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Millennial Esports (TSXV:GAME) is a game development company focused on Esports Racing looking to disrupt the Esports landscape by creating innovative, real-world experiences for its users. Using a global, vertically-integrated approach, Millennial Esports has multiple touchpoints with the Esports space, through offerings like content publication, online and offline event hosting, data analytics and established relationships with major sports institutions like F1 and IndyCar. The company is also exploring opportunities in the blockchain space, supported by their major investor, Global Blockchain (CSE:BLOC).

In a space where the mobile gaming market is expanding faster than any other and Esports are becoming more and more recognized as a competitive platform, major sports leagues and associations like the NBA, NFL, NASCAR, MLS and F1 have all begun executing and deploying Esports ventures. Solidifying their position in this industry, Millennial Esports has recently acquired France-based Eden Games and their mobile racing game, Gear.Club. An immersive car racing game, Gear.Club was released in 2016, rapidly growing its user base to 7.6 million with a marketing spend of close to zero.

Millennial has entered into a number of strategic partnerships to help drive the success of their multiple verticals. These include agreements with McLaren Formula 1 in a partnership for the World’s Fastest Gamer tournament, IndyCar for access to real-world experience, Apple Music and AT&T to help drive downloads and retention, a casino hotel where live events can be hosted and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for access to intellectual property. These relationships are all aimed at helping to increase further participation in Gear.Club and enhancing player experience and, subsequently, participation.

Millennial Esports Highlights

    • Recently acquired Eden Games, game company with 20 years of experience in racing games
    • Developing Eden Games game, Gear.Club, with goal of enhancing user engagement and retention through cash incentivization
    • Further Esports Racing titles featuring real world motorsports branding are in the pipeline
    • Partnered with Amazon for the launch of the tech-giant’s Esports tournament platform, GameOn
    • First realistic racing game to integrate the GameOn APIs
    • Strong industry relationships in real-world sports organizations like F1 and IndyCar
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