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Leader in the Science and Technology of Hemp-based Health Products

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Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd. (TSXV:NSP,OTC:NSPDF,FWB:50N) is a cannabis company specializing in hemp-based healthy foods, plant-based protein, omega and cannabis extracts. Naturally Splendid is working to build a portfolio of high-quality conventional and organic hemp, CBD and plant-based products, servicing the North American, European, Asian and Australian markets. As a vertically-integrated biotechnology and consumer product company, Naturally Splendid has capabilities in industrial hemp processing, cannabinoid extraction and formulation, research and development (R&D), nutritional technology, product development, packaging and distribution.

Under Canada’s new regulations for the cannabis industry, the federal oversight for industrial hemp will be moved from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act to the new Industrial Hemp Regulations section of the Cannabis Act. As such, the government will be conducting reviews of the existing system to reduce regulatory burdens for the hemp industry. To date, changes have already been implemented to eliminate criminal record checks, reduce THC testing and reduce oversight on hemp crops allowing for whole plant use, better aligning with its low-risk attributes.

Naturally Splendid’s retail product lines include NATERA™, which has sub-brands that target the superfood, sports, health and wellness and practitioner markets; CHII™, a selection of hemp products sold on an e-commerce platform; Pawsitive FX™ a pet care line; Elevate Me™, a brand of nutritional bars; as well as a variety of products for the CBD markets. Naturally Splendid also has a number of biotech offerings, including; CBD technology, extraction and formulation; hemp protein isolate; and the proprietary HempOmega® technology to micro-encapsulate hemp oil, which has been commercialized into a number of applications in Naturally Splendid’s product lines and others beyond the company.

These products are targeted towards a number of industries of sizeable value including the US$64.87 billion global functional food market, the US$3.77 billion Omega-3 food market, the US$10.6 billion global hemp market and the US CBD market, which is projected to be worth US$22 billion by 2022, according to Brightfield Group.

Naturally Splendid facilities are located near major transportation channels including highways, international airports, railroads and the port of Vancouver. Naturally Splendid’s hemp processing facility is located in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia where their current production and distribution facility is located and the upcoming cannabinoid extraction facility will be built. Naturally Splendid is also in the process of acquiring a second extraction facility in Ontario to help the company position itself to meet the demand of the rising edibles and CBD markets.

Naturally Splendid has developed distribution to over 2,000 retail outlets in North America to stores such as Whole Foods, Shoppers Drug Mart, Safeway, Winners, TGX and many more. It has also entered the Australian, German and South Korean markets through a number of distribution agreements in each region.

In anticipation of its second phase of development, the company has applied for a dealer’s license under Health Canada in order to become a supplier of cannabinoids derived from hemp. The license will also allow for additional services related to cannabinoid markets including manufacturing, packaging, R&D formulation preparation, resale and distribution to other licensees, import and export for global sales and laboratory testing.

Naturally Splendid recently began manufacturing plant-based energy bites for an international plant-based sports nutrition and healthy lifestyle company. With more than C$100 million annual sales in more than 15,000 retail stores, this international client company is on Profit Magazine’s Profit 100 list of fastest-growing companies for the past five years. The client company also has a significant e-commerce platform. This new product line is being produced at Naturally Splendid’s Safe Quality Food Level 2 certified facility in Pitt Meadows and is expected to generate annual revenues for the company in excess of C$1 million.

“Naturally Splendid is led by a strong management team and advisory board that is dedicated to developing and commercializing sustainable, nutritious foods and health products with significant focus on hemp,” said Naturally Splendid President, Director and Founder J. Craig Goodwin. “We are committed to delivering quality nutrition in a sustainable manner. Our management team has a record of successful business ventures on the international business scene and encompasses expertise in a broad range of areas including; food manufacturing, research and development as well as sales and marketing. Our processing facility has several certifications allowing us to manufacture for a wide range of clients, and that capability combined with global health trends have created global opportunities for our products.”

Management and insiders hold approximately 13.93 percent of the company.

