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Isodiol International – Global Leader in Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids


Isodiol International LLC (CSE:ISOL, OTC:LAGBF, FSE:LBGA.F) is a leading supplier of cannabinoid (CBD) products to a wide-range of markets on a global scale, including the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic markets. The company has developed proprietary ISO 9001 and GMP-certified cannabinoid production and purification methods to formulate high quality CBD products under its ISODIOL brand.

Isodiol’s nutraceutical division is a pioneer in hemp-derived CBD space. The purest cannabinoids in the market, ISODIAL CBD products are made from industrially-cultivated hemp by Isodiol’s group of partner growers. The company generated approximately $5.9 million in sales during eight months of operations in 2016.

Isodiol International has successfully secured multiple distribution contacts and introduced proprietary over-the-counter, medical, performance and cosmetic CBD products to markets in North America, Europe and Asia.

In June 2017, Mexico officially legalized for medical use cannabis products with less than 1 percent THC. To gain an early foothold in this emerging market, Isodiol International has already invested in the infrastructure necessary to expand its distribution network across Mexico and will begin shipping CBD products country-wide in the second half of 2017. Isodiol is also working with the Mexican government on the approval process for a manufacturing permit which will allow the company to produce CBD products in Mexico. “This is a very important step for us, as we continue to build out a fully vertically integrated operation, which is being replicated domestically and in every market we enter,” stated Isodiol International CEO Marcos Agramont.

Isodiol also has an eye on the South American market and in June 2017 announced it has begun the drug approval process with the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency for the approval of the company’s pharmaceutical-grade CBD products for import into Brazil. “We anticipate receiving full approval within the next quarter, which allows us time to develop and implement our commercialization strategy for the Brazilian market,” said Agramont. In preparation, Isodiol has signed a LOI for an exclusive partnership agreement with an established Brazilian-based pharmaceutical importer and distributor.

The company also has exclusive agreements for the supply of cannabinoid solutions to product manufacturers including CBDNaturals, a related party and a distributor and supplier of nano-amplified cannabinoid bottled water and enhanced beverage products. CBDNaturals’ NanoUltra and Heneplex products contain anti- oxidants, vitamins and minerals that improves the immune system.

Extensive scientific research and clinical studies have demonstrated that CBD nutraceuticals have the potential to treat arthritis, MS, chronic pain, PTSD, depression, epilepsy and a myriad of other illnesses and disorders. High-margin CBD products is one of the fasted growing sectors in the medical cannabis industry and is expected to reach $2.1 billion by 2020, up more than 700 percent from today’s value, according to Hemp Business Journal. Pharmaceuticals and internet retail channels are expected to account for a combined 62 percent of total sales, or approximately $279 million.

Investment Highlights

  • Pioneer of many firsts for hemp-derived CBD products, including 99-percent pure crystalline isolate, micro-encapsulation and nano technology.
  • Proprietary purification processes are ISO 9001 certified and GMP certified.
  • Strong intellectual property portfolio with 20 pending trademarks.
  • Industrial-scale hemp cultivation superior to synthetically manufactured cannabinoids.
  • Isodiol’s growth strategy includes:
        • Development of over-the-counter and pharmaceutical drugs,
        • Seeking joint ventures and acquisitions to expand its portfolio of brands and subsidiaries, and
        • Aggressively continuing International expansion into Latin America, Asia and Europe.
  • Generated approximately $5.9 million in sales during last eight months of 2016.
  • Completion of $4.14 million private placement in June 2017

CBD Product Supplier with a Global Reach


Target Markets and Brand Segments

ISO is a world leader in the sale of cannabinoid crystalline and manufactures more than 25 cannabinoid-infused products.

ISO has several channels for distributing its products to a wide-range of markets. The company has relationships with chemical wholesalers who distribute to research & development clinics studying the potential for the use of cannabinoids in therapeutic applications. Through its online portal, ISO also sells its products to researchers in smaller quantities than available through wholesale. The company supplies CBD products to pharmaceutical companies for research, clinical trials and product roll-out. ISO supplies CND to nutraceutical companies for consumer products marketed as natural remedies for pain and inflammation, and enhancing mood and mental focus. The company also supplies its products to cosmetic companies who use cannabinoids in anti-aging, skin damage repair and other beauty products.

