Carbon Emission Reduction and Fuel-saving Technology

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dynaCERT Inc. (TSXV:DYA; OTC:DYFSF) is a Canadian company with A Global Solution to Reduce Pollution. The company has developed the next generation of Carbon Emission Reduction Technology for diesel engines in the global market, that also provides significant fuel savings to the operator. Their verified HydraGEN™ Technology provides hydrogen and oxygen gases to diesel engines through electrolysis, which reduces fuel consumption up to 19% and emissions up to 50% for all diesel engines of all sizes.

The HydragenTM is currently sold in North America and abroad for use in on-road applications. Third-party validated testing results show that HydraGENTM is a unique technology with the ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40 percent and enhance fuel efficiency by up to 19.2 percent.

“With more than $30 million invested, we’ve worked to deliver a unique electrolysis system that would generate hydrogen and oxygen on demand to create a cleaner, more efficient burn,” stated dynaCERT CEO and President, Jim Payne, one of the original angel investors in the company. “We’re confident we have a product that is ready to take to market.”

Through partnerships with industry leaders, major corporations and government bodies, dynaCERT is strengthening its position in the trucking industry while expanding into the light truck, rail, marine and stationary generator markets.

In early 2017, dynaCERT passed major milestones in its shift from research & development towards manufacturing and sales, delivering 215 HG1 units for $1.4 million in revenue. A large share of these units went to large trucking fleets for trial in small numbers. dynaCERT management expects rapid sales expansion once customers verify the HG1 unit’s emissions reductions and fuel savings.

Management says in addition to its other research and development, the company is studying the integration of its hydrogen-producing technology with fuel cells for off-grid home energy production.


is a Canadian company with A Global Solution to Reduce Pollution. We developed the next generation of Carbon Emission Reduction Technology for diesel engines in the global market, that also provides significant fuel savings to the operator.

Our verified HydraGEN™ Technology provides hydrogen and oxygen gases to diesel engines through electrolysis, which reduces fuel consumption up to 19% and emissions up to 50% for all diesel engines of all sizes.

Company Highlights

  • Patent-pending HydraGENTM system supplies engine with pure hydrogen and oxygen gases to generate a cleaner, more efficient burn.
  • Third-party validation and testing results showing greenhouse gas emissions reductions up to 40 percent and fuel savings up to 19.2 percent.
  • Production and first sales of HydraGENTM systems for the trucking industry to begin in Q4 2016.
  • Purchase orders for 700 units as of April 2017, for a total gross revenue of $4.5 million.
  • Initial testing phase with a new compact HydraGENTMunit designed for the automotive car and light truck market.
  • Cut-the-cord energy program underway to develop off-grid solutions for the global housing energy market.
  • R&D facility for large stationary power generator, marine and rail markets.
  • Joint fuel savings and emissions reduction pilot project with the Northwest Territory Power Corp (NTCP).

Key Technology: HydraGENTM

Delivering Carbon Emission Reduction technologies and cutting edge solutions for a global market.

dynaCERT’s HydraGENTM system is a portable, safe and reliable aftermarket technology that uses distilled water to produce hydrogen and oxygen gases on demand for use in internal combustion engines. The HydraGEN™ has the ability to test various concentrations of hydrogen and oxygen mixtures to calibrate the perfect formula for specific engine types, maximizing benefits. The technology is designed with safety features that ensure hydrogen is never stored within the unit.


The system includes a smart engine control unit (ECU) which reads, collects and stores data pertaining to fuel efficacy and emissions. dynaCERT’s Smart ECU can interface with the onboard computer of any engine and can be remotely accessed by both the company and end users, allowing for the monitoring of Carbon Credits and GPS tracking.

“Our team, led by a former RIM technology expert, has developed a smart ECU that is constantly learning, gathering analytics, and producing algorithms to modify the flow of gases depending on the condition variables—climate, altitude, hills, torque, humidity, etc.—to find the sweet spot,” said Payne. “That is something that certainly separates us from anything else in the market.”

