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Advanced Cellular Technology for Critical Wireless Communications

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Siyata Mobile Inc. (TSXV:SIM, OTCQX:SYATF) is a leading global developer and provider of cellular communications systems for enterprise customers, specializing in connected vehicle products for professional fleets. Siyata Mobile’s innovative solutions are sold in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia and the Middle East to cellular operators, commercial vehicle technology distributors and fleets of all sizes.

In 2019, Siyata Mobile launched the world’s first 4G LTE all-in-one fleet communications device within the cellular carriers. The Uniden® UV350 technology incorporates voice, push-to-talk over cellular (PoC), data and fleet management solutions into a single device to provide the highest quality and most technologically advanced in-vehicle devices for global first responders and commercial fleets. The company believes its product offers an advanced solution to the inefficiencies and operational challenges associated with legacy wireless two-way communication technologies, while reducing CAPEX and OPEX.

A report by VDC Research has shown that demand for PoC in-vehicle devices is on the rise, with one in four respondents opting for in-vehicle solutions. In the United States, the number of PoC users is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.6 percent from 4.5 million in 2019 to 7.5 million by 2023, according to the report. VDC Research attributes this growth to the cost savings over existing PTT solutions. The largest segment of this market is the public sector, which includes first responders, public transportation and waste management services.

The Uniden® UV350 device is available through AT&T, FirstNet, Verizon Wireless, Bell Mobility and Rogers Wireless in North America as well as through additional partners in Europe and the Middle East. Siyata Mobile is focused on growing sales for its Uniden® Cellular brand in strategic North American and global markets. Most recently, the company launched the Uniden® UV350 in Sweden, and has received its first purchase order with more to come in 2020.

Siyata Mobile’s management team includes telecommunications sales professionals with successful track records in the industry. Jason DePue, VP Sales United States, was most recently the Senior Director of Sales and Business Development for Sonim Technologies. He has held VP sales positions with Kyocera Communications, Inc. as well as senior positions at AT&T Mobility and Cricket/LCW Wireless Inc.

Siyata Mobile’s Company Highlights

  • Developing an innovative portfolio of 4G PoC solutions for in-vehicle wireless and two-way communications.
  • Siyata Mobile’s Uniden® UV350 technology provides a more unified, nationwide cellular network at lower cost than legacy PTT technology.
  • Targeting first responder and commercial fleet markets.
  • Siyata Mobile sales from 2014 through Q3 2019 total $66.5 million.
  • Accessing North American market through cellular carrier sales channels.
  • North American market has no competition for carrier-grade in-vehicle mobile devices with 4G capabilities.
  • The Uniden® UV350 is the only dedicated in-vehicle PoC device that is certified for use on FirstNet, AT&T’s dedicated first responder cellular network built as part of a US$100 billion government grant.
  • Management team well-versed in leading publicly traded technology companies and wireless telecommunications.
  • Operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Middle East.
  • Launched in Sweden in Q1 2020.

Cellular Technology for Critical Wireless Communications

First Responders and commercial fleet operations need access to instant communication. Traditionally, these sectors have used Push-to-Talk (PTT) solutions that operate over two-way radio, also known as land mobile radio (LMR). However, this technology has several drawbacks that pose critical challenges. For one, LMR hardware can be distracting to drivers and take up too much space inside vehicle cabins. The infrastructure and maintenance for this hardware have become cost-prohibitive, resulting in a record low for new LMR subscriptions in 2018.

Legacy Hardware Problems

LMR systems also come with their own limitations. Restricted coverage zones and talk-only functionality can lead to dead zones that effectively cut off communications, which can pose a serious safety threat to first responders.

Siyata Mobile’s Solution

Siyata Mobile’s Uniden® UV350 technology offers users a carrier-grade PoC network with much higher coverage levels than legacy PTT technology. The Uniden® UV350 dedicated in-vehicle internet-of-things (IoT) device has 4G/LTE capabilities that are specifically designed to optimize mobile communications while driving. Siyata’s PoC device was designed to minimize excessive clutter often found in commercial vehicles by incorporating the functions of multiple devices into one.

siyata mobile uniden uv350
The Uniden® UV350

The result is a wireless two-way communication technology that connects users at the push of a button, providing crystal-clear sound for voice calls for enhanced user safety and increased functionality while decreasing capital and operating costs.

Siyata Mobile’s Product Portfolio

siyata mobile product portfolio

Siyata Mobile’s Key Partnerships

PoC technology is allowing cellular carriers to compete in market segments traditionally dominated by LMR. Siyata integrates devices with leading cellular carriers and their distributors who then sell the devices to their existing commercial customers.

siyata mobile key partnerships

Siyata Mobile’s products are offered by multiple cellular operators as well as more than 50 dealers and leading retailers in North America and around the world. Siyata’s carrier partners have more than 200 million cellular network subscribers and a combined market cap of over $500B.

