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HPQ Silicon (TSXV:HPQ) is a technology and resource company working towards becoming a vertically integrated producer of high-purity silicon metal (Si) and solar-grade silicon metal (SoG-Si). By entering into strategic partnerships with companies at different stages of the quartz-to-solar cell value chain, HPQ Silicon is re-thinking traditional process to make silicon metal (Si), re-defining the metallurgical approach to transform Si into SoG-Si and reducing associated costs.

As testing progresses on Pyrogenesis’ Purevap™ technology, the company has been committed to improving its efficiency. During Gen 2 testing, the company was able to increase the total mass of Silicon Metal produced by 1,900 percent and increased the production yield up to 34 percent. Pyrogenesis has also received the Gen 3 Purevap™ quartz reduction reactor furnace, which is a key component of the pilot plant equipment. The pilot plant will be assembled in an HPQ-specific area of Pyrogenesis’ Montreal facility and will be operational mid-2019 three years after the concept was first originated.

The solar energy market is one that is currently worth $34 billion and is consistently growing as renewable energy attains critical mass and continues to garner attention from consumers. Seeking to help address the needs of this market and working to dispel the challenges associated with the production of solar grade silicon metal, HPQ is on the path to delivering a cost-effective, innovative solution in the form of the Purevap™ reactor.

HPQ Silicon Company Highlights

  • Working towards being a vertically-integrated producer of high-purity Silicon metal and solar-grade silicon metal
  • R&D technology team constructed through partnerships with Pyrogenesis and Apollon Solar
  • Rapidly proceeding through the R&D stages of Purevap™ technology with PyroGenesis to transforms quartz into high purity silicon metal (4N+ <1 ppm of B)
  • Working with Apollon to develop a low cost and green metallurgical pathway to transform Purevap™ Si into Solar Grade Silicon Metal (SoG-Si).
  • Gen 2 testing displayed a 1,900 percent increase in total mass of silicon metal produced and up to 34 percent increase in the production yield when compared to Gen 1 testing.
  • Gen 3 Purevap™ pilot plant equipment has been received by Pyrogenesis for assembly
  • Full-scale pilot plant expected to be operational Mid-2019
  • HPQ controls quartz property in Quebec that can be used as feed for Purevap™ Reactor
  • Addressing the needs of a $34 billion solar energy market
  • Pilot plant project fully financed
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