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Developing Low-Cost and High-Performance Threat Detection Technology

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Plymouth Rock Technologies Inc. (CSE:PRT,OTCQB:PLRTF,FWB:4XA) is a security technology company dedicated to developing unique radar and image processing techniques to counter high-casualty terrorist and assault weapon threats. The company’s mandate is to produce low-cost and high-performance threat detection solutions that utilize state-of-the-art technology to protect public infrastructure and save lives.

To meet this aim, Plymouth Rock Tech is developing three threat detection technologies that they expect to release for military and commercial use within the next two years. The company’s first technology solution, Wi-Ti, uses Wi-Fi signals to determine whether an individual is carrying a concealed weapon or explosive in an open public space.

Plymouth Rock Tech’s second technology solution, MiRIAD, is a compact, radiofrequency sensor package that can be used on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones. The technology has military and commercial applications as it can be used to identify threats at public functions, such as sporting events, in search and rescue missions or by the military for inspection purposes, such as looking for landmines.

Finally, Plymouth Rock Tech’s Shoe Scanner Detection technology, which was recently purchased from the Manchester Metropolitan University, can create a 3D model of an individual’s shoes while still on their feet. The technology is able to process 30 people per minute and the company is working on speeding up the processing time. Additionally, the company intends to sell the technology as a white-label solution to airports and correctional facilities, among others.

Plymouth Rock Tech’s technical staff have over 100 years of combined experience and knowledge in laser and radiofrequency communications, military and commercial radars, low-latency and high-capacity data transport and imaging and sensing technologies. In addition to their experience and know-how, the company is responsible for designing and delivering the world’s first affordable, long-range detector of suicide bombs and assault weapons in 2014.

Plymouth Rock Tech Company Highlights

  • Developing low-cost, high-performance technology that detects threats in public areas.
  • Threat detection systems market is expected to reach $199.17 billion by 2022.
  • Finished products expected on the market within two years.
  • Wi-Ti and MiRIAD technologies designed to scan large public areas for threats.
  • PRT-X1 drone transport technology designed for military and commercial use.
  • Shoe Scanner Detector technology quickly processes individuals through security checkpoints.
  • White-labeling opportunities on Shoe Scanner Detector technology.
  • Plymouth Rock Tech has joined the USA National Safe Skies Alliance and the Canadian Association of Defense and Security Industries (CADSI).
  • Technical team has over 100 years of combined industry experience and knowledge.
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