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Optimizing CBD-Rich Hemp For Emerging Applications

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Asia Green Biotechnology Corp (CSE:ASIA) is an agricultural technology corporation focused on the creation, cultivation, production and application of high-quality and specialized hemp strains in emerging Asian markets. The company is focused on five emerging use applications of hemp and hemp by-products: food, fibre, fuel, pharmaceutical and foundational materials. Driven by the global trend towards the legalization of cannabis, a new awareness of the versatility and viability of products derived from hemp is increasingly causing use of the plant and its by-products to be considered in a number of industrial applications.

Asia Green intends to pursue this opportunity by developing and offering a diverse range of hemp strains and hemp-derived products. In cooperation with its technical partners, the company is working to develop its organic hybridization technology which has the potential to lead to the development of new hemp-based products tailored for specific applicationss. Initially, Asia Green has established cultivation partnerships with a particular focus on Cambodia and Thailand in pursuit of low-cost cultivation conditions that have the potential to facilitate optimal hemp crop growth.

According to research conducted by Research and Markets, the global industrial hemp market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 34 percent from US$4.6 billion in 2019 to US$26.6 billion by 2025. The Asia Pacific region accounted for the largest amount of industrial hemp production in 2018, partly due to the area’s reliance on hemp as an input in the textile and paper industries. Asia Green believes the temperatures and balanced intervals of sunlight in certain regions of Asia are optimal for hemp cultivation, providing another potential competitive advantage over similar hemp producers.

As a renewable source material, hemp has the potential to reduce costs in industries capable of incorporating the plant into existing compounds and formulations. Asia Green is currently focused on developing strains that can be cultivated for specific needs including hemp-based foods, fibers, fuels and foundation materials. The company has secured a licensing agreement with InPlanta Biotechnology, a research and development team based in Alberta. InPlanta operates a state-of-the-art cannabis and hemp research and development facility in collaboration with research partners, licensed producers and government agencies at the University of Lethbridge.

Asia Green Biotechnology has also entered into an agreement with Swysh Inc, an Alberta company conducting cannabinoid-based research. The company owns proprietary technology and intellectual property related to the creation of topical treatments for a variety of ailments, including anti-viral and preventative healthcare applications. Under the terms of the agreement, Asia Green is participating in R&D activity based on Swysh’s intellectual property, enabling the company to test and market products derived from this research in the company’s licensed territories.

“Through the InPlanta license agreement, we have seen ACC expand its business activities in Asia in a positive way. By entering this license agreement with Swysh, we believe the Company will be in a position to significantly expand that activity with access to potential cannabinoid-based treatments and other elements which have the potential to be of significant benefit to populations of the region,” said Dr. Igor Kovalchuk, director of Asia Green. Dr. Kovalchuk is also a director and the controlling shareholder of Swysh.

Asia Green Biotechnology’s Company Highlights

  • Proprietary organic hybridization technology allows for strains to be bred to produce specific traits optimized for common use-cases
  • Partnered with InPlanta Biotechnology to develop hemp strains optimal for use as food, fuel, fiber, and foundation materials
  • Global industrial hemp market expected to grow from US$4.6 billion in 2019 to US$26.6 billion by 2025 according to Research and Markets
  • Asia Pacific region accounted for the largest amount of industrial hemp production in 2018
  • Licensing agreement with Swysh, enabling Asia Green to participate in R&D activity based on Swysh’s intellectual property

Swysh Partnership

In March of 2020 Asia Green Biotechnology announced a licensing agreement with Swysh Inc., a research and development team based in Alberta. Under the terms of the agreement, Asia Green has been granted a license to deploy Swysh’s proprietary technology and intellectual property for the purpose of research, development, testing and further validation of potential applications.

asia green biotechnology research and development

“Swysh and its partners continue to actively research and develop the protocols and, by extension, specialised treatments, associated with these new cannabinoid lines, extracts and their related applications. In addition to the domestic research programs we are implementing, we hope to expand on the network being developed by ASIA in Asia to continue the thorough research and development process on the use of hemp extracts for prevention of SARS-CoV2 infection, especially at a time when such significant need exists for preventative and therapeutic treatments for COVID-19,” said Swysh CEO Dr. Igor Kovalchuk, who also operates as a director at Asia Green.

