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HeyBryan Media Inc. (CSE:HEY, OTCQB:HEYBF, FSE:9HB) has developed a peer-to-peer marketplace app that connects homeowners with vetted, local home service experts to complete small tasks around the house. Houses need to be regularly maintained to keep them in working order, creating a large market for home maintenance service providers in North America.

The HeyBryan app is designed to disrupt the Canadian home service industry by tapping into the growing gig economy, a group of professionals that offer contract or freelance services. HeyBryan Media has rolled-out the app in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and the Greater Toronto Area to date and has plans to expand its presence throughout Canada. Once firmly established in Canada, the company plans to launch the app in the US.

As an end-to-end solution, the app allows homeowners to book tasks for a variety of services while also using the app to make payments and ask questions through the online chat feature. HeyBryan Media receives a 27.5 percent margin on each task completed. The customer is charged a 7.5 percent trust and support fee, which goes towards liability insurance, and 20 percent is from the home service expert.

HeyBryan Media incentivizes its experts by asking for customer reviews. The more good reviews an expert receives, the higher they are ranked on the app, ensuring that the expert and HeyBryan Media book more jobs and make more money.

Aside from the business that the company’s sponsor draws in, HeyBryan Media has expanded its customer base nine-fold since the beginning of the year and its experts by 518 percent. The company’s sponsor, Canadian HGTV personality Bryan Baeumler, is a widely recognized home-maintenance expert and has been featured in multiple hit shows for over seven years.

HeyBryan Media’s Company Highlights

  • HeyBryan Media has developed a peer-to-peer marketplace app that connects homeowners with vetted, local home service experts.
  • The app is an end-to-end solution that effortlessly handles the entire business transaction between the homeowner and the expert.
  • HeyBryan Media retains a 27.5 percent margin on each completed task, with 7.5 percent coming from the client and 20 percent coming from the expert.
  • Excellent customer reviews help experts book more jobs and make HeyBryan Media more money while improving services.
  • HeyBryan Media has increased its customer base nine-fold, and its expert base by 518 percent since January 2019.
  • The app is currently available in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Plans are underway to roll out the app in major Canadian cities across the country and, eventually, the US.
  • Canadian HGTV personality Bryan Baeumler is a significant shareholder and sponsors the HeyBryan app.
  • Management and directors own 49 million shares that are escrowed for three years.
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