NewOrigin Gold Corp's strategy is to stake or acquire early-stage, under-explored precious metals properties in prospective mining camps. The company's objective is to create shareholder value by leveraging management's broad experience to make new economic gold discoveries on the under-explored properties. It is focusing on exploring its flagship Sky Lake Project in the past producing Pickle Lake Mining Camp in northwestern, Ontario.

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Do You Need Gold for Retirement?

Are you wondering if you should invest in gold for retirement? Let us walk you through the pros and cons of this strategy.

Gold is known as a safe-haven investment that people from all walks of life can turn to in times of turmoil. While its price rises and falls, interest in the sector is fairly constant.

One question that many people have is, “Should I invest in gold for retirement?”

That’s a fair question, and not just because gold is a popular investment. Just think — while the gold price is subject to fluctuations, it’s risen about 225 percent in the last decade, and over 500 percent since 2002. For those looking at investing in gold for their individual retirement account (IRA), those returns are hard to ignore.

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How Investors and Mining Companies Benefit from Stockpile Projects

In addition to generating quick cash flow and funding further exploration, infrastructure and production initiatives, stockpiles can also be very advantageous from an investment standpoint.

Mining stockpiles are precisely what they sound like — a surplus of mined material, either accumulated on the surface or dug and piled for future use. They originate from a variety of factors, including supply temporarily outstripping demand, production without immediate access to a treatment plant or the acquisition of a previously mined project. Although they don't always contain mineable or renewable resources, there are many benefits to production when they do.

Aside from being one of the most efficient ways to restart a project, stockpiles are an incredibly effective way to store large quantities of material, and tend to exist in one of three forms.

The most generic stockpiles are made by standard bucket loading and dumping techniques. Ramp stockpiles, meanwhile, are constructed and piled high using a narrow ramp, making them optimal for storing very large volumes of material in a limited area. Finally, bin stockpiles store minerals in a row of three-sided bins, enclosed inside hard walls to keep types of material separate from one another.

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VIDEO — Jeffrey Christian: Fed Can Hike a Lot Further, How Gold and Silver Will Perform

"The Fed still has an enormous amount of capacity to raise interest rates without killing the economy," said Jeffrey Christian of CPM Group.

Jeffrey Christian: Fed Can Hike a Lot Further, How Gold and Silver Will Perform

The US Federal Reserve is taking steps to fight inflation, and two rate hikes are in the bag so far this year.

Many market participants are skeptical about how much higher the central bank will be able to go, but Jeffrey Christian, managing partner at CPM Group, believes it can move rates "a lot further."

Speaking to the Investing News Network at the recent Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC), he said there's still quite a bit of room before real demand and borrowing start to hurt.

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Marvel Discovery Appoints Alvarez Corporate Secretary

Marvel Discovery Corp. is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Diana Alvarez as Corporate Secretary, Director effective immediately.

Marvel Discovery Corp. (TSX-V: MARV), (Frankfurt: O4T1), (MARVF: OTCQB); ("Marvel", or the "Company") is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Diana Alvarez as Corporate Secretary, Director effective immediately. The Company has also accepted Mr. Mark Luchinski's resignation, management thanks Mark and wishes him well in his future endeavors. Ms. Alvarez fills the vacancy created. Miss Alvarez is a paralegal with 15 years of experience working in corporate and securities law. Having worked for some of the leading law firms in Vancouver, she is well versed in corporate compliance, governance, and administration of public traded companies. Ms. Alvarez has spent her career focused on resource issuers and has completed her diploma in paralegal studies.

About Marvel Discovery Corp.

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