InPlanta Agreement

Asia Green has also secured a licensing agreement with InPlanta Biotechnology, a research and development team based in Lethbridge, Alberta. Under the terms of the agreement, Asia Green has the right to access the intellectual property and associated research and development information gained by InPlanta at its University of Lethbridge facility in southern Alberta.

The InPlanta research center includes greenhouses, breeding rooms and labs to facilitate the continued optimization of its proprietary strains. The company works with research partners including licensed producers, government agencies, and private companies such as Asia Green. InPlanta has already developed an extensive catalog of strains available to its partners, including high-CBD hemp strains with significant potential for industrial hemp products.

Moving forward, Asia Green intends to work in partnership with both Swysh and InPlanta to improve its hemp varieties, optimizing strains to produce specific qualities in accordance with the growing use cases for medical, nutritional and industrial hemp. By using the data available to Asian Green through its partnerships, the company intends to leverage its organic hybridization technology while developing new products for the hemp market.

Asia Green Biotechnology’s Management Team

David E.T. Pinkman — President, CEO and Director

David Pinkman BA, LLB, founded, operated and was Executive Chairman of Jupiter Power International Inc., an independent power production company which successfully built and operated a number of power plants in Cambodia and SE Asia. Mr. Pinkman has participated in the management and ownership of a number of companies in his recent career.  Previously, he was the Interim Chief Executive Officer of Synstream Energy Corp., a corporation specializing in the application of gas-to-liquids technology in the oil industry, from August 21, 2017 until December 29, 2017 and served as a director from May 2007 until present.  He is the Chief Financial Officer and a director of International SoftRock Oil Company Limited, an oil and gas E&P firm which had operations in West Africa, and has been so since February 2015. He is and has been a director of Builders Capital Mortgage Corp. since March 28, 2013. Mr. Pinkman has served on the boards of a variety of local volunteer organizations, and continues to serve as a director and Treasurer of Wild Rose Motocross Association and is a director of the Canadian Motorcycle Association.

Johannes J. Kingma — Director

Mr. Kingma is a self-employed businessman who has served as CEO of a private investment company (2006 – ) and President, Chairman, and a Director of Synstream Energy Corp. (TSX-V:SHM), since 2007. He has also served as director and officer of a number of private and public companies (2004 – 2010). Prior to this, Mr. Kingma was a Partner, sales manager and investment advisor with IPO Capital Corp., and was similarly a registered investment advisor with Canadian Western Capital Limited.

Vincent E. Ghazar — Chief Financial Officer and Director

Mr. Ghazar has served CFO and Director of Asia Cannabis Corp. from early 2018. Mr. Ghazar has a professional accounting practice (2014 – ), is the Controller of Synstream Energy Corp. (2013 – ), and CFO and VP Finance of Standard Exploration Ltd., both public companies. He has advanced training in compliance, regulatory and governance practices and has extensive IFRS and GAAP experience.

Igor Kovalchuk, Director

Mr. Kovalchuk has served as an Asia Cannabis Corp. Director since mid-2018. He is the co-founder of Inplanta Biotechnolgy Inc. (est. 2015), founder of genomics company Plantbiosis ( est. 2010), and a (co)founder of Pathway Rx (est. 2016). Presently, he is a Professor and the Board of Governors Research Chair at the University of Lethbridge, Department of Biological Sciences (2001 – ) and Board of Governors’ Research Chair in Plant Biotechnology (2007 – ). He is also an executive member and Scientific Leader of Alberta Epigenetics Network (2014 – ), and a Director of Next Generation Sequencing Facility (2010 – ).

Dr. Darryl Hudson, P.H.D, Director

Dr. Hudson is a principal of InPlanta Biotechnology Inc. and received a PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics from the University of Guelph in 2010. He has published research in diverse fields including plant biology, genetics, epigenetics, DNA repair mechanisms, and carcinogenesis. He primarily works as a consultant and researcher helping producers in many countries to optimize genetics, cultivation processes and quality assurance protocols in the cannabis industry.

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