Innovative Research into Psychedelic Therapies

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Numinus is a psychedelic therapy company creating a network of transformative healing centers across North America. Each center is staffed with professional therapists and integrative health professionals who guide patients in the use of psychedelics and supportive therapies and technologies. These therapies are designed to help patients heal their mental health and addiction issues in a safe, controlled environment. Numinus works closely with leading researchers to create a treatment model that gives people options beyond traditional psychotherapy and pharmaceuticals.

In addition to psychedelic therapies, the healing centers also offer a full suite of services including naturopathic medicine, craniosacral therapy and registered massage therapy. Numinus currently operates its flagship center in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company intends to add a number of locations across Canada in 2020.

Numinus’ unique platform also includes a 7,000 square-foot testing laboratory licensed to test and eventually manufacture psychedelics drugs and a 7,500 square-foot cannabis production facility. Both locations utilize proprietary technology and techniques and are staffed by internationally-acclaimed PhDs and industry experts.

The company expects to generate approximately C$10 million in revenue in 2020 from its lab, processing facility and healing center. To supplement its income and capitalize on the global CBD market, Numinus has partnered with Salvation Botanicals Ltd. for the creation of hemp and cannabis-derived products.

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Looking to capitalize on its dealer’s license and first-mover advantage in the space, Numinus intends to test, process, buy, sell and conduct clinical trials on various psychedelics and cannabis. The dealer’s license is essential for the company to advance its research into psychedelic-based treatments as are Numinus’ research partners.

Numinus was founded by Payton Nyquvest and Stacey Wallin, who both have a passion for developing holistic therapies that drive personal development and wellness. The two founders have a wealth of experience in bringing innovative companies to the capital markets. Nyquvest, for example, has raised over C$100 million for public and private companies alike and has facilitated numerous IPOs, including Numinus’ pending RTO with Salvation Botanicals and Rojo Resources Ltd. Joining the team as Chief Product Officer is Michael Tan, who was the first director for the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB) cannabis division. He also has a track record of driving profitable revenue growth.

Numinus’ Company Highlights

  • RTO with Salvation Botanicals and Rojo Resources Ltd. is expected to be completed in Q1 2020.
  • Numinus is developing psychedelic therapies to treat mental illness, addictions and PTSD.
  • The company received its dealer’s license in July 2019, which allows Numinus to test, process, buy and sell various psychedelics and cannabis.
  • 7,000-square-foot testing and processing facility can produce three billion milligrams of cannabis extracts per year and perform 100,000 cannabis tests per year.
  • Sustainable cannabis revenue through the laboratory and processing facility is expected to fund Numinus’ growth plans.
  • The cannabis portion of the business has the potential to bring in C$25 million in revenue during the first year of operation.
  • The company is creating a network of transformative healing centers across North America staffed with professional therapists and integrative health professionals.
  • Numinus plans to add two to four new centers across Canada in 2020.
  • Combined revenue for the centers and lab and processing facility is expected to hit C$10 million in 2020.
  • Research partnerships in place with BCCSU and Together We Can.

Regulators Turning to Psychedelic Therapies to Treat Mental Illness and Addiction

In 2017, psychedelic therapies were designated as a breakthrough therapy by the FDA due to the growing need for solutions for mental health-related issues across the globe. According to the World Health Organization, mental disorders affect one in four people at some point in their lives, and approximately 450 million people currently suffer from mental health issues, making it a leading cause of ill-health and disability worldwide.

If left untreated, mental health disorders can cost Canadians C$51 billion per year in health care costs, lost productivity and reductions in health-related quality of life, according to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). Despite the patient costs associated with mental illness, conventional health care frameworks have made a limited impact, creating a need for innovative treatments to be developed.

Safe and controlled psychedelic-based treatments offer a potential solution and have been slowly moving into mainstream health care channels. Many research organizations, such as BCCSU, have been testing the efficacy of treating mental health disorders with various psychedelics. Johns Hopkins has also entered the fray by opening a new US$17 million center dedicated to psychedelic research.

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Numinus’ Patient-First Business Model

Numinus is an in-market and fully-integrated company that serves the psychedelic therapy space. The company’s unique platform includes a testing and processing facility that targets the emerging market for psychedelic therapies that can treat mental illness, addiction and PTSD. Numinus also has an established and fully-integrated treatment and healing center model that the company plans to scale nationally.

In addition to its work with psychedelics, Numinus plans to create a sustainable revenue stream through its laboratory and processing facility by developing cannabis products. The company estimates that it can generate approximately C$10 million in revenue in 2020 through its testing and processing facility and centers.

