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FTI Foodtech International


Blockchain for Food and Barter Industries

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FTI Foodtech International Inc. (TSXV:FTI) is researching the potential for blockchain technology business solutions for organizations in the food and barter industries. With a long-term goal of being a key blockchain service provider to these industries, FTI Foodtech has brought on Chris Kitze, and expert in developing application using SafeCash—a secure blockchain network that enables international transactions cryptocurrency transactions— and obtained licenses for remittance technology associated with FLASH coin — a network that was designed to enable the transaction of remittances.

FTI Foodtech is led by a management team with deep knowledge of and experience in the target markets for the company’s services. To supplement this experience, the company has also engaged a blockchain and technology strategic consultant, Chris Kitze, who is the co-founder of Xoom—a precursor to PayPal—, a past-developer of the SoftKey software and is a current developer of the SafeCash technology. Kitze has a supporting group of engineers that will be contributing to the development of the FTI platforms.

Company Highlights

  • Researching blockchain technologies to be deployed in food and barter spaces to make transactions and data validation more efficient, secure and transparent
  • Licenses for FLASH remittance technology
  • Raising $3 million in current private placement; funding to go to research and development initiatives and acquisition of FLASH coins
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