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Bridging the Gap between Private and Public BioMed Acceleration

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Q BioMed Inc. (OTCQB:QBIO) is a biomedical company focused on licensing and acquiring strategic assets across a broad spectrum of biotech and healthcare related sectors for acceleration and development. The company provides these target assets with the capital resources, developmental support and clinical expertise needed to bring them to market or to a significant value inflection point.

Q BioMed helps link small and orphan biotech development companies with the capital market. One such company is Mannin Research Inc. which is focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of first-in-class therapeutics for vascular diseases. The first product under development in this technology platform is a nanofiber eye drop for treating the root cause of glaucoma, a disease affecting more than 60 million people worldwide.

In addition, in June 2016, Q BioMed announced it had entered into a definitive exclusive licensing agreement with a private U.S. company for an FDA-approved cancer palliative treatment. The drug is expected to generate revenue within the first year post-closing. The addition of a revenue asset to the company’s portfolio places Q BioMed in a class above the majority of its small-cap biotech peers and mitigates investment risk for Q BioMed shareholders.

“We have structured a landmark deal for the worldwide exclusive license and right to acquire the drug outright once it starts making sales,” commented Denis Corin, CEO of Q BioMed. “We’re very excited to have a revenue ready asset in the portfolio and we think there is a significant opportunity to grow not only the revenue but also expand the label on this drug into the therapeutic market.”

More information will be forthcoming following the closing of the transaction which is expected to be in mid July.

Company Highlights

  • Accelerated development from the provision of capital, management and advisory expertise
  • Medical and Biotech market experiencing an unprecedented bull market with Biotech Index up 300 percent since the Financial Crisis
  • Inelastic demand for better drugs and more competitive access to those drugs
  • Diversified risk and shared success in multiple pipelines and sectors
  • Current Drug (Man 01) has massive market appeal and demand
  • Pending near-term revenue ready FDA drug in pipeline represents a milestone for the company
  • Additional target assets for acquisition in 2016 may include implantable post cataract lens, CAR T-Cell immunotherapy, a rare tropical disease drug and among others
  • Low float, tightly held with high percent management
  • Looking to uplist to NASDAQ in Q1 2017

Business Model

Q BioMed - Bridging the Gap between Private and Public BioMed Acceleration

Q BioMed’s business model allows the company to grow its asset pipeline with multiple assets in different stages of the product development life cycle. Once identified, assets undergo strict due diligence by the company’s key opinion leaders and advisory board. Ideal acquisition targets are preferably clinical stage, near value inflection or near revenue companies.

Along with capital, the company brings the technological and pharmaceutical experience of its clinical advisors to those assets to help accelerate development. “We’re not just providing capital, we’re providing the expertise to bring these products to major value inflection or even to market,” stated CEO DenisCorin.

A diverse asset pipeline also builds shareholder value and mitigates risk. “As an investor you’re not investing in one technology or asset and then left waiting for a binary event like an FDA approval or Phase 1 clinical data, with the only PR a notice of the CEO making another presentation at an investor conference,” explained Denis Corin. “With only one asset there is very little product development news flow; however with multiple assets in our pipeline in different stages of the development life cycle we anticipate constant news flow as milestones are met.. This is a unique opportunity for investors to come along for the ride as we advance the assets in our pipeline.”

Pending Near-Term Revenue Ready Asset: FDA-Approved Cancer Palliation Drug

We are very excited about the potential of this deal and look forward to bringing this transaction to fruition and thereby delivering significant value to all stakeholders, including the patients in need of this drug.Denis Corin, CEO of Q BioMed.

Q BioMed’s latest acquisition is an exclusive license for a FDA-approved drug for the treatment of pain associated with metastatic bone cancer. The drug is pending near-term revenue ready.

Cancer palliation and therapeutics represent multi-billion dollar markets. Q BioMed anticipates revenue for this drug to reach $1.5 million in the first year with the opportunity to grow revenues as high as $10 million or more in three to five years for this indication.

“While it’s great to underpin our portfolio with a revenue producer, we also think there is some significant upside in the expansion of the label on this asset,” said CEO Denis Corin. The company believes there is significant upside potential for label expansion into the Therapeutic market, which could create a $1 billion opportunity within the next two to three years.

MAN-01 Glaucoma Drug

Q BioMed has a License and Purchase Option Agreement with Mannin Research which grants the company a worldwide, exclusive license with the option to acquire Mannin’s platform assets for Glaucoma and other indications. The first product under development in this platform is MAN-01—an early stage pre-clinical asset with the potential to treat Primary Open Angle Glaucoma at the root cause by targeting abnormal vessels within the eye.

In Q2 2016, Mannin Research initiated pre-clinical optimization of MAN-01 for topical application in the form of an easy to administer nanofiber eye drop that contains the chemical tools needed to repair the canal —a much less invasive treatment than what is currently available to patients.

Market for Glaucoma Treatment

Globally, ophthalmology treatments represent a $23 billion market. Glaucoma therapeutics is one of its largest segments accounting for $5 billion annually in the U.S., Europe and Japan markets alone. The market for glaucoma therapeutics is growing and is expected to reach 80 million patients worldwide by 2020, according to the World Health Organization.

What Causes Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is caused by increased intraocular pressure (IOP) within the eye resulting in damage to the ocular nerve. One of the main causes for IOP is either a blocked or a defective specialized blood vessel known as the Schlemm’s Canal. The canal is a part of the body’s lymphatic system and serves as the major drainage pathway for fluid from the front of the eye and is responsible for 70 to 90 percent of fluid drainage in the eye.