Testing and Processing

Numinus owns a 7,000-square-foot fully-built and paid for testing and processing laboratory, which utilizes proprietary technology in addition to chromatography, spectroscopy and mass spectroscopy techniques. The facility is staffed by internationally-acclaimed PhDs with backgrounds in peer-reviewed research, pharmaceutical manufacturing and advanced analytical technologies.

The company received its dealer’s license under the Controlled Substances Act in July 2019, providing Numinus with a first-mover advantage in the psychedelics space. The license allows the company to test, process, buy and sell various psychedelics as well as cannabis. It also meets FDA Stage 3 requirements to conduct clinical trials.

Numinus has established partnerships with leading Canadian universities and institutions to advance its research into psychedelic-based treatments. One such collaboration is with a leading Canadian university with a patented process for producing psychedelic products for a growing number of clinical research trials.

The Numinus Healing Centre

Numinus owns an operational facility that embraces evidence-based use of psychedelic therapies. The center employs professional therapists and integrative health professionals to guide people in the use of psychedelics, supportive therapies and sophisticated technologies to help them heal in a safe and controlled environment.

The centers also offer a full suite of therapeutic services including naturopathic medicine, craniosacral therapy and registered massage therapy. The company’s first healing in Vancouver includes six treatment rooms, event and studio space and a 15-person therapeutic team that includes doctors of medicine, naturopathy and registered nurses.

Numinus plans to expand its healing center footprint and brand by acquiring between two to four more centers in Canada that are aligned with the company’s model. The company also plans to conduct research and clinical trials with its research partners, such as BCCSU and Together We Can, to advance therapeutic, evidence-based patient studies in psychedelic therapies.


Numinus plans to supplement its revenue by creating and selling cannabis products with Salvation Botanicals. The company’s laboratory and processing facility can create THC and CBD products as well as psychedelic therapies. The laboratory and processing facility have an extraction capacity of three billion milligrams per year, can fill 300,000 capsules per day and perform 100,000 cannabis tests per year.

Upon receiving its standard processing license from Health Canada, the company plans on becoming a progressive player in the hemp-derived CBD and extraction markets. Numinus expects to obtain the license in Q1 2020 and believes that the cannabis portion of its business will bring in approximately C$25 million in potential revenue in the first year of operation.

Numinus’ Management Team

Payton Nyquvest — Founder, Chairman and CEO

Payton Nyquvest founded Numinus out of a lifelong interest in health, wellness and personal development, triggered by mental health and chronic autoimmune problems in his earlier years. Transformational therapies helped to save his life, and he is driven to provide public access to these therapies.

He is a former Director, VP and Head of Sales at Mackie Research Capital, with 15 years of experience focusing on early-stage companies in multiple industries including technology, health-care, biotech, cleantech and cannabis. He has raised over $100 million for more than 100 public and private companies and facilitated numerous IPOs.

Stacey Wallin — Founder, Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer

Stacey Wallin founded Numinus with a similar passion for holistic wellness after a series of near-death experiences in 2015 related to illness and misdiagnosis, which inspired her to begin studying and advocating awareness for mind-body health. She previously founded and was CEO of LifeBooster, a tech startup now helping Fortune 100 clients detect and proactively respond to workplace injury risks. She most recently was the Director of Venture Programs at the BC Tech Association with a mandate of solving the largest ecosystem and policy-related challenges facing growth and scale-stage technology companies.

Michael Tan — Chief Production Officer

Michael Tan is the former and first executive director of the BCLDB Cannabis Division. He successfully launched cannabis operations in British Columbia. He has 20 years of strategic planning and execution with national and multinational corporations. He is a high-impact product development, marketing and operations executive with a track record of driving profitable revenue growth.

Kraig Docherty — Chief HR Officer

Kraig Docherty has over 20 years of experience growing and scaling tech and creative companies such as EA, Activision Blizzard, Indochino, Invoke and Eventbase.

John Fong — COO

John Fong is a professional accountant with over two decades of experience in financial and operational management. He provides stability and growth solutions to public natural resource companies and technology start-ups.

Ming Jang — CFO

Ming Jang is a professional accountant with 25 years of senior financial management experience in various sectors, including cannabis and mining. He is a former financial consultant and CFO for Ignite Brands, Overland Resources, Intigold Mines and Coventry Resources. He has planned and executed several IPOs, such as the go-public transactions for Ignite Brands and Coventry Resources.

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