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Providing Clean Green Certified Cannabis in the US

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Grown Rogue (CSE:GRIN, OTC:GRUSF) is a vertically-integrated multi-state cannabis company that coined the term seed-to-experience. Based in Medford, Oregon with assets in Oregon, Michigan, and California, Grown Rogue now has 18 licenses under its control and is growing quickly. Grown Rogue has recently begun to focus its operations in Michigan, where the company has established a vertically-integrated site on the western half of the state.

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Grown Rogue intends to expand operations across multiple states. The company entered California in September 2018 and secured a 16,000-square-foot facility that will be built out to include a manufacturing lab and retail operations. Grown Rogue recently acquired a valuable distribution license and plans to provide distribution services to licensed local farmers and processors and will be distributing products throughout the state. The most exciting development is that the company has entered into a binding agreement for four vertically-integrated licenses in Michigan.

Typically, licensed producers remain disconnected from their consumers, interacting primarily with other businesses in a B2B model. As a seed-to-experience producer, Grown Rogue is committed to providing premium, Clean Green Certified cannabis to consumers and remains actively engaged with them following the sale. The company is using consumer feedback to develop a unique view of how cannabis strains, dosage amounts, product type and individual attributes might affect a consumers’ experience.

Understanding the variety of consumer needs and experiences, Grown Rogue has developed product classifications based on the mental and physical effect of the product that has been heralded as a pioneering and innovative by industry experts.

Additionally, Grown Rogue has recently unveiled an affordable cannabis brand, GRAM, which will offer products at an affordable price. Products to be launched under this line include strain-specific flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates. The company has also launched its edibles line with Jeff Shepard, one of North America’s top 10 chocolatiers.

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Image of next generation Grown Rogue Branded Products

Grown Rogue achieved a 25 percent month-over-month revenue growth in 2018 despite the surplus in product and price compression due to the transition from medical regulation to recreational regulation. This positions the company to successfully navigate other markets that might face similar price-pressures in the near future.

Part of Grown Rogue’s success comes from excellent leadership, including that of its President and CEO Obie Strickler, who brings over 15 years of experience in the cannabis space. The management team is made up of talented experts in a wide range of disciplines from marketing to finance to investor relations with impressive corporate experience with companies like Nike, 1-800-Flowers, MJ Packaging, Bedrock.

Grown Rogue Company Highlights

  • Fully-integrated seed-to-experience cannabis company with assets in Oregon, California and Michigan.
  • Grown Rogue’s products are available in over 250 dispensaries. 
  • Headquartered in the world-renowned micro-climates of southern Oregon.
  • 28 percent month-over-month revenue growth in Oregon in 2018, despite lower prices.
  • Entered the California market in September 2018.
  • Secured four vertically-integrated licenses to begin operations in Michigan.
  • Grow Classic 2018 first place winner for Highest Percentage THC, first place winner for Highest Percentage Terpenes and third place in the Growers Choice overall.
  • 388 percent Q2 2019 growth fueled by bulk sales
  • Grown Rogue has developed a proprietary patented nitrogen sealed pre-roll technology.
  • Partnership with one of North America’s top 10 chocolatiers, Jeff Shepard.
  • President and CEO has over 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry.
  • Growing team brings over 75 years of combined cultivation experience.

Grown Rogue’s Vertically-Integrated, Multi-State Operations

As a vertically-integrated organization, Grown Rogue has developed operations across different facets of the cannabis supply chain, including cultivation, extraction, distribution and retail.

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Grown Rogue is located in southern Oregon, which is at the northern tip of the famous Emerald Triangle. The company operates both indoor and outdoor growing facilities, with over 40 acres (approximately 1.7 million square feet) including approximately 100,000 square feet of licensed and constructed canopy, with an annual production capacity of 3,000 kilograms. These facilities provide optimal growing conditions for each strain being developed.

The indoor facilities control light intensity, temperature, humidity, air movement and nutrient mixes. Grown Rogue’s outdoor facilities are located in Oregon’s micro-climates, 25 kilometers from California’s border, which allows the company to achieve favorable growing conditions, at a much lower cost than licensed producers in California.

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As part of the cultivation strategy, Grown Rogue strives to achieve a consistent standard. This also allows the company to collect and monitor scientific data regarding the terpene, cannabinoid (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels in particular strains. As such, the company’s product is consistent and effective. Grown Rogue is also meticulous in maintaining Clean Green standards, and uses an integrated pest management regime to protect the plants.

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In 2017, Grown Rogue established a wholesale distribution subsidiary, Rogue Distribution, to support the company’s dispensary and supplier partners and drive efficiency in the cannabis supply chain. The goal of the subsidiary is to facilitate partnerships between companies from a variety of industries to bring cutting edge solutions to the cannabis space.

Some of Rogue Distribution’s partners include Grown Rogue, Liontree Farms, Sterling Gold Extracts, Loud Extracts, Aardvark Extracts and GRAM.

To date, the company works through a distribution network of approximately 240 dispensaries. This number will grow to over 300 through organic growth and acquisitions. Due to the Grown Rogue’s strategic location near the Nevada and California border, the company is strategically poised to take advantage of inter-state sales once they become legalized, particularly as the cost for production is lower in Oregon than in California.

