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Mimi’s Rock Corp. (TSXV:MIMI; OTCQB:MIMNF) is an online dietary supplement and wellness company which market and sells its products under the Dr. Tobias, All Natural Advice and Maritime Naturals brand names.  The Dr. Tobias brand features over 30 products, including the top-selling Colon 14-Day Cleanse and the #1 selling Omega 3 Fish Oil on Amazon.com.  All Natural Advice and Maritime Naturals products focus on skin and beauty care.  Products sold under the All Natural and Maritime Naturals brand names are made in Canada and registered with Health Canada and under the EU Cosmetics Act.  All Natural Advice has been featured on BNN as a top selling skincare brand in Canada, and has been rated the number one beauty brand on Amazon Canada for the past four years.

Mimi’s Rock is focused on the development of online sales platforms including its own ecommerce website as well as major marketplaces such as Amazon, which is the company’s largest distribution channel. Mimi’s Rock offers a subscription model for a number of its products, allowing customers to ensure they receive the supplements they need while allowing the company to lock in recurring revenue.

Mimi’s Rock leading brand, Dr. Tobias, is a line of wellness products designed to improve overall body function and health, including immune system support products, multivitamins, probiotics, and natural products with remedial benefits. Dr. Tobias also offers an exclusive line of athletic performance supplements, Lennox by Dr. Tobias. The men’s vitamin line was developed in partnership with former professional boxer and brand ambassador, Lennox Lewis.

Mimi's Rock Brands

Through its All Natural Advice and Maritime Naturals brands, Mimi’s Rock is offering lines of natural skincare products, with expanding distribution globally. The products are now distributed in seven countries and expanding.

Mimi’s Rock Company Highlights

  • Working to establish a significant health and wellness platform driven by ecommerce
  • Dr. Tobias line of vitamins and supplements covers a variety of wellness needs, with over 30 branded products available
  • All Natural Advice and Maritime Naturals brands make up the number one selling skin care lines on Amazon.ca
  • Global health and wellness market is projected to grow by $810.69 billion between 2018 and 2024 at a CAGR of 6 percent according to Technavio
  • Dr. Tobias brand has partnered with brand ambassador Lennox Lewis to develop a line of performance products
  • Management and leadership is comprised of a diverse and global group of health and business professionals

Mimi’s Rock Dr. Tobias Line

Mimi’s Rock acquired the Dr. Tobias (“DTI”) line of products in July of 2018. At the time of acquisition, the DTI products could only be purchased on Amazon.com. DTI Products can now be found in the USA, Canada, South Korea, China and are in the process of being launched in Japan, the UK and EU countries, as well as drtobias.com.

Mimi's Rock Omega 3

Lennox By Dr. Tobias

Under its Dr. Tobias line, Mimi’s Rock has also launched a line of nutritional supplements designed specifically for men. The product line, Lennox By Dr. Tobias, was designed in partnership with brand ambassador Lennox Lennis, a former professional boxer. The line of multi-pack supplements are designed to help athletes and former athletes especially maintain peak physical shape through a balanced mix of daily supplements.

Lennox by Dr Tobias

Lennox By Dr. Tobias includes three different product formulations, Daily Essentials, Performance, and Joint Support. Each product was designed in partnership with Lewis to create the best combination of supplements to take for each specific use-case. For every bottle of Lennox By Dr. Tobias sold, a portion of proceeds will go to The Lennox Lewis League of Champions Foundation.

Mimi’s Rock Skin Care Brands

In December 2019 Mimi’s Rock acquired two leading beauty and skincare brands, All Natural Advice and Maritime Naturals. At the time of the acquisition, All Natural Advice ranked as the number one skincare seller on Amazon Canada for the previous four years. Together, All Natural and Maritime Naturals offer over 45 products in jurisdictions all over the world.

All Natural Advice skincare products are Leaping Bunny certified and made with premium organic ingredients. The All Natural Advice line includes a number of product varieties, including skincare, haircare, beard care, health supplements and the company’s bundled offerings. The All Natural Advice line remains available through the company’s popular Amazon ecommerce platform.