Q BioMed - Bridging the Gap between Private and Public BioMed Acceleration

Blockage or an irregularity in this drainage pathway leads to IOP which overtime damages the nerves of the eye leading to blindness. Researchers have identified the Tie2/TEK receptor and the growth factor angiopoietin as the molecular building blocks for normal growth and development of the Schlemm’s Canal. Individuals lacking one of these essential building blocks often have a small or non-existent canal.

“Just imagine if we could grow a bigger Schlemm’s canal in anybody with glaucoma to lower the pressure in the eye. That’s what we’re hoping for with this new eye drop.” Dr. Susan Quaggin, Mannins Chief Scientific Officer

Currently, there is no cure for glaucoma and the current therapies and surgical procedures are not wholly effective and often painful. The market is ready for a new treatment option and if successful MAN-01 would be the first new drug for this indication brought to market in more than twenty years.

Having identified the building blocks of the Schlemm’s canal, Mannin’s researchers are now working to perfect the drug to treat the cause of glaucoma at the cellular level. MAN-01 is designed to repair the normal flow of fluid in the eye and effectively reduce IOP.

“Recent work in the lab underscores the essential role of Angpt-Tie2/TEK signaling for development of the anterior chamber of the eye – which contain the structures needed to maintain safe levels of intraocular pressure, Dr. Quaggin stated in a progress update. “We are excited to begin to test compounds in preclinical studies.”

Label Expansion Potential

In fact, Angpt-Tie2/TEK signaling plays a pivotal role in vascular development throughout the body. Expansion potential for this technology platform lies in a spectrum of vascular disease indications such as related macular degeneration and cystic kidney disease among others.

Other Potential Asset Acquisitions

Q BioMed is currently conducting due diligence on numerous BioMedical assets to expand its pipeline and build shareholder value. One such potential target under review is a fully-accommodative implantable ocular lens which needs funding to provide a proof of concept. The acquisition would give Q BioMed an additional ophthalmology asset in the pipeline.

Additional assets under review for 2016 include a Rare Orphan/Tropical Disease Drug stalled in the development stage due to lack of funding. The market for this drug includes 200 million patients.


Denis CorinPresident and Director

Denis Corin is an experienced public company executive and management consultant. He has worked almost exclusively in the biomedical field for over 13 years from large pharma and diagnostic companies to small innovative biotech. He has served in various senior executive roles and has been instrumental is building and restructuring businesses. Mr. Corin has raised millions of dollars in development capital to advance businesses. He also served as a Management Consultant to the executives and board of TapImmune, a clinical stage immune-oncology company until December 2015 where he had also previously served as CEO, CFO and President. Mr. Corin was a Director of TapImmune, from July 2009 to May 2012. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in both Economics and Marketing & Advertising Management from the University of Natal, South Africa.

William RosenstadtGeneral and Corporate Securities Counsel, Director

William Rosenstadt is the founding and managing partner of Sanders Ortoli Vaughn-Flam Rosenstadt LLP an international law firm located in New York and has been a practicing attorney since 1995. He advises entrepreneurs, public companies, and other corporate entities with respect to the execution of complex commercial, corporate, and international transactions. Rosenstadt and his firm are authorized to sponsor issuers on the OTC Markets as Principal American Liaisons and Designated Advisors for Disclosure and were instrumental in introducing the Canadian Securities Exchange to the OTC Markets and having it designated as an authorized exchange. Early in his legal career, he was general counsel to American Industrial Acquisition Corporation, a private equity firm focused on investing in privately held, middle market manufacturers in the wire/cable and defense industries. Rosenstadt graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A. in 1990 and received his J.D. from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in 1995. Further, he is admitted to the bars of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut as well as the Second Circuit of the federal courts of the United States.

Ari JatwesCorporate Advisor and Senior Analyst

Ari Jatwes is an analyst and a banker, with over twenty years of experience. He began his career in a large accounting firm, progressing to a reputable investment bank, where he gained his tremendous experience in mergers and acquisitions. Over the last decade Jatwe’s interest and focus has been in the biotech and pharma sector, which included trading biotech stocks from start up to late stage biotech companies, advising management and raising capital for their needs. He has played an integral role in several successful contracts and transactions in the healthcare space – with emphasis on the life sciences and immunotherapy. Jatwes holds two Master degrees and a Bachelor Degree from the University of South Africa and the University of Natal.

David Laskow-PooleyVP Scientific and Product Development

David Laskow-Pooley has 30 years of experience in all aspects of the discovery, development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products, diagnostics and devices. He is an industry veteran and has a distinguished career working for numerous pharmaceutical and life sciences companies. Laskow-Pooley has held director, executive officer and general management posts in both small and major multinational companies including GSK, Abbott, Amersham plc, Life Technologies, OSI, Bilcare and Surface Therapeutics.

Advisory Board

Wombat Capital Ltd

Andy Watson

Senior Advisor: Diagnostics, Companion Diagnostics, Genomics and Life Science Tools

Dr. Geert Cauwenbergh

Senior Advisor: Skin Care, Dermatology, Wound Care, OTC, Infectious Diseases, Women’s Health

Dr. Helga Grupe

Senior Advisor: Oncology

Dr. Jose de Chastonay

Senior Advisor:ContractServices

Dr. Scott P Bruder

Senior Advisor: Medical Device Orthopedics and Regenerative Medicine

John Erb

Senior Advisor: Medical Device Cardio Vascular


Senior Advisor: Opthamology

Mannin Research Inc

Dr. Susan Quaggin

Director of the Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute at Northwestern University in Chicago

George Nikopoulos



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