Kontrol Energy


Delivering Energy Efficiency with Distributed Energy, IoT and Blockchain

Press Releases


Kontrol Energy Corp (CSE:KNR, OTC:KNRLF, FSE:1K8) is a leader in the $2 trillion global energy efficiency market which, according to the IEA, is the fastest growing energy market globally. Through distributed energy, the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and SaaS technology, Kontrol helps their customers reduce their overall cost of energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. With a history of 10 years of operating success, Kontrol Energy is a fast-growing business with an anticipated revenue of $16 million in 2019 across its four business streams: energy retrofits, distributed generation, energy analytics and GHG measurement and reduction. Kontrol Energy delivers these solutions and services to a variety of customers within the real estate, energy, cannabis and municipal government sectors who seek to reduce their overall cost of energy and reduce their GHG emissions.

Kontrol Energy is led by a management team with extensive experience across several industries including energy, IoT and data analytics. Significantly invested in the company, management and directors collectively hold approximately 49 percent of shares.

Investment Highlights

  • Existing revenue platform dedicated to providing energy efficiency through distributed energy, IoT, Cloud and SaaS technology
  • Extensive client base ranging across various industries
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