Introducing hydrogen into the air intake of a diesel engine creates a cleaner, more efficient burn.


Conventional emission control solutions treat engine exhaust gases after the burn, at the expense of power and fuel economy. The HydraGENTM system treats toxic emissions at the source.

Benefits of the technology include:

  • increased fuel economy
  • increased torque
  • extended engine oil life
  • significant reduction in carbon emissions

dynaCERT announced lab test results for its HG1 unit for class 8 trucks in November 2016. After 20-plus hours of testing, the Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) verified HydraGEN™ fuel savings and emissions reductions. “We are thrilled with the recently announced third party validation and testing results,” Payne stated. “The HydraGEN™’s capability to reach up to 40 percent in the reduction of greenhouse gases and over 19 percent in fuel savings met and exceeded our expectations. Trucks equipped with the HydraGEN™ unit can reduce particulate matter by over 65 percent, significantly reducing the black smoke being emitted into the environment.” In October 2016, dynaCERT also took possession of a new 8,000 square foot facility. The new lease expansion provides the capacity to produce 2,000 HydraGEN™ units per shift monthly, at a retail price of US$8,750 or US$10,000 installed. In November 2016, the company engaged in further consultation to increase total production capacity to 6,000 units per month to fulfill anticipated sales.

Diesel Trucking Market

Carbon emission reduction and increased fuel economy are the HydraGENTM’s two most critical features for the transportation industry of today and tomorrow.

The U.S. trucking industry represents an estimated 15.5 million trucks with an average of 192,000 new trucks sold each year and accounts for nearly 13 percent of the nation’s total fuel consumption. Fuel is the number one largest fixed cost for the trucking industry.

dynacert3dynaCERT’s initial HydraGENTM unit design is targeted at transport trucks and is capable of delivering three liters per minute. The system is powered directly from the vehicle’s power system for high electrical efficiency. The water reservoir is housed in the cab of the truck and the rest of the system is contained in a light weight, impact resistant, Kraton modified ABS cabinet that is mounted to the outside of the vehicle.

While initial production will focus on sales to the trucking industry, the company is also poised to become a major supplier of carbon emission reduction technology to the automotive, light-truck, rail, marine and off-grid power sectors.

Fleet management system and application

In December 2016, dynaCERT announced engaging Nektar Data Systems, an international fleet management systems consulting group, to create a fleet management system capable of providing real time tracking, monitoring, analysis and reporting from data collected by the dynaCERT Smart ECU. Using a portal fully controlled and managed by dynaCERT, HydraGEN™ users can view their performance in real time.

Large stationary power generator, rail and marine markets

dynaCERT has designed a 300 liter/minute HydraGENTM unit for use in large stationary power generation combustion engines for the utilities, rail and marine industries. Nearly three-quarters of installed generating capacity in the Caribbean is diesel-engine based. Wartsila engines are commonly used on transport shipping vessels. The sales potential in this market is remarkable. Outfitting just one cargo ship could generate close to $1 million in sales. Globally, there are more than 90,000 commercial cargo ships in operation today.

Collaboration with the Northwest Territory Power Corp

In May 2017, dynaCERT announced the completion of the first stage of a collaboration with the Northwest Territory Power Corp (NTCP) in a fuel savings and emissions reduction pilot project. The project involves sale, installation and commissioning of four dynaCERT HG1 units onto three stationary generator units that produce all of the electricity in the village of Deline, NT—accessible only by ice road and air. A dynaCERT team worked closely with NTPC engineering team to design a solution aligning with NTPC’s overarching goal of reducing its reliance on fossil fuels. The NTCP operates approximately 3,500 diesel power generation units in remote locations across the Territory. But this is only a small segment of the total Canadian market, said Payne. “There’s literally tens of thousands more of these generators scattered across the rest of the country in remote communities, mining camps and similar operations.”

Cut the Cord: off-grid energy solutions

dynaCert’s R&D team is working to combine its HydraGENTM system with solar, advanced storage and fuel cell technologies to provide off-grid solutions to the global housing energy market.

