo Wellness’ Company Highlights

  • Silo Wellness operates psychedelic mushroom cultivation, a premium retail brand, patent-pending nasal spray and psychedelic-based wellness retreats in Oregon and Jamaica.
  • The psychedelic nasal spray presents the company with potential IP positioning and an early head start of bringing a unique product like this to the psychedelic market space.
  • Silo Wellness offers multiple retreats, including a holistic and mindfulness-oriented experience in Jamaica and a medically-guided ketamine experience in Oregon. The company announced it is collaborating with Kaivalya Kollectiv to integrate 5-MeO-DMT into to of its upcoming retreats in Jamaica.
  • The company is looking to expand its retail brand from the six tinctures currently offered on its online store, Silo Reboot. Silo Wellness is looking to launch a worldwide IP partnership with international wellness and lifestyle branding partners.
  • A multi-year license agreement with the family of legendary musician Bob Marley for exclusive worldwide rights to brand, market and sell a distinct product line of functional and psychedelic mushrooms.
  • Signed its first commercial transaction with Jungle Med to exclusively manufacture, promote, advertise, distribute and sell the nasal spray in Colombia and Brazil.

Silo Wellness’ Revenue Streams

Wellness Retreats: Oregon and Jamaica

The first retreat is a medically guided and monitored ketamine-assisted experience hosted in Oregon, USA. The retreat agenda centers around integration with nature and involves outdoor excursions, waterfall meditation hikes and spiritual connection exercises. The retreat takes place under the strict and careful guidance of a ketamine-assisted therapy naturopathic physician and regulatory compliance.

The second retreat is a wellness-oriented experience with an emphasis on holistic mindfulness hosted in Jamaica. An exclusive cultivator who produces fruiting bodies and truffles on behalf of Silo Wellness also supplies the company with psilocybin mushrooms.

The company held its first psychedelic wellness retreats in early 2021. With substantial dried psychedelic mushroom inventory, Silo Wellness intends to begin other retreats shortly.


Silo Wellness announced its collaboration with Kaivalya Kollectiv to integrate the 5-MeO-DMT experience into two new Jamaican retreats featuring yoga, meditation, breath work and spiritual coaching as well as unique culinary and cultural experiences. The partnership marks the first by a publicly traded company to offer a 5-MeO-DMT wellness retreat as well as the first-of-its-kind to be held in Jamaica.

Premium Silo Retail Brand – Silo Reboot

Silo Wellness’s online store offers six premium tincture formulations available for purchase. This soft launch is a branching-off point for the company, which intends to launch a worldwide brand IP partnership with the family of Bob Marley, creating an internationally recognizable natural wellness and lifestyle branding partner.

Since its conception, Silo Wellness has garnered significant viral coverage over social media and third-party articles online. This traction presents the company with exciting new audiences and potential for retail opportunities for the brand.

Psilocybin Nasal Spray

Silo Wellness’ psilocybin nasal spray is a patent-pending IP that administers pressurized metered doses. The nasal spray bypasses the digestive system by entering the bloodstream through the nasal membranes to fast-track its effects.

In 2019, Silo established proof-of-concept of the psilocybin nasal spray in Jamaica. The following year, the company filed a nonprovisional utility patent application for “Metered Dosing Compositions and Methods of Use of Psychedelic Compounds,” where the psilocybin nasal spray was one product example.

Getting an early start on patenting and IP positioning gives Silo Wellness an early-mover advantage for a product of this kind in the psychedelics market space.

Psilocybin Mushroom Production

Silo Wellness has begun expanding Jamaican operations through mushroom cultivation in the jurisdiction. This expansion helps to meet the demands of its retreats and build an inventory of dried psychedelic mushrooms for other uses. No permits or licenses are required to cultivate in Jamaica.

The future plans for the company include scaling production and selling this product through its distribution and retail channels to satisfy growing demands for micro-dosing products, mushrooms and truffles across local markets.