Naturally Splendid Company Highlights

  • An exclusive organic hemp processor in North America
  • Portfolio of award-winning product lines developed with a science and technology-based approach with commercialized proprietary HempOmega® technology and provisional patent for hemp protein isolate in US
  • Established distribution to over 2,000 stores in North America and exporting retail products, bulk and plant-based ingredients to Australia, Asia and Europe
  • Established retail presence in various industries including health and wellness, skincare, pet care, superfoods and more
  • Multiple revenue streams including retail, wholesale, bulk and private label
  • Over 22,500 square feet of space dedicated to production and distribution
  • Applied for dealers license through Health Canada to extract, process and distribute cannabis extracts
  • Production expansion underway for cannabinoid extraction facility
  • The NATERA Sport KEY-TO Life bars generated over C$285,000 in sales within the first three months of its official launch date.

Naturally Splendid’s Technology and IP

As part of its mandate, Naturally Splendid is committed to developing proprietary technologies that are tied to hemp protein and hemp oil processing. This has led to two proprietary solutions (HempOmega® and a hemp protein isolate) and these efforts will be further advanced as the company progresses.

Naturally Splendid Factory


Naturally Splendid’s HempOmega® is a perfect example of the company’s dedication to scientific and technological innovation. In fact, the product was a finalist for the prestigious NutraIngredients Awards in the category of Start-up Ingredient of the Year in 2016. The proprietary HempOmega® is a high-quality, omega-rich homogenous powder created from microencapsulated pure Canadian hemp seed oil.

“HempOmega® optimizes hemp oil by taking what is already a perfect ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 and making theses more bio-available in the body,” explained Goodwin. “Microencapsulating that oil into a powder or emulsified version allows it to be dispersible in beverages or as an ingredient in foods.”

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are important nutrients for all systems of the body to function normally, including skin, respiratory system, circulatory system, brain and organs. They are also known to reduce inflammation, which is the source of many illnesses. However, the human body cannot produce these two fatty acids on its own, making omega-dense foods a critical component of a healthy diet.

HempOmega® is produced at Key Leaf’s (formerly POS Bio Sciences) state-of-the-art, world-class manufacturing facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which is a cGMP, HACCP and ISO9001-certified facility. This facility is the only one of its kind in North America, complete with fully functional laboratory, pilot plant and commercial capabilities. POS Bio-Sciences is a global leader in the creation of value-added products from biological materials — providing R&D, custom processing, and analytical services to clients worldwide, providing best-practice solutions.

HempOmega® has applications across a number of consumer product segments including dairy, supplements, nutraceuticals, pet food, livestock, cosmetics, beverages and more.

Crop Infrastructure Corp. (CSE:CROP,OTC:CRXPF,FWB:2FR) has signed a LOI with Naturally Splendid for the development and manufacturing of CROP’s Hempire and TiffCBD-branded (The Hempire Co.) hemp seed, hemp protein powder and hemp oil product lines. Naturally Splendid and CROP are currently testing a variety of existing and unique flavours and formulations created by Naturally Splendid specifically for the Hempire and TiffCBD brands, some of which will have products enhanced with Naturally Splendid HempOmega®. Naturally Splendid later extended its LOI in order for CROP to use the company’s HempOmega powder in its CannaDrink beverage line.

Hemp Protein Isolate

Naturally Splendid has developed a hemp protein isolate which has received a provisional patent from the US Patent Office. The isolate has been determined to be superior in concentration to existing hemp proteins currently in the market.

Cannabinoid extraction 

As part of its R&D initiatives, Naturally Splendid is reviewing a significant amount of research data that was acquired from Boreal Technologies Group. Naturally Splendid is hoping to help bridge the gap in the commercialization of cannabinoid extraction technologies. To this effect, the company will be vetting existing technologies and the opportunities associated with them.

Naturally Splendid also plans to explore nano-processing technologies, which would allow the company to further refine extracted cannabinoids from crude oils, distillates or isolates. This would enhance the bioavailability of the cannabinoids and would allow for further commercial applications of the extracts. Naturally Splendid has slotted this opportunity as part of its Phase 2 of development.

Naturally Splendid’s Consumer Products

NATERA™—Re-thinking hemp for global markets

Naturally Splendid’s NATERA™ hemp foods retail line features a wide range of hemp-based food products including flavored hemp seed and protein powders. NATERA™ is now available in retail outlets in Canada, the US and Australia.

