RevoluGROUP Canada

Canada’s first dual licensed European PSD2 and FINTRAC Neobanking Fintech company

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As Open Banking becomes the 2021 buzzword in Canada, upcoming federal legislation is fast approaching to shake up our financial landscape as it did in Europe a decade ago. RevoluGROUP Canada Inc. (TSXV:REVO,FWB:IJA2) has meticulously prepared for this advent, having obtained the prestigious 27 EU country PSD2 banking license and the requisite Canadian FINTRAC license homologation. Trademarked RevoluPAY, the proprietary iOS and Android banking app launched in 2018, linked to a proprietary Visa card in 2020, brings mobile banking around the globe. Currently offering accounts in CAD, USD and Euro, with more currencies on the horizon. RevoluGROUP has rapidly gained ground inking direct correspondent banking agreements with BBVA USA, Flutterwave, Alipay, Union Pay, Thunes and many more.

Firstly, armed with its direct banking ability, RevoluGROUP has targeted remittances through RevoluSEND. Market research expects the global remittance market size to reach US$930.44 billion by 2026, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.9 percent from 2019 to 2026. Much of this traces back to the increase of cross-border transactions and nascent mobile-based payment channels, as well as lower remittance costs and transfer times. As the market is projected to soar, so too could the companies driving the technological platforms that engender that outcome.

RevoluGROUP Canada Inc. is a Canada-based central bank licensed neobank fintech company focused on meeting the demands of the rapidly growing personal and corporate finance industry along with other huge sectors of the technology market through its flagship RevoluPAY technology. Beginning in 2017, the company has pursued and been granted the necessary banking licenses and banking partner accords to establish itself as a strong player in the fintech industry.

The multi-asset, multi-divisional company has advanced technology deployment in many verticals in the industry. This vertical portfolio includes online travel, forex, money remittance, mobile banking apps, mobile phone top-up, utility bill payments, video game credits, cryptocurrency exchange, real estate payments, blockchain security, invoice factoring and personal and corporate leisure sectors. RevoluGROUP is also currently proposing its banking technology under various white-label scenarios to dramatically increase user onboarding.

RevoluGROUP’s mission is to aid consumers in resolving multiple banking needs using one secure closed-loop payment system. Its fintech banking solutions aim to remove complications consumers face when interacting with traditional financial bodies through exponential adoption of the company’s central proprietary financial app RevoluPAY.

The company’s flagship technology, RevoluPAY, is an Apple and Android compatible, multinational bank account app. Built entirely by RevoluGROUP’s in-house team and central bank homologated, the app features proprietary and sector-specific technology. RevoluPAY primarily targets the worldwide mobile banking sector, personal and corporate finance and burgeoning remittance market.

Two of RevoluGROUP’s most exciting verticals are its RevoluEX and RevoluSEND, which both leverage the RevoluPAY proprietary payment app in the rapidly expanding sector of crypto to fiat exchange and cheap international transfers to over 100 countries. While its RevoluEGAME platform works with RAWG offering both entire games and pay credits for over 3,000 of the most popular games worldwide. Its RevoluESPORTS platform is expected to launch in Q2 2021.

In May 2020, the company obtained its central bank approval, which gives RevoluGROUP the ability to approve any amount of funds with unlimited capacity. This exciting development comes in conjunction with the recent acquisition of the FINTRAC license for Canada. The company is presently working to obtain licensing in the US with the acquisition of the necessary money service business (MSB) licenses for 28 states.

As of May 2020, the company has wallet-to-wallet transaction capabilities in 126 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

RevoluGROUP Canada’s management team primes the company for exceptional growth and economic success in the fintech world. The team brings together years of combined experience in international marketing, banking, fintech, technology and corporate governance.

RevoluGROUP’s Company Highlights

  • RevoluGROUP is a fintech company focused on deploying advanced NeoBank technologies in several verticals, including money remittance, mobile payment apps, healthcare payments, e-gaming and esports, online credit and gift cards, Blockchain security, personal and corporate finance sectors and more.
  • The company’s flagship technology is its RevoluPAY, a multinational banking app in USD, CAD and Euro with a linked Visa card. The app features proprietary, sector-specific technology that is back-end secured by Blockchain.
  • RevoluGROUP allows wallet-to-wallet transaction capabilities in 126 countries around the world with plans for expansion.
  • RevoluPAY provides innovative remittance services through its closed-loop system, which avoids chargeback and allows RevoluPAY e-wallet loading anywhere in the world.
  • The company is currently in its deployment phase under various white-label scenarios. For example, the company intends to leverage the rapidly growing e-gaming and leisure sectors with its fintech solutions.

RevoluGROUP’s Key Project


RevoluGROUP’s flagship remittance technology is an Apple and Android compatible multinational banking app with a linked Visa card. The RevoluPAY e-wallet can be loaded from any country and used for a variety of transactions worldwide or at any location that accepts VISA Cards. Within seconds, users can send and receive money across the globe without the need for carbon paper or rigid traditional banking and financial institutions.

The innovative app is currently at phase four of payment technology development. RevoluPAY has already achieved wallet-to-wallet connections to individual user bank accounts, cash collection operations and points of sale. In May 2020, the company commenced operations to enable wallet-to-wallet to ATM capabilities that allow beneficiaries to visit any affiliated Visa ATM to withdraw cash.

One of the biggest advantages of RevoluPAY is its closed-loop system. The entire backend technology of the app is secured by Blockchain, so entrepreneurs or individuals without access to credit cards have a means of enacting international payments. This is particularly important in countries where many people don’t have bank accounts, and therefore don’t have credit cards with which to purchase online subscriptions and other services. Currently, there are two billion people worldwide who are unbanked. Because of this, the company can anticipate significant user expansion.