In the near future, fuel cells are expected to replace conventional furnaces and utility power grids for heating and powering homes and offices. New technology has cut hydrogen fuel cell costs to $50 per kilowatt of power and emerging advancements are expected to significantly cut costs further.

dynaCERT’s off-grid study is aimed at using its proprietary technology to produce pure hydrogen gas to recharge hydrogen fuel cells. The company has formed a committee to lead the study. Members include energy market expert Dr. Richard Lu, solar energy expert Dr. Richard Bower, PhD (Physics) previously Senior Policy and Energy Advisor to Prime Minister and Privy Council Office and dynaCERT Director Ronald Perry.


Jim Payne—President, CEO and Director

Jim Payne has successfully built and managed his own private companies for more than 38 years. He has years of experience in accounting, business leadership, and the legal aspects of governance. With a strong leadership presence, Payne is leading dynaCERT in a way that has helped to streamline corporate activities, generate growth, form new partnerships, and bring the corporate vision to a reality. Payne also serves as CEO of his privately held consulting, project management and real-estate development company, operating in the GTA and surrounding areas. He graduated from St. Clair College in Construction Engineering, Project Management and Estimating in 1974.

Carmelo Marrelli—CFO

Carmelo Marrelli is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA, CGA) and serves as Chief Financial Officer of a number of other Canadian public companies including some listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Robert K. Maier—COO and Director

Robert Maier, MBA P.Eng., is a Mechanical Engineer who has spent over 30 years building machinery and technology companies. He served as president of MKG Inc., Kaperal Corp, and Semco Technologies which are all Ontario companies. He was also the COO of MTA, a coal-mining equipment manufacturer in Pittsburgh. In addition he has served as VP Manufacturing for Skyjack Inc. and VP and director for Puma Engineering. All these companies developed and manufactured technology locally and shipped the products worldwide. Since 2011 he has been the President of SPS North America.

Jean-Pierre Colin—Corporate Secretary and Director

Jean-Pierre Colin is a corporate strategy consultant to high-growth publicly listed companies. He has been a recognized senior securities industry executive and effective investment banking professional providing financing and mergers and acquisitions services to numerous prosperous issuers in Canada. As a result of his extensive financial background throughout his career, he has been called to lead teams of corporate finance professionals at national securities dealers, such as Richardson Greenshields, JP Colin Securities, Deacon Capital, Octagon Capital and Desjardins. He has also served as a high-profile corporate board director and C-suite executive of numerous public companies, often chairing audit committees, compensation committees and corporate governance committees, including with Premier Gold Mines; Wolfden Resources, sold to Zinifex for over $350 million; Virginia Gold whose Eleonore property was sold to Goldcorp for over $ 1 billion; and, Pelangio Mines, the former controlling shareholder of Detour Gold, one of Canada’s largest gold mining operations. Mr. Colin holds a DCS from McGill University where he studied Biology & Engineering, an MBA from the University of Western Ontario, a Law Degree from the University of Ottawa and also practiced corporate law prior to his investment-banking profession

Wayne Hoffman—Director

Wayne Hoffman has served as a member of the Corporation’s Business Advisory Committee since October 2007. He is a Chartered Accountant and business executive with one of America’s finest companies, Deere & Company, a corporation that is customer driven and places a heavy emphasis on quality and teamwork. He served as Vice-President, Finance at John Deere Limited for 25 years and President of John Deere Credit for over 8 years. As well, Hoffman spent two years in Deere & Company’s Business Development Dept. responsible for mergers and acquisitions.

Dr. Richard Lu—Director

Dr. Richard Lu has more than 25 years of global experience developing and implementing business strategies for organizations in North America, Europe and Asia. He has extensive experience in the energy industry. He was the President of Sky Solar (Canada) Ltd., and a Managing Director at Sky Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. Dr. Lu was the VP of Business Development at ARISE Technology Corporation, where he was instrumental in securing its long-term supply chain funding of close to $1 billion dollars. He also previously held the position of Chief Conservation Officer and VP of Toronto Hydro Corporation, where he developed and executed a sweeping portfolio ($110 million) of Conservation, Demand Management and Distributed Energy programs and was instrumental in creating an energy conservation culture in Ontario. Prior to that he was the Vice-President of Environment, Health and Safety, ensuring Toronto Hydro Corporation’s commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees and the strategies for achieving sustainable development and growth are successfully met. Lu has held senior positions with Enbridge Gas Distribution, Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., and Dillon Consulting.