As part of the company’s global growth strategy, Naturally Splendid partnered with the Korea Beauty & Healthcare Co. to develop the Paleo/NATERA™ shelled hemp seed line specifically for Asian markets. In March 2016, the product launched on the Lotte Home Shopping Channel, selling over 40,000 pounds of shelled hemp seeds in the first hour. With over 21 million viewers, it’s the second most successful shopping channel network in South Korea.

Naturally Splendid has further developed the NATERA™ brand to house a number of other streams, targeting various industry segments.

This includes NATERA™ Sport, a high-performance supplement line for athletes with the recently launched KEY-TO LIFE Keto Bars, which are a ketogenic diet-friendly, hemp-based performance snack; NATERAFX, a practitioner grade of hemp-based formulations; NATERA™ Petcare (Pawsitive Fx™), an award-winning topical pet care and health retail line with national distribution channels across Canada; NATERA™ CBD, a brand of CBD-based products for the nutraceutical and topical markets; and NATERA™ Skincare, which is focused on delivering cosmeceutical products with CBD-infused ingredients that serve as anti-aging formulations. The CBD enriched products will only be offered in markets that allow for the sale of that ingredient.

In October, 2018 Naturally Splendid launched NATERAFX™, a practitioner-formulated line of hemp and cannabis extract products for the health and wellness industry. The product line was initially distributed through its master distributor who has access to over 2,000 naturopaths and healthcare professionals across Canada. Since then, the company has received a purchase order from Pure Integrative Pharmacy. NATERAFX is currently available at 15 Pure Integrative Pharmacy locations in British Columbia.

CHII—Online bulk priced hemp food products

In late 2015, Naturally Splendid acquired Chi Hemp Industries Inc. (CHII), an online hemp bulk distributor, which has sold over one million pounds of hemp products since 1998. CHII sales are continuing to increase and are providing positive cash flow for Naturally Splendid.

Prior to the acquisition, CHII fully re-branded and re-launched its online platform, which resulted in increased revenue online of almost 100 percent within several months. Naturally Splendid has leveraged this marketing expertise to optimize the company’s online presence.

Naturally Splendid is looking to expand the brand through the development of a CHII Skincare product line.

Prosnack/Elevate Me™

In mid-2017, Naturally Splendid acquired Prosnack Natural Foods Inc. Prosnack’s innovative Elevate Me™ brand focuses on lifestyle and healthy meal replacement products that include energy bars and on-the-go oatmeals that are currently distributed throughout North America. The Elevate Me brand can be found in over 1,000 retail stores including major retailers such as Costco (NASDAQ:COST), Whole Foods, Choices, Save On Foods, Sobeys, London Drugs, Thrifty’s, Rexall and many more. A unique feature of Prosnack is its continuing success strategy of private labeling for major retailers in North America and co-packing for other manufacturers globally. The combination of Elevate Me products and its private-label clients is almost $8-million in sales over the past four years.

Sipp/HempOmega Beer

Naturally Splendid has an exclusive sales agreement with Sipp Industries Inc. (OTC:SIPC), a multifaceted corporation specializing in technology, manufacturing and distribution of commercial and consumer products. At the time of the agreement, Sipp had recently secured approvals for its hemp beers in Colorado and Illinois. Since signing that agreement, Sipp has expanded its distribution base in Illinois and into Missouri through its distribution partners.

Naturally Splendid’s International Distribution

Expanding its presence across multiple continents, Naturally Splendid has developed distribution relationships across the US, Germany, South Korea and Australia.

The company sees a wealth of opportunity in the Australian market, and has subsequently formed a strategic alliance with an Australian distributor. The strategic partner has eight wholly-owned subsidiaries that collectively represent a client base with thousands of points of sale and practitioners. As part of this relationship, NATERA™ products first hit Australian stores in early 2018 and Naturally Splendid secured an additional purchase order from the distributor in August 2018.

Naturally Splendid’s Facilities

One of Naturally Splendid’s facilities is located near Vancouver, British Columbia in the Fraser River Valley. The facility spans a total of 22,500 square feet of hemp oil, protein and seed extraction and processing capabilities and hosts over $4 million-worth of automated processing and packaging equipment.

naturally splendid conveyor


Naturally Splendid Hemp Processors Ltd.