Maritime Naturals products are 100-percent natural and certified organic. The Maritime Naturals line of essential oil blends come in a variety of different form factors, including a retinol serum, rose water facial spray, vitamin C cleanser and microdermabrasion exfoliating scrub. The Maritime Naturals line of skincare and essential oils are made in Canada and other jurisdictions around the world.

Mimi’s Rock Management Team

David Kohler, Chief Executive Officer & Director

I may be the luckiest guy I know. Great Family – check. Great Team at work – check. Great friend network – check. Now, following a long run with a leading pharmaceutical company, I’ve moved into the dietary supplement business. I have the privilege of leading a group of passionate individuals looking to make a difference in the Health and Wellness space. I’m impressed daily by their creativity and energy. And when I’m not having fun at work, you can find me chasing one of my many, disparate interests. I also love to be active. Golf, hiking, cycling, running, the gym or just hanging out outdoors. So give me a call if you want to discuss any of these areas, but WARNING: if you’re a Dallas Cowboys or Montreal Canadiens fan, I may not pick up your call!

Andrew Patient, Chief Financial Officer

Raised in England, via Mississauga, and a five-year stint in San Diego, I now live in Oakville with my two kids, wife, and dog.  As a Londoner in my youth, I grew to love the beautiful game and still holding on as a player, I am hopeful any of my teams (Arsenal, Bills and Raptors) will finally win one.  Love to talk obscure sports trivia or engage in heated debates on meaningless topics. Happiest on the pitch, I also have a soft spot for wine gums or a good burrito. Philosophically, I am a big believer in karma – you reap what you sow – and so…you do what you can to make the world a better place.

Chirag Patel, Vice President Operations & Corporate Strategy

As a lifelong Toronto sports fan, I’ve spent most of my life suffering. 1967 was well before my time and celebrating in my parent’s basement in 92/93 wasn’t that exciting. The good news is, “this is the year”, right? I once told my wife I would disappear for 2 weeks if the Maple Leafs ever won the Stanley Cup, but now I’m not so sure that would fly. Along our journey together, we ended up with 2 awesome kids. As great as they are, most times they make me want to pull out all of my hair. Lucky for me, I don’t have any and I like it this way. I really do.

Stephen Aikman, Vice President, Digital Marketing & Business Development

As the founder of one of Canada’s leading organic skincare companies, I had so much fun fostering the All-Natural Advice Skin Care Co. from a local brand to a global company.  Always learning from great people around me, from a great 25-year career in banking, I am now thrilled to be part of the Mimi’s Rock team. Family is always number one, but a close second is my passion for Canadian Football and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.  Little known fact, while in University I used to be the “TC” mascot at events to help pay for school. Oskee Wee Wee!

Cassie Hanson, ecommerce Advertising Director

Oakville, Victoria (BC), Exeter (England), and Toronto have all been places I’ve called home. Having visited 18 countries and counting, I truly believe that the only way to experience life is to immerse yourself in other communities. I believe Thai food and Netflix is the perfect way to spend a Friday night and that you cannot go wrong if peanut M&Ms are included. I love the sweet and salty mix of scrambled eggs and Jam. I consider giraffes to be the most majestic animals on the planet – they get to see the whole world from above. I am a huge sports fanatic – you’ll catch me in front of any hockey, football, or baseball game on TV screaming with the best of them.

Alyssa Horne, Director Product Management & Operations

A born and bred east ender, I have lived my entire life in Toronto’s Durham Region. I take that back, I did venture out to London, Ontario for 5 years where I studied at the University of Western, Ontario. With a Double Major in Biology and Physiology and a post-graduate certificate in pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, I naturally kick-started my career off in Marketing – go figure. As much as I love what I do, my true passion in life is a full-body, full glass of Californian Cabernet Sauvignon. Actually, I’m not picky, it doesn’t have to be from California! When not sipping a glass of my favorite red, I can be found at the cottage or local dog park with my husband and dog, Joey. Trust me, the two of them keep me quite busy. I’m excited to be on this journey at Mimi’s Rock and look forward to what the future has to hold.


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