Beyond Oregon

Grown Rogue intends to expand its presence beyond Oregon through strategic opportunities and partnerships to states that fit strategic expansion plans.

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Grown Rogue entered the dynamic California market in September 2018 by securing a 16,000-square-foot facility in Humboldt County, California. The company intends to build out the facility to include a manufacturing lab and retail operations. The company also intends to provide distribution services to local licensed farmers and processors while also distributing its own products throughout the state. According to an ArcView Research report, California is the world’s largest cannabis market and is expected to reach $7.7 billion by 2022.

“In California, we are replicating successful operations, cultivation, distribution and brand integrity that has been so effective for Grown Rogue in Oregon,” said Strickler. “Unlike most California producers, we have first-hand experience operating under the changing supply chain logistics and compliance, which allows us to replicate our proven business model within these new jurisdictions like California.”

With a track record of success and over 75 years of cultivation experience, the company is now bringing its operational experience to the Michigan cannabis market. According to projections by Marijuana Business Daily, the Michigan cannabis market could reach as high as US$1.7 billion in annual revenue within the first few years after legalization, putting it among the largest cannabis markets in the country. Michigan also has a fixed number of cannabis licenses through city and municipal opt-in rules, positioning Grown Rogue with a valuable first-mover advantage in a state where the barriers to entry are high. 

To this aim, Grown Rogue entered into a binding definitive agreement to acquire four vertically-integrated licenses. The company has secured a 24,000-square-foot indoor cultivation and processing center in Muskegon. The cultivation facility houses two class C growing licenses and has an annual projected production capacity of 4,000 pounds. The facility is also expected to house a 3,000-square-foot extraction lab which is currently under construction and approximately 35 percent complete.

As of June 2019, premium wholesale prices for cannabis in Michigan were around US$3,500 per pound. From the cultivation facility alone, Grown Rogue expects to generate US$14 million in revenue annually. 

With less than 10 dispensaries in the entire Holland metro area, Grown Rogue intends to open a GRIN-branded dispensary in 2020, which is expected to be followed by the opening of a second location. The second location is expected to serve a population of over 175,000 people within a 100-mile radius as well as the numerous tourists that visit the area each year. Grown Rogue is currently pursuing two additional retail, cultivation and processing opportunities in Michigan.

Grown Rogue intends to introduce its unique and established brands to the Michigan market. Coupled with the company’s user experience surveys, Grown Rogue plans on tailoring its products to its consumers’ needs and preferences, ensuring that the company stands out amongst its peers. 

“There is already such a significant adoption of cannabis by the general population in Michigan that we can really hit the ground running with our established brand and proven business processes,” said Grown Rogue Chief Strategy Officer Jacques Habra. “This strategic partnership, in one of the most exciting states in the US, continues our focus on building a multi-state cannabis company.”

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Grown Rogue’s Management Team

Obie Strickler — CEO

Grown Rogue is led by founder and CEO, Obie Strickler, with a B.S. in Geology from Southern Oregon University. Obie has over 15 years of cannabis experience, and organically scaled his first medical garden in 2006, from a 15-plant single facility to four facilities and approximately 100,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor cultivation. Strickler founded Grown Rogue in 2016 to capitalize on the opportunity to seize market share in this burgeoning recreational cannabis space. Today, Grown Rogue is in 3 states and controls 22 licenses.

In addition to his cannabis expertise, Obie brings a diverse private sector background. This includes running the Oregon division of a regional environmental consulting company, founding a firm to provide full management services for multi-billion-dollar natural resource projects and co-founding a hyper-velocity impact technology company.

Jacques Habra — Chief Strategy Officer

Jacques Habra is an award-winning serial entrepreneur recognized by national and regional media for excellence in entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation. He was the lead investor in FirstClick, SelfEcho and TrackR, which won $50 million in Series B funding through the Amazon Alexa Fund.

Habra has led early-stage fundraising for Grown Rogue and as Chief Strategy Officer, where he focuses on brand creation and development, management and marketplace strategy. Habra graduated with degrees in philosophy and English from the University of Michigan with Honors.

Michael Johnston, CPA, CA — CFO

Michael Johnston is a graduate of Western University, and joined Forbes Andersen LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants in 2004 and became a partner in 2012. Johnston has over 10 years of experience with both private and public companies in various capacities, including that of Chief Financial Officer.

Adam August – VP Finance

Adam August serves as the financial leader for Grown Rogue. He previously spent over 15 years at Harry & David, a vertically-integrated multi-channel specialty food retailer, where he held multiple roles with increasing levels of responsibility, ultimately serving as Vice President of Finance and Corporate Treasurer. He graduated with honors from Whitman College with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He also graduated at the top of his class when earning his Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Oregon. 

 Rob Rigg – VP Marketing

Rob Rigg is an entrepreneurial modern marketing leader with a broad range of experience having worked with both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies to propel growth by focusing on empowering and inspiring consumers. He joins Grown Rogue with over a decade of leadership in brand and product marketing, digital and social media management, strategic planning and consumer insights. He started his career with Goldman Sachs, before moving into the passion sports world where he founded and launched the innovative golf footwear company TRUE linkswear. He has also held various marketing and business leadership roles at Nike, TaylorMade, and Cannondale. Rigg graduated Magna Cum Laude from Hamilton College.


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