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Leading the Blockchain Market in Decentralized Application Technology

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eXeBlock Technology Corp (CSE:XBLK) is a Canadian tech firm that designs custom, scalable blockchain based software applications for businesses and organizations in global markets who want to leverage blockchain technology to improve performance, ensure security and generate profits. Headquartered in a cold war era nuclear bunker in Nova Scotia, eXeBlock’s services include blockchain technology consulting, blockchain application development and custom blockchain development.

An early entrant into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, eXeBlock Technology was one of the first Canadian publicly traded software developers focused on building blockchain-based decentralized applications (DApps). Blockchain DApps control and distribute blocks of encrypted information, that are anonymous and unalterable, via the blockchain’s multiple ledger system, to all the devices on a network.

Recognizing that the transactional industries lack usable software applications, eXeBlock is determined to create value for its shareholders by developing branded and white-label DApps that can fully harness the power of blockchain to improve global business while generating per use transactional revenue. eXeBlock’s strategy is to identify global markets with high transaction throughputs and stellar per-use revenue potential and then develop blockchain related applications and services to match the needs of those sectors. The company expects to earn transaction fees from multiple DApps over time.

In 2016, eXeBlock Founder Jonathan Baha’i—an internationally-acclaimed leader in blockchain—created Peerplays (PPY), the world’s first eSport tournament and wagering platform built entirely on blockchain. The PPY universally accessible tournament and wagering platform uses the Graphene Blockchain Framework—one of the three top blockchain ecosystems—to solve many online gaming industry problems by offering security, speed and flexibility to end users.

Company Highlights

  • Decentralized technology is becoming a viable alternative to traditional centralized transaction processing
  • First mover advantage in the development of disruptive DApps using blockchain technology
  • Management team and developers are recognized leaders in the development of blockchain based DApps
  • Focused on creating DApps for a broad range of global markets
  • DApps will generate recurring revenue on a per-use basis
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