Danakali Optimisation Testwork Reduces Water Consumption by Over 60%


Danakali Limited (ASX:DNK) announced the completion of optimisation testwork on the reduction of water consumption for the Colluli sulphate of potash project in Eritrea, East Africa. Optimisation testwork has reduced water consumption requirements by over 60%, with 3.5 tonnes of water per tonne of product.

As quoted in the press release:

Optimisation testwork was initiated in February 2015 following the completion of the prefeasibility study (PFS), and was completed at the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) under the direction of Global Potash Solutions.

PFS mass balance modelling completed in December 2014 identified water consumption requirements of 11 tonnes per tonne of product (ASX release 9 December 2014). Optimisation testwork has
substantially reduced water consumption requirements to 3.5 tonnes of water per tonne of product representing a reduction of over 60%.

Steady state process potassium recoveries are predicted to be 85%, which is consistent with the PFS mass balance modelling.

The results will be incorporated in the definitive feasibility study (DFS), which is currently scheduled for completion in the third quarter of calendar year 2015.

Danakali Managing Director, Paul Donaldson said:

We are pleased with the outcomes of the optimisation testwork focussing on water consumption reduction. The 60% reduction relative to the PFS design should favourably impact the size of the process plant water delivery system and recovery ponds for the definitive feasibility study.

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