Mota Ventures

Low-Cost, Vertically-Integrated Global Cannabis Producer

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Mota Ventures Corp. (CSE:MOTA,OTC:PEMTF,FWB:1WZ:GR) aims to be a low-cost, vertically-integrated, high-quality global cannabis producer. The company owns a cultivation facility located two-hours outside of Bogota, Colombia, that is being built to good manufacturing practices (GMP) standards. Mota plans to produce high-quality CBD oil.

Mota plans to build its facility out in phases. Phase One through Phase Three is expected to include the build-out of 180,000-square feet of greenhouses, an extraction lab and packaging facilities. Phase Four is expected to focus on building the remaining greenhouses and to scale-up the extraction, commercial kitchen and packaging facilities.

Since the passing of the US Farm Bill, CBD has been rising in popularity among cannabis companies and consumers looking for natural health and wellness solutions for various ailments. CBD is reported to provide relief for anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and sleep all without giving consumers the “high” typically associated with the plant. As a result, the US CBD market is expected to surpass US$24 billion in sales by 2024, according to BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research. QY Research is also predicting that the global market for CBD is to reach US$2.3 billion by 2025 as more users look to cannabidiol-based treatments as a solution to their ailments.

Looking to capitalize on the rising adoption of CBD across the world, Mota is working to acquire established CBD brands in Europe, North America and Latin America with existing sales and distribution channels. Mota is looking to bring its international acquisitions outside of Colombia down to its cultivation facility where the company intends to produce branded products at a fraction of the cost before exporting them for sale in international markets.

Mota has developed a team of industry professionals with experience in public markets, medical cannabis cultivation and distribution. The company is supported by its advisors in Colombia, who have an intimate knowledge of the political landscape, allowing the company to capitalize on the country’s goal to become the number one low-cost cannabis producer and exporter in the world.

Mota’s Company Highlights

  • Colombia’s government has made it a mission to become one of the largest exporters of cannabis worldwide.
  • Home jurisdiction offers the potential to produce medical-grade cannabis (C$0.12 per gram).
  • Mota plans to build-out its cultivation, extraction and packaging in phases. When complete, the facility is expected to be over 1 million square feet.
  • Mota plans to acquire well-known brands with existing sales and distribution networks in Canada, Europe and the US.
  • Led by an experienced management team and advisory board.

Mota’s Business Model

As the company becomes a vertically-integrated leader in CBD, Mota plans to acquire established CBD brands in Europe and North America with existing revenue and distribution channels. The company hopes to increase its revenue through the acquisition of these brands and by producing value-added products at its cultivation facility in Colombia. Value-added cannabis products are known to have higher margins than other cannabis products.

Mota does not have any brands under its portfolio to date; however, the company is currently in discussions with various parties for the acquisition of established brands in Europe and North America. The company has signed an LOI to acquire a revenue-generating European CBD brand with over 20 existing SKUs. After acquiring these brands, Mota plans to bring the cultivation and production of the brands to its cultivation facility in Colombia before exporting the products through the company’s global distribution channels.

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Colombian Cannabis Cultivation

Colombia has a population of 48.8 million and is home to six million potential cannabis patients. The country’s population has positioned it as a leader in the global cannabis industry, and it is estimated that Colombia can supply up to 44 percent of the worldwide demand for cannabis.

Colombia offers low operating costs, unique strains and a climate that supports year-round cultivation. The country also provides cannabis companies with access to the European medical cannabis market. The cannabis markets in Europe have mandated that any outdoor cannabis cannot be imported to the continent, making it necessary to have a low-cost greenhouse operation as well as access skilled labor.

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To this aim, Mota acquired a licensed producer in Colombia in December 2019. The producer is licensed to cultivate non-psychoactive cannabis in addition to manufacturing and exportation. The facility resides two hours outside of Bogata on 2.5 acres of land. The property has minimal energy costs as well as access to natural water reservoirs.

Mota plans to build out the facility in three phases to develop 180,000-square-feet of greenhouse cultivation space. During Phase 4, the company plans to aggressively expand its cultivation footprint to 1 million square feet of greenhouse space. The property is also expected to house a GMP-compliant extraction lab and packaging facilities for the value-added products Mota plans to produce and then export to international markets.

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Mota’s Management Team

Joel Shacker — President and CEO

Joel Shacker has worked extensively in the cannabis and finance space over the past six years and sat on the board of directors for the publicly-trading cannabis lifestyle company, Weekend Unlimited Inc. He has been in charge of leading the expansion into international cannabis markets and has overseen and developed operations from the ground up. He entered the cannabis space by founding a cannabis extraction company that specializes in licensing proprietary formulas to producers. He holds an Honors Business Administration degree from Ivey Business School specializing in finance. He has also served as Chief Operating Officer of CanPac Investment Corp. and as an Associate at Stadnyk and Partners.

Szascha Lim — CFO

Szascha Lim holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with honors from the University of British Columbia, specializing in accounting and successfully completed the CFE to obtain a CPA designation. She has extensive experience in working with public companies in an accounting capacity. She has worked with companies in cannabis, junior mining and exploration.

Craig Marley — Master Grower

Craig Marley has extensive experience cultivating cannabis for the medical market. He has served as head grower for one of Canada’s first licensed producers, Cannafarms. He was the Quality Assurance Officer for Cannafarms, and was responsible for the design, construction and operations of their large scale cultivation operations, as well as navigating the complicated compliance regulations of Health Canada. He has also developed proprietary genetics of over 100 strains.

Chad Clelland — Director

In 2009, Chad Clelland purchased which became an information portal for thousands of patients, doctors and growers. Through this company, he and his team have helped thousands of Canadians find legal, safe medication. The team has also consulted, designed and submitted dozens of applications to the government under the MMPR, ACMPR and Cannabis Act. In 2011, Clelland co-founded Greenleaf Medical Clinic. It is now recognized as a training facility by the University of British Columbia and offers preceptorships to physicians, nurse practitioners and pharmacists. He also co-founded Folium Life Science in 2013, an approved Canadian licensed producer. His roles in the organization have included Chief Operating Officer, head of security, alternate master grower and alternate responsible person in charge.

Clifford Starke — Director

Clifford Starke is the Chairman of Hampstead Private Capital, a Bermuda-based merchant bank focused on financing and advising small to mid-market, fast-growth companies. Over the course of the last five years, Starke has focused on the cannabis sector and has acted as a founder, early-stage shareholder, financier, advisor and director to multiple cannabis companies in sub-sectors ranging from genetics, cultivation, distribution and e-commerce that have cumulatively generated over $3 billion dollars of market capitalization. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Franchise Cannabis Corp., a leading European-focused pharmaceutical cannabis company with distribution networks across 18 countries and the current market leader in Germany. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Queen’s University.


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