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Vanadium Claims in Para State

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Maxtech Ventures (CNSX:MVT, FWB:M1N, OTC:MTHEF) is focused on supply high-grade manganese and vanadium to the global markets including the agricultural, industrial, battery and technology industries. The company’s growth strategy centers on acquiring and developing key projects in resource-rich regions in South America, North America and Africa, while also making strategic partnerships across the globe.

Maxtech’s flagship project is a large 40,000-hectare land package of manganese mineral claims in the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil. The state is home to a mining-friendly jurisdiction with a skilled-labor pool. Maxtech is fast-tracking the project toward near-term production and is awaiting final approval of its production permits. Exploration on the property indicated a grade range of 51.4 percent to 55.9 percent manganese. Further exploration on the remaining three claims returned positive results and Maxtech intends to fast-track these areas to production as well.

Maxtech’s other  Brazilian property resides in the State of Bahia and is on trend with the nearby producing Maracas Menchen vanadium mine and the Campbell pit deposit. Currently, the company is conducting a detailed exploration program on the property with intent of finding areas containing vanadium mineralization.

Alongside its presence in Brazil, Maxtech is also developing a position within the African manganese markets in Zambia and has formed strategic regional partnerships with GeoQuest to conduct due diligence on manganese properties in the country. Maxtech has also formed a subsidiary, Maxtech Mining Zambia Limited, which will focus on the battery industry and be housed in the nation’s capital. To date, Maxtech Zambia has been granted two exploration licenses that cover the exploration and production of cobalt, vanadium, nickel and copper for a period of four years in Zambia.

Maxtech has also entered North America and has vanadium in the US and Quebec, Canada. Finally, Maxtech’s Lac Patu property resides in Nunavik Region, Quebec and is along trend with Uranor’s uranium discovery at Lac Minowean. Uranor recovered values of 8.03 percent vanadium, 1.76 percent cobalt and 1.50 percent copper over five meters on their property.

Finally, Maxtech’s Lac Patu property resides in Nunavik Region, Quebec and is along trend with Uranor’s uranium discovery at Lac Minowean. Uranor recovered values of 8.03 percent vanadium, 1.76 percent cobalt and 1.50 percent copper over five meters on their property.

As of December 2017, Maxtech is a member of the Manganese International Institute, a not-for-profit industry association that represents manganese ore and alloy producers, manufacturers, trading houses and industry service providers, among others. The institute’s mission is to provide vision and guidance to the manganese industry by promoting economic, social and environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Company Highlights

  • Fast-tracking toward near-term production with exploration program underway.
  • Manganese essential in three globally important markets: fertilizer; steel manufacturing; and the battery markets.
  • Operating in mining-friendly jurisdictions in Brazil, Zambia and North America.
  • Brazil holdings consisting of two properties.
  • Flagship property is located within 100 kilometers of the nation’s most important soybean producing region.
  • Increasing presence in Africa through due diligence on projects in Zambia
  • Subsidiary, Maxtech Zambia, has been granted two exploration licenses in Zambia.
  • Has three assets in North America in mining-friendly jurisdiction in Canada and the US.
  • Member of the International Manganese Institute since December 2017.
  • High-grade manganese and vanadium essential for expanding battery markets

The Manganese and Vanadium Markets

Manganese is a diverse metal that is used in a variety of sectors, including agriculture, industry and technology. The metal is vital to plant growth and photosynthesis and is used in many fertilizers. Brazil accounts for 30 percent of the world’s soybean production and is the world’s largest exporter of the plant. In order for soybean producers to maximize their crop revenues and yields, their plants will need to be fertilized with products that have high-grade and high-purity manganese.

In addition to its agricultural applications, manganese is also used as an alloy in the production of steel, glass and in aluminum cans.  The iron and steel industries alone consume roughly 90 percent of the world’s manganese ore production. Most importantly, manganese is being used more frequently in lithiated manganese dioxide (LMD) batteries, which then are being used by electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Nissan, Hyundai and Tesla.

In addition to Maxtech’s manganese holdings, the company has also been developing vanadium projects to help fulfill a potential supply crunch caused by the rising demand for EVs, green energy solutions and battery storage alongside its traditional applications in the construction of aircraft landing gear, steel bridge construction, among many more.

Brazil Assets

Mato Grosso

Maxtech’s goal is to become one of the largest explorers of high-grade manganese in Brazil. Maxtech Ventures is currently exploring a large land package of more than 40,000 hectares in the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil. The claims are all located within 80km of the regional service center with access via all-weather roads connecting to the city of Juina. Manganese showings found on the claims appear to have indications of near surface colluvium clast bearings with the potential for larger, structurally -controlled hydrothermal vein systems hosted beneath the surface cover. The claims are permitted for exploration and available data indicates high quality mineralized materials that can be easily processed for use in a variety of industries including fertilizer, steel fabrication and LMC batteries.

Bottom of Form

Exploration initiatives

To date, Maxtech has conducted an initial phase of exploration on the Mato Grosso mining claims, which included pitting and auger drilling as well as surface exploration. Results from the grab samples included a grade range of 51.4 percent to 55.9 percent manganese. Meanwhile the surface exploration highlighted previously undiscovered manganese-bearing clasts and cobbles. The company employs a low-cost, low environmental footprint exploration strategy. A research report was conducted in the area and a summary regional NI 43-101 technical report was completed in March 2017.