The company’s wholly-owned hemp processing facility is one of a few exclusively organic hemp processing facilities in North America. In addition to re-naming the facility Naturally Splendid Hemp Processors Ltd., the company is building a new 10,000-square-foot facility with increased capacity to address the increased volumes of hemp-based orders the company has been receiving. The new facility will be able to process organic and conventional hemp seed, oil and protein.

The facility has capabilities for producing hulled seed, hemp seed oil and high-percentage protein powder. The team working at the facility is also supplemented by expertise in cannabinoid extraction, nutritional product development, laboratory analysis and long-standing contractual relationships with farmers.

The company has also invested significantly in processing and packaging equipment that facilitates the distribution process.

Naturally Splendid Factory

The Bar Makers

The Bar Makers facility develops the Elevate Me™ bars as well as bars for other nutritional food companies in Canada. The manufacturers recently acquired a state-of-the-art bar manufacturing system, more than doubling their manufacturing capacity.

Following the acquisition of a dealer’s license under Health Canada, Naturally Splendid will work to expand its current facilities to include cannabinoid extraction and formulation capabilities as it becomes legal.

Cannabinoid Extraction Facility

Using the revenue from the sale of the POS BPC facility for $3.6 million, Naturally Splendid will begin the development of a cannabis extraction facility required under the terms of a dealer’s license. The facility will have the ability to extract cannabinoids from industrial hemp.

This facility will be another step in developing a vertically-integrated operation and will produce cannabinoid-based crude oils, distillates and isolates that could be sold as bulk products or further refined into other end-use products.

Wahupta Ventures

Naturally Splendid has a cooperation agreement in place with Wahupta Ventures Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Wahupta intends to invest up to C$2 million in Naturally Splendid, which will be paid out in phased financings. The proceeds of the investment will be used to complete the build-out of a cannabinoid extraction facility at Naturally Splendid’s facility in Pitt Meadows.

Wahupta completed its first payment to Naturally Splendid in October 2018 and the second and third payments were received a month later. The payments allowed the company to continue to build out its facility in Pitt Meadows and to advance its processing license application.

Naturally Splendid and Wahupta renegotiated its cooperation agreement for the final $1.5 million still owed to Naturally Splendid. Under the new agreement, Naturally Splendid intends to acquire C$1.025 million in extraction equipment from Wahupta.

Naturally Splendid’s Strategic Relationships


Ambarri is a joint venture between NeutriSci (TSXV:NU) and Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (OTCQX:LXRP, CSE:LXX) and was founded to develop and use the proprietary technologies from both companies. The company is working to incorporate Naturally Splendid’s HempOmega™ technology with Ambarri’s fast-acting and highly absorbent delivery mechanism. Ambarri has executed an LOI for the sale and distribution of its proprietary sublingual hemp CBD tablets in Japan and South Korea. These will be distributed internationally under the NATERA™ CBD brand.

In October 2018, Naturally Splendid and NeutriSci expanded the scope of the agreement. Under the new terms, NeutriSci will produce a sublingual HempOmega tablet with its IP and technology as well as a sublingual tablet that combines HempOmega and CBD. The tablets are expected to be sold through Naturally Splendid’s distribution channels in South Korea, Japan and Australia. In return, Naturally Splendid will distribute NeutriSci’s neuenergy energy tablet which is designed to enhance focus and mental clarity without the use of sugar.


Naturally Splendid has a strategic partnership with CannaDyne Distribution Inc., a nutritional formulation and distribution company focused on developing advanced plant-based formulations that are directly marketed to health care practitioners. As part of this agreement, CannaDyne is creating a selection of proprietary plant-based formulations for the health care practitioner market incorporating Naturally Splendid’s HempOmega™ and hemp protein isolate.

Professional Golfers Association of British Columbia 

Naturally Splendid has signed a two-year sponsorship deal with the Professional Golfers Association of British Columbia (PGA BC). The sponsorship is intended to support the launch of NATERA’s Sports Bites, which officially launched in March 2019.

