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Biocure Technology Inc. (CSE:CURE, OTC:BICTF) is a Korean biopharmaceutical technology company currently using their proprietary technology platform to develop biosimilar products. In parallel, the company is also making use of this same technology to test a CAR-T cell targeted immune-therapy designed to treat terminal leukemia patients.

Using its proprietary genetic engineering technology platform, Biocure has designed a suite of exclusive processes aimed at developing biosimilars, defined as biological products highly similar to FDA-approved reference products originally developed by another organization. Once patents for a given product are expired, companies, like Biocure, are able to use their own processes to design and deploy almost identical products, that meet strict FDA specifications. A relatively underpopulated market, Biocure has found an opportunity in creating biosimilars like its Interferon beta-1b, used to treat multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms.

Alongside its biosimilar products, Biocure has also been working towards being the third worldwide developer of a CAR-T cell therapy, an innovative approach to treating relapse and refractory cancers. Biocure’s therapy is designed to address latter-stage acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Preclinical trial results displayed a complete remission of cancerous cells within seven to 28 days from the injection, with no toxicity symptoms. The results meet Korean FDA guidelines and allow Biocure to advance towards clinical trials.

Biocure has also partnered with Y Biologics to develop a combined anticancer therapy that utilizes its CAR-T cell therapy. The two companies also intend to develop a next generation anticancer treatment for solid tumors pending preclinical trial results.

Company Highlights

  • Playing key role in underpopulated biosimilar market
  • Interferon beta-1b to be one of a few biosimilar products for MS in multi-billion-dollar market
  • CAR-T therapy designed to treat acute lymphoblastic leukemia
  • Preclinical results displayed complete remission of cancerous cells within seven to 28 days with no toxicity
  • Collaborative partnership in place with Y Biologics to develop combined anticancer therapy
  • Strong relationships with universities and researchers, as well as Korea’s FDA body
  • Joint venture partnership in place with MHU and Gold Dream
  • Management team with over 95 years of collective experience
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