Gold Making History…But Which One?

- May 28th, 2010 reported on Gold Making History…But Which One? reported on Gold Making History…But Which One?

There is no secret that gold has been a force, something like a rocket, as it has carved out new, fresh highs for itself. The sovereign debt crisis in Europe has lit the booster and gold has displayed in the marketplace its flight to safety characteristics routinely cited on paper. Gold, as the most precious, least industrial of the metals, has led the charge. Silver, more industrial, has gone back and forth as the economic effect of such crises has been evaluated by investors. Its “dollar up days” were likely attributed to stronger equity action, general catch-up from more value oriented investors seeing the “preciousness” in silver, and the news of criminal and civil charges against JPMorgan’s silver trading desk. With gold at $1248 to start the week, the question is whether the metals will continue this historic price charge.

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