Naturally Splendid’s Management Team

Craig Goodwin – CEO, President and Director 

J. Craig Goodwin is the CEO, Co-founder, and President of Naturally Splendid. As CEO, Craig was instrumental in the transition from private Company to public Company raising over $20,000,000 CDN in the process. In addition to his role as CEO, Craig’s responsibilities included International Business Development where he oversaw the development of a South Korean project generating over $7,000,000 CDN in 2016.

Prior to his appointment as CEO of Naturally Splendid, Craig accumulated over 30 years of sales and marketing experience including Senior Account Executive for one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in the world, The Jim Pattison Sign Group. While with The Jim Pattison Sign Group, Craig was one of the most successful sales executives in Western Canada and received numerous awards for outstanding sales achievements.

In addition to sales and marketing Craig has consulted for numerous public companies providing services from Investor Relations, raising Venture Capital as well as business development.

Bryan Carson – VP Operations and Co-Founder

Bryan Carson’s vision of a company distributing healthy food choices was the driving force behind Naturally Splendid® and the foundations of which this company originated. For the past four years, Carson has overseen the operations of Naturally Splendid® including establishing supply channels, packaging and product development. His insight and vision have proved invaluable as part of the management team. Carson created, operated and sold a successful retail store in Vancouver, British Columbia. His hands-on retail expertise from the conceptual planning stages through construction and launch are of great value in developing our relationship with major food distribution channels.

Barry Dashner – CFO 

Barry Dashner has over 40 years of successful business experience. After four years with a major equipment manufacturer, he co-founded a ‘high technology’ company. As a result of developing advanced technologies using lasers, vision and embedded micro-computers, the company went on to a leading vision systems enterprise throughout North America. Leading a merger/acquisition of five companies in 1999, he expanded LMI Technologies internationally into Europe and Asia. With continued product development and growth, the business was successfully acquired in 2012. Dashner has provided business consulting services including streamlining operations, technical consulting and coaching to ‘C’ level management.

Dashner’s focus on leadership, customers, markets, staff and operating efficiencies provides a comprehensive set of proven senior management skills. He is a member of Naviond, a group of successful entrepreneurs and business owners and is on the Board of the Woodward Foundation.

Sead Hamzagic, CPA-CGA – CFO

Sead Hamzagic has over 30 years of public practice accounting and financial management experience with a variety of public and private companies. As a designated CPA-CGA, he has developed a unique suite of expertise in overseeing corporate finance activities, financial planning and analysis, public reporting, as well as mergers and acquisitions, including 10 years with sparkling water producer Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation, and most recently as the CFO of a number of TSXV-listed companies.

Peter Hughes – Director

Peter Hughes has 25 years of business experience including senior-level executive and Director positions in both private and public companies specializing in pharmaceuticals, alternative energy and mining. He has built industrial and resource companies from the ground up and has obtained regulatory approval and exchange approval for numerous reporting issuers. His experience includes; corporate structuring, public and private financing, marketing, strategic planning, negotiating agreements and public company management. He has also worked with the National Research Council of Canada providing alternative energy companies with market intelligence and strategic planning. Hughes is a Director of Kelso Technologies Inc. and a Director of Broome Capital Inc. He has a Bachelor of Science degree and completed the Canadian Securities Course and Directors and Officers Program.

Russ Crawford – Director

Russ Crawford has over 40 years of experience in commodity marketing and risk management strategies as well as providing operations and technology solutions serving the Western Canadian agricultural marketplace. His company, Agrinomics I.T. Consulting Ltd., has been in operation since 1999, providing a comprehensive and unique blend of private sector and independent market advisory services. Crawford’s personal background includes 20 years with Cargill Limited, nine years with Alberta Wheat Pool and 19 years of independent consulting to the marketplace.

In October of 2009, Crawford was elected to the Board of Directors for the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) serving on various committees over a four-year term. The CHTA is Canada’s national hemp association made up of producers, processors, researchers and retail product marketers. It is the primary industry association and has been growing in pace with its members. In 2011 and again in 2018, Crawford authored the CHTA’s Long Term International Strategy (LTIS) report that built on the CHTA’s National Industrial Hemp Strategy by targeting research, education and awareness projects suitable for the national organization benefiting all members. In 2013, he was elected as President and remains in that position through 2018. He has been an advisor to Naturally Splendid® since 2008 and a Director since 2012.

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