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Alphinat (TSXV:NPA) is a software technology company developing platform solutions with a variety of applications, including its SmartGuide™ platform, which has been designed to integrate with any customer’s backend systems such as “relationship management (CRM)” through its open application programming interface (APIs). The company is developing a number of low-code solutions that can be integrated with existing applications and technologies such as encryption solutions, AI or blockchain type crypto currencies with a focus on automating design, control and deployment of secure digital services and platforms.

Alphinat’s SmartGuide is a low-code development solution that allows enterprise clients or their SIs to develop their mobile and digital applications. By enabling development of secure web applications and platforms, Alphinat can be used to help rejuvenate legacy systems with existing technical limitations or build new secure digital services. The Alphinat SmartGuide system allows for drag-and-drop development of an application, providing users the ability to preview, test and adjust layouts and designs using a sophisticated visual editor.


Alphinat offers its SmartGuide platform and proprietary CRM solutions through both perpetual sales agreements and software-as-a-service (SaaS) models, providing its clients with flexibility according to their business needs. Alphinat caters its software development solutions to enterprise organizations and government entities with complex digital service needs, including secure single sign-on (SSO) to protect their disparate records of information. As of 2020, Alphinat has secured agreements with over 30 municipal clients to provide its low-code SmartGuide platform as well as several state/provincial and federal governments.

In July 2019, Alphinat announced the company had signed an agreement with another member of the G7’s federal government, making that the fourth federal government to begin working with Alphinat and its SmartGuide platform. The federal agency has been provided with the entire suite of SmartGuide tools, including the SmartGuide software license files. Government organizations represent over 70 percent of Alphinat’s sales, with fintech companies and human resources organizations representing the remainder of its business.

Alphinat has partnered with a number of leading technology companies in order to optimize its platform offerings and reach, including Unisys, Atos, the Maplesoft Group and Calytera.

Alphinat’s Company Highlights

  • SmartGuide platform enables clients to easily design applications through an easy-to-use drag and drop visual editor
  • Partnered with four federal agencies from G7 countries to provide them with SmartGuide and its full suite of tools
  • SmartProfile add-on allows clients to register an account and manage their digital credentials from a central platform
  • Secured over 30 contracts with municipal clients, including many in the province of Ontario and across the USA.
  • Alphinat announced in December 2020 the launch of a fintech green technology. With the cooperation of a Canadian provincial government, Alphinat has launched a Greenhouse Gas Registry for state and federal level governments looking to work with industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide a platform for financial management of these credits.
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