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Sire Bioscience


A House of Brands for the Canadian Cannabis and Hemp Market

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Sire Bioscience Inc. (CSE:SIRE,OTC Pink:BLLXF,FWB:BR1B) is dedicated to becoming a vertically-integrated, leading house of brands by creating a premium and customizable experience for every cannabis consumer in Canada. The company plans to do this through its flexible business model and highly-experienced management team. Sire Bioscience intends to leverage its consumer packaged goods (CPG) experience and partnerships with leaders in the industry to develop a recognizable master brand.

From the master brand, Sire Bioscience intends to develop a variety of brand extensions for edibles, infused beverages and pets, among others. Each brand extension is expected to deliver a different cannabis function or experience and offer premium-quality products that are accessible to every customer. This approach to brand development allows the company to roll out the core brand messaging more quickly, build brand equity and create a more memorable brand. Sire Bioscience has filed 15 trademarks to protect its intellectual property (IP) and proprietary formulations.

Sire Bioscience also is dedicated to building a vertically-integrated operation by either developing those capabilities in-house or by partnering with other leaders in the cannabis space. This allows the company to focus on building its house of brands and consumer loyalty.

Sire Bioscience Company Highlights

  • Sire Bioscience has filed for 15 trademarks for the company’s ingredient combinations.
  • The company’s cutting-edge farming operations use less water, provide more predictable outcomes and allow for maximum growth, driving profitability.
  • The company owns 50 acres of land in Leamington, Ontario, an area known as the “sun parlor of Canada.”
  • The property contains 14,400-square-feet of indoor grow space, 137,088-square feet of greenhouses and 1.74-million-square feet of outdoor growing space.
  • Sire Bioscience has partnerships in place with InHuis Contrived Inc., 3 Sixty Secure Corp., Eurofins Scientific, Amico Corporation and AgraFlora Organics.
  • A highly-experienced and versatile leadership team leads Sire Bioscience with over 25 years of marketing and CPG expertise.
  • Management holds 18 percent of the company’s shares.
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