Western Hemisphere’s First “Smart Shop”

Silo Wellness announced plans to establish the first legal functional and psychedelic mushroom retail outlet in the Western Hemisphere.  With its joint venture partner, Silo Wellness will build out and operate a “smart shop” retail establishment specializing in the sale of functional and psychoactive mushroom products such as tinctures, capsules, topicals and edibles, as well as boutique literature and accessories. Silo Wellness also intends to sell its product line of functional and psychedelic mushrooms developed and branded by the Marley family, at its retail location when launched. The proposed retail location is situated in Montego Bay.

Silo Wellness’ Management Team & Board of Directors

Douglas Gordon — CEO (Jamaica)

Douglas Gordon is the founder of CanEx Jamaica, the premier cannabis business conference and expo in the Caribbean. He has over 30 years of experience spanning finance, media, sales and marketing. Gordon has forged a vast global network with particular attention to developing business opportunities in the Caribbean and LATAM. Gordon has developed government and distribution relations in Jamaica as an experienced operator of a health and wellness distribution business.

Mike Arnold – President & Chairman (USA)

Mike Arnold is the President and Chairman of Silo Wellness.  He has been involved in the psychedelic and mushroom industry since 2018, having been involved in the sourcing and development of psilocybin-free Functional Mushroom products in the United States and co-inventing a patent-pending psilocybin pressurized metered dose inhaler.  Mr. Arnold is an accomplished trial lawyer in the United States, having litigated in both the U.S. state and federal courts for cases involving breach of fiduciary duties, corporate malfeasance, fraud, trade secrets and copyright infringement.

Ryan Ptolemy — CFO (Toronto)

Ryan Ptolemy is a CPA, CGA and CFA charter holder with over 10 years of senior management experience. He currently serves as CFO to many public and private companies in the resource sector, including Belo Sun Mining Corp, African Gold Group, Inc. and Brazil Potash Corp. Ptolemy also served as CFO for Integral Wealth Securities Ltd., an independent investment dealer in Toronto.

Mo Yang — COO & Director (Toronto)

Mo Yang is the founder of  Nexoa Inc., which is a CFO consulting services company, and he is a CPA and CFA charter holder. He acts as CFO for several companies across various sectors, including private equity, cannabis and natural health. Mo oversaw the development of Silo Wellness’s e-commerce business and fostered strategic relationships for the Jamaican retreat. He has served in closing over US$2 billion in mergers and acquisitions at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton and previously covered rate products, foreign exchange and exchange-traded funds at BMO Capital Markets.

Winfield Yongbiao Ding — Board Member

Mr. Ding has acted as CFO and director for a number of public companies in Canada. He is a seasoned senior finance executive with over twenty years of finance and operations experience. A former audit manager and currently a self-practitioner, he worked in audit, taxation and advisory roles across a wide range of industries with a focus on public issuers financial reporting and business advisory. He has been Audit Committee Chairman of CF Energy Corp. (TSXV: CFY) since March 2015, and Director and Officer of Gravitas Financial Inc. (CSE: GFI) since April 2019. Mr. Ding received his MBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Wayne Isaacs — Board Member (Toronto)

Wayne Isaacs is a director of Silo Wellness with more than two decades serving in key leadership roles from President to Chief Executive Officer of several Toronto, Canada-based mineral exploration companies including Forsys Metals Corporation, Augustine Ventures, Inc. and Delta Uranium, Inc.  As one of the first movers in the legalized Jamaican cannabis industry, Mr. Isaacs presently serves as CEO of Green Stripe Naturals, which was formed to take advantage of the tremendous worldwide opportunities in medicinal cannabis via vertically integrated business efforts on the island nation.  Isaacs has business interests in natural medical-based solutions companies in Spain as well as co-owning a medical clinic in Ontario, Canada.

Gregory Biniowsky – Board Member (Toronto)

Gregory Biniowsky is a Canadian trained and licensed lawyer who has been a director or officer to a number of international business ventures. He is a fluent Spanish speaker, with more than 30 years’ experience working in Latin America as a strategic advisor. He previously worked for the international law firms Gowling WLG and Heenan Blaikie, and also worked as an international development fund manager for the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations Development Program. Mr. Biniowsky studied at the University of British Columbia, where he obtained a Juris Doctor from the Faculty of Law, and previous to that, at Carleton University and York University, where he studied political science with a focus on Latin America.

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