Ronald Perry—Director

Ronald Perry serves as Vice-President of Metanor Resources and has been its Treasurer and a Director since March 2007. Perry has over 35 years of accounting, financial and entrepreneurial business experience in high technology, venture capital and merchant banking companies. Since the year 2000, he has been the Founder and serves as President of Briolijor Corporation, a financial consulting company to both private and public corporations. Perry has been involved in all facets of business including statutory reporting, internal controls, legal aspects as well as all administrative responsibilities. He serves as a Director of Manitex Capital Inc. and was a Director of Pinetree Capital. Perry is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Business Administration from the Concordia University. He also has a Graduate Diploma in Accountancy from the Concordia University.

Dr. Elliot Strashin—Director

Dr. Elliot Strashin brings with him a wealth of experience across a number of industries. His involvement with public mining companies began with Maple Minerals from 1996 – 2001, where he served as a director. In April of 1999 he joined the board of Canadian Golden Dragon Resources as Corporate Secretary and became President and CEO in January of 2000. He continues to serve Dragon under its new name, Trillium North Minerals, as CEO and President. Dr. Strashin is also CEO and President of Strashin and Sons Limited, a private real estate development company that specializes in LEED1 certified, green building. dynaCERT’s plant and offices are located in one of these buildings. In keeping with his green focus, Dr. Strashin has also involved himself in green technologies as a co-founder of Ellsin Environmental Ltd., which has built a prototype tire recycling plant in Sault Saint Marie and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Environmental Waste International Inc. He is also a 50 percent shareholder and CFO of Puma Hydrocarbons, a company whose purpose is to promote and generate sales for green technologies, including dynaCERT products.

Khoa Tran—Director of Finance

Khoa Tran, B.A., has over 20 years of financial reporting and accounting experience. This includes over 15 years in management positions in world class global businesses for manufacturing and service environments. He has expertise in cost accounting, financial analysis and reporting, variance analysis and government reporting. Mr. Tran was previously the Director of Finance for a mid-sized manufacturing company and Controller for various mid-sized and Fortune 500 automotive and manufacturing companies with international offices.

David Bridge—Technical Advisor

David Bridge has an extensive background in managing technology operations and multi-million dollar corporate ventures. He is an accomplished leader with extensive knowledge of restructuring and streamlining IT to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Mr. Bridge has held several senior IT positions with major firms for the past 25 years as well as successfully led teams at AMD, RBC Financials, Virgin Mobile and Blackberry. As the senior IT leader, he helped Virgin Mobile in Canada expand from a start-up to a key competitor in the Telecommunications sector. In his most recent position at Blackberry as a Director of Infrastructure, Architecture and Engineering, he led a high performance team that designed and supported large scale enterprise wide systems.

Michael Christodoulou–Business Marketing Advisor

Michael Christodoulou has over 30 years of extensive experience and vast knowledge working with major North American trucking companies. He held the position of President and Principal of Cummins Eastern Canada LP for 15 years, Executive Director of PACCAR Business, Cummins Inc. and was President of Cummins Diesel of Canada for over seven years. Mr. Christodoulou has a superior track record within the trucking industry and has developed excellent industry affiliations with global transportation companies and all the major truck OEM’s.

Mr. Christodoulou was formerly on the Global Distributor Advisory Council for Cummins Power Generation, was the Chairman of the Canadian Association of Equipment Distributors, and the VP and Board Member of the Associated Equipment Dealers. He is a Member of the Canadian Trucking Alliance, and has been a member of the Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Associations.  Mr. Christodoulou is a former member of Cummins Distribution Council and was the Co-Chair of Cummins Bus Council.


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