The company has also created specialized revenue verticals linked to RevoluPAY that serve a variety of industries, including:

  • RevoluPAY Visa: RevoluPAY Visa Card holders can transfer funds to and from their RevoluPAY eWallet, withdraw from ATMs that accept Visa and make payments at any Visa-enabled POS.
  • RevoluFIN: This platform allows third-party financiers to finance outstanding secured receivables and achieve above-market interest returns.
  • RevoluVIP: RevoluVIP members only net rate Travel Club to +120 countries generated over CA$ 10 million in revenue pre-COVID.
  • RevoluCHARGE: This allows RevoluPAY users to simply top up pay as you go phone plans for themselves or others in developing countries.
  • RevoluUTILITY: This vertical lets users of the RevoluPAY app quickly pay for essential utilities like electricity, gas, water and communications, as well as popular entertainment services like Spotify, Netflix, HBO MAX and Xbox Live, public transportation, online sports betting and more.
  • RevoluREALTY: This RevoluPAY segment centralizes all transactions involved in a real estate transaction, greatly increasing the ease of these transactions.
  • RevoluEGAME: Built upon RevoluPAY, RevoluEGAME allows users to purchase entire games and credit for in-game purchases for over 3,000 of the most popular games.
  • RevoluSEND: A simplified and straightforward sending solution designed to improve the remittance process.
  • RevoluEX: Trade 100+ cryptocurrencies and convert them to fiat money with the RevoluEX digital currency exchange.
  • RevoluPOS: Compatible with Apple and Android devices, RevoluPOS is a complete point of sale solution built to accept digital payments anywhere in the world.
  • RevoluMED: Launching in Q2 2021. This provides an integrated experience for healthcare appointments, prescription payments, medical insurance claims and copays, and other healthcare financial transactions, all in the RevoluPAY app.
  • RevoluESPORTS: Launching in Q2 2021, this segment will provide direct access to the growing esports industry using RevoluPay’s proprietary technology.
  • RevoluTRANSFER: Launching in Q2 2021. This online money transfer service makes it easier than ever for customers to send and receive Swift and ACH transfers, with support for up to 50 different currencies. Up to 7x cheaper than regular banks with real exchange rates.

RevoluGROUP’s Management Team

Steve Marshall — CEO and Director

Steve Marshall serves as CEO and as a director of RevoluGROUP Canada Inc. Marshall is a trilingual serial entrepreneur specializing in international marketing and deal brokering. He has successfully adapted to varied world markets throughout his career, having founded businesses in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Panama, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine and Cuba, including a multinational timeshare company and a multilevel digital marketing corporation acquired by a large German marketing company.

Steve Marshall’s past ventures have received coverage in the Financial Times, BBC News, CNN, ABC News, BNN, Fox News, Time Magazine, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and The Wall Street Journal. Marshall also dedicated time in his career to concentrate on his philanthropic initiatives, including refitting a general hospital with over $800,000 in second-hand medical equipment and importing containers of children’s toys for the pediatric cancer unit Havana William Soler Hospital in Cuba.

James G. Pettit — President and Chairman

Jim Pettit is currently serving on the board of directors of five publicly traded companies and offers over 25 years of experience within the industry specializing in finance, corporate governance, executive management and compliance. Jim was previously chairman and CEO of Bayfield Ventures Corp., a TSX Venture company, which New Gold Inc. acquired in January 2015.

Daniel Hernandez Rodriguez — Director

Daniel Hernandez Rodriguez is considered a key asset to the fintech division and corporate development. He is the co-founder of eSignus, a company involved in next-generation cryptocurrency custody and payment solutions for Blockchains and a banking technology expert specifically focused upon electronic banking and front and back-office security applications, Rodriguez’s prolific career allowed him to integrate banking security technology and expertise to major Spanish banks: La Caixa, CajaCanarias, Banca Civica, Sa Nostra, CCM, Caja Murcia and Infocaja.

Rodriguez has advised the company regarding RevoluFIN and was instrumental in the launch of RevoluCHARGE, RevolUTILITY and RevoluEGAME, deploying the latest technology and banking protocols and assuring compliance with international banking protocols. Additionally, he assists the company in implementing the electronic blockchain Cryptocurrency settlement mechanism RevoluEX and Forex platform RevoluTRANSFER.

Bernard Lonis — Director

Bernard Lonis is the founding owner of Adonis Resorts and numerous technology-focused companies. He is a hospitality and tourism specialist with over 3,000 hotel beds currently under his company’s control. He is a specialist in emerging travel markets and the unique complexities these present. Lonis is a distinguished member of European hotel associations, honorary consul of France, owner of the European School of Management and a prolific trilingual entrepreneur.

Alfredo Manresa Ruiz — Director

Alfredo Manresa Ruiz is a Spanish national and seasoned banking professional and manager. Alfredo worked for Spain’s CAM Bank between 1989 and 2012 in varied high-level positions, including branch and regional management positions in Europe and Latin America. Ruiz was the founding manager of CAM Bank in Cancun, Mexico and The Caribbean. During his tenure as a regional bank director in Mexico and The Caribbean, he handled hundreds of millions of Euros annually in loans and investment. Ruiz’s extensive knowledge of the financial system brings an important addition to RevoluGROUP Fintech and Remittance businesses. Ruiz is fluent in Spanish and English and has an accomplished career in the corporate and private banking world. He is directly involved in the formation of the wholly-owned subsidiary Revolupay Europe EDE S.L.

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