Siyata Mobile’s Management Team

Marc Seelenfreund – Founder, CEO and Chairman

Prior to establishing Siyata, Marc Seelenfreund was a VP at Sunrise Corporation in New York where he focused on financing publicly traded technology companies. Seelenfreund has a law degree and is a board member at a leading private university.

Gerald Bernstein – CFO

Gerarld Bernstein spent 20 years focusing on private equity financing and tax efficient corporate structuring in multi-jurisdictional arenas. Bernstein holds a Bachelor of Commerce as well as a Graduate Diploma in Public Accountancy, both from McGill University. He has been a Member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants since 1987 and is a professional chartered accountant.

Jason DePue – VP Sales United States

Jason DePue is an experienced sales executive with a demonstrated history across carrier, OEM and industrial segments in the wireless telecommunications industry. His extensive background with more than 18 years experience supported his most recent position as the Senior Director of Sales and Business Development for Sonim Technologies and includes previous VP sales roles with Kyocera Communications, Inc. as well as senior positions at AT&T Mobility and Cricket/LCW Wireless Inc.

Jamie Kitson – VP Sales Canada

Jamie Kitson has a successful track record in exceeding targets, with proven results in both the private and public sectors within the telecommunications space, including senior roles with Bell Mobility, Rogers Communications, Telus, Shaw, and most recently as VP Sales, Preston Mobility, recognized as Bell Mobility’s #1 Business Dealer in Western Canada year after year. Kitson is an experienced sales professional who has worked in the telecommunications industry for more than 15 years. He has previously held positions at Bell Mobility as PTT and IOT Solutions Team Lead,  TELUS Client Solutions, Rogers Communications as a Sales Manager and an IOT Solutions Sales Executive, and has been an Enterprise Account Executive at Shaw Communications, growing the business by increasing profits and driving new revenue. Kitson’s most recent position as Vice President Sales at Preston Mobility Inc., Bell Mobility’s #1 business dealer in Western Canada, allows him to bring his wealth of experience and connections to Siyata.

Glenn Kennedy – VP Sales

Glenn Kennedy has over 25 years of sales experience in the telecommunications industry. Prior to joining Siyata in 2016, Kennedy managed sales nationally for Motorola Canada, HTC Communications Canada and Sonim Technologies. Kennedy holds an Bachelor of Arts in Honors Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.

Stephen Ospalak – Director

Stephen Ospalak has more than 20 years in telecom. He is currently SVP Marketing & Operations at BMG Inc. Ospalak served as interim CEO for AiTelecom; Global Integration Officer for Virgin Management Inc.; Canadian VP & Board Advisor for Brightstar, and as SVP Operations at Iusacell. He served as VP of Products & Services at Telus Communications Inc.where he was responsible for an annual spend of more than US$1 billion in wireless and wireline equipment. Ospalak led the planning and execution of Clearnet’s market debut and nationwide launch of the iDEN and PCS Cellular services, setting the North American PCS launch record. He has held management positions at AT&T.

Richard Hoy – Director

With more than 30 years experience, Richard Hoy has a highly successful track record of leading and building enterprise sales teams to deliver accountable and significant revenue growth. For the last 7 years, Hoy was the SVP of Operations of Ledcor, responsible for the Telecom Division in Canada including sales, service, engineering, and build functions. Additionally, Hoy has held a Managing Director and SVP Sales role at TELUS, for four years, leading a declining sales division into a highly profitable and engaged enterprise sales team.

Michael Kron – Director

Michael Kron has more than 20 years of experience in investment and corporate finance. He is currently chairman and CFO at AnywhereCommerce Inc. He also co-founded Zellers Optical Centers and played a key role in the sale to Vision Associates of Atlanta. He was the co-founder and CFO of Miazzi Ventures where he founded Inc and later sold to Intasys Corporation at a $44 million valuation. Kron holds a Bcomm from Concordia University as well as a Graduate Diploma in Public Accountancy from McGill University. He has been a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants since 1987.

Brian Budd – Director

Brian Budd has an extensive management and corporate development background with more than 25 years of entrepreneurial and sales leadership experience in the high tech and resource industries. Budd served as a director of sales for a multi-billion dollar software company selling into the Fortune 500. He excels in the areas of penetrating new markets, hiring and developing sales teams, implementing sales techniques and strategies and building pipeline. Responsible for delivering forecasted revenue contributing $250 million in sales over his tenure and growing the business year over year.

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