ISO has three main brand segments:


  • Cannabinoid extracts that include crystalline, oils and concentrates.
  • Target markets include chemical distributors, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and retail.


ISO Medical:

  • Topical and over-the-counter products including RapidCBD and IsoDerm.
  • Target markets include pharmaceuticals and health care providers.


ISO Sport:

  • Health and fitness products including Heneplex and Cebediol.
  • Target markets include nutraceuticals and retail.


ISO International has several new products undergoing research and development.

CBD Product Sales in 2016

ISO International sold eight different product brands into the market in 2016, including ISODIOL, CBDNaturals and ISO Medical. ISODIOL products accounted for approximately 80 percent of those sales.


ISO’s 2016 sales fall under 7 product categories, including crystalline and oils/concentrate products which represented approximately 87 percent of sales.



Sales Forecast 2017 and Beyond

ISO is positioning its ISODIOL, ISO Medical, Cannaceuticals and newly-released ISO

Sport brands for significant growth between 2017 and 2020. The company forecasts Topical products sales going forward will increase substantially following multi-year distribution contracts associated with the Cannaceuticals, White Label and ISO Medical brands.



Marcos Agramont – Director, CEO, COO

Mr. Agramont has been a leading innovator in the Cannabis Industry for the last five years developing products for domestic and international channels. He has pioneered delivery systems, regulations and processes for major brands in order to meet safety standards and compliance. He was instrumental in implementing innovative delivery apparatuses with concise servings, at a time when no accurate measuring of dosage for general usage existed.

Mr. Agramont has helped introduce CBD to the pharmaceutical global markets including Japan, Latin America, the European Union and Australia. He intends to make a continued contribution to the industry by joining Isodiol and will help bring the Company and its family of brands to the forefront of Cannabis Bioscience and CBD Pharmaceuticals.

Bryan Loree – CFO

Mr. Loree has approximately ten years of experience providing chief financial officer, accounting, financing, and management services to numerous issuers on the TSX Venture Exchange, Canadian Securities Exchange, and private companies. Mr. Loree is a CPA, CMA and possesses a BA from Simon Fraser University.

Soheil Samimi – Director, VP Sales – Canada

Mr. Samimi background includes management positions within leading technology companies, as well as being the successful founder of various start-ups which revolutionized the automated retail and digital media kiosk marketplace, working closely with major retailers, grocers, pharmacies and c-store chains in North America.

Soheil is currently serving as the CEO of a British-Columbia based company within the Canadian hemp and cannabis industry, with ventures for licensed production, clinics and retail operations, in addition to leading the largest distribution of non-psychoactive CBD products across Canada.

Troy Nihart – President

Troy has over 20 years of business development and entrepreneurship experience and has been an integral part of the CBD industry over the last 4 years. He has been instrumental in the development of an international supply chain for the US Market of hemp derived CBD and has developed some of the most recognized brands in the cannabis industry.

Dan Zuckerman – VP Sales – USA

Mr. Zuckerman has worked in the cannabis space for over four years, with such accomplishments as growing his past post to become the number three edible company in California. Prior to establishing himself in the cannabis space, Mr. Zuckerman was the Director of Military Sales for Monster Energy responsible for managing over 1 million cases per year in energy drink sales. Further, as Vice President of Sales of Monster Energy he focused on the organization’s secondary brands in the Hansen’s portfolio such as Hansen’s Natural Soda and Hubert’s Lemonade.

Ron Canfield – Senior Marketing Manager

Ron is a marketing professional with 12+ years of multi-faceted business experience spread across automotive, consumer products, luxury goods, digital technology, and SaaS industries—from startup through Fortune 500 enterprises. In his broad background, Ron has a successful record of managing rebranding campaigns, multi-million dollar marketing budgets, developing corporate PR & social media programs, and managing eight-figure product portfolios with year-over-year growth.

Request an Investor Kit: Isodiol International

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