Maxtech is awaiting final government approval on their applications to begin initial mining operations in Mato Grasso. The company has also engaged the services of the University of Brasilia to begin work on the company’s additional claims to also fast track additional applications for trial mining licenses for the property. The project will employ masters and doctorate students from the university to give them work experience. The results from the Brasilia study were positive. Researchers from the university were able to identify manganese ore occurrences near alkali granite bodies.

Vanadium claims in Para State

Bahia vanadium claims

In July 2018, Maxtech acquired two vanadium mineral claims in the State of Bahia. The two claims cover a total of 3,500 hectares of land and are located approximately 250 kilometers southwest of Salvador and 813 kilometers northeast of Maracas. The claims are also near Largo Resource’s (TSX:LGO) producing Maracas Menchen vanadium mine and the Campbell pit deposit. Currently, Maxtech is in the process of conducting a detailed exploration program on the two claims. The program includes geographical mapping throughout the claims to identify geological formations that may contain vanadium.

North American Assets

Lac Patu

In August 2018, Maxtech entered into an option agreement with Zimtu Capital Corp. (TSXV:ZC) and Soraya Jamal to acquire a 100 percent interest in the 3,420-hectare Lac Patu vanadium project in Nunavik Region, Quebec. The property is staked directly north and along trend to Uranor’s uranium discovery at Lac Minowean. In 2008, Uranor and Areva Quebec Inc. conducted an airborne geographical survey over the Lac Minowean project and outlined several zones with high magnetism. The following year, Uranor and Areva followed up their results with a VTEM survey over key targets. The was further followed up with drilling. Their drilling program consisted of nine holes and they recovered values of 8.03 percent vanadium, 1.76 percent cobalt and 1.50 percent copper over five meters.

Zambia Assets

A lucrative mining jurisdiction and host of multiple copper deposits, Zambia is considered to be one of the most favorable investment destinations in Southern Africa. Looking to expand its presence in the African continent, Maxtech announced in February 2018 that it had engaged Zambia-based company, GeoQuest, to help them conduct due diligence on manganese mineralization zones in the country’s Central Province.

In May 2018, Maxtech’s subsidiary filed for two large-scale exploration licenses in Zambia. The two licensed areas have shown the potential for high-grade manganese mineralization. Three months later, the licenses were validated by the Minister of Mines and Mineral Development. The licenses cover the exploration and production of cobalt, vanadium, nickel and copper for a period of four years.


Peter Wilson—CEO

Peter Wilson has been the lead financier for public and private companies raising over $300 million worth of equity and debt financings in the mining and energy fields internationally during the last 20 years. An experienced corporate executive, he has extensive relationships in project acquisition, corporate structure and finance specializing in but not limited to the global resource sector. As president of Hana Mining Ltd based in Vancouver, Canada, he orchestrated the creation and discovery of a major copper and silver district in Botswana, Africa positioning Hana into a market capitalization of over $580 million dollars. Prior to these involvements, Wilson served as Vice President of Samoth Capital Corporation a $150 million TSE listed merchant bank involved in participating real estate lending and development throughout the southwestern United States and Canada.

Ryan Cheung—CFO

Ryan Cheung is the founder and managing partner of MCPA Services Inc., chartered professional accountants, in Vancouver, B.C. Leveraging his experience as a former auditor of junior venture and resource companies, Cheung serves as a director and/or officer or consultant for public and private companies providing financial reporting, taxation and strategic guidance. He has been an active member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia since January 2008.

Avrom Howard—Consulting Geologist, MSc, PGeo

Avrom Howard retains over 40 years of technical expertise and executive experience. In 1994, he funded TSXV-listed Odyssey Resources Limited, which developed copper and gold resources in Morocco and Turkey. He co-founded Homeland Uranium and Homeland Energy Group, companies that pursued coal and uranium in the USA and Africa. He has consulted on numerous mineral commodities all around the world. Mr. Howard obtained a BSc in Geology from the University of Toronto and a MSc in Geology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Meris Kott—President Commercial

Meris Kott is a global consultant and business development specialist. She attends trade shows and global seminars forging strategic relationships for Maxtech worldwide.  She is key to the mining operations of Maxtech and works closely with our teams. She has an economics degree from McGill University and a Design Engineering degree.

Eugene Hodgson Director

Eugene Hodgson is a graduate of the University of Calgary and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science. He has held senior positions in both the public sector for the Northwest Territories and British Columbia governments. He has served on the Board of Directors of various companies including Grandfield Pacific Corporation, Arimex Resources Inc., Equitable Real Estate Investment Corp., Sea Breeze Power Corp. Silvermex Resources Inc., Chair of Pacific Cascade Minerals and Director of Timmins Gold Corp.

Alex Tsakumis Director

Alex Tsakumis has over 25 years of investment experience within the North American capital markets with private and public companies. Beginning his career in 1989, he has experience in capital formation, management and growth of listed companies including mergers and acquisitions, finance, corporate governance, marketing and corporate communications. Tsakumis is a graduate of University of British Columbia with a BA in Economics.

Santokh Sahota Director

Santokh Sahota has been involved in the acquisition, development, management and disposal of both commercial and residential real estate for over 40 years. He has also been involved with a range of other businesses over the years, with investments in both private and public entities and in fields as varied as hospitality and mining.

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