A2Z Technologies Canada Corp.

Adapting Military-Grade Technologies for Key Commercial Sectors

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A2Z Technologies Canada Corp. (TSXV:AZ) is an innovative technology company based out of Israel, specializing in military technology and expanding into the civilian markets. The company has been operating for over 30 years and has a client base with 75 recurring clients including the Israel Defense Forces, Security Forces, and Ministry of Defence among others. The company plans to leverage its profitable, cash flow-generating core-business to expand into the civilian market.

A2Z will be adapting their military technologies for civilian use-cases in order to address broader markets.

a2z technologies military robot

A2Z plans to adapt its military technologies for the much larger civilian automotive space. One patent-pending product is a capsule that prevents vehicle fires caused by collisions. The Company has also been granted a patent for a smart vehicle cover device that protects automobiles from the elements while the vehicle is parked and is stowed away safely in the vehicle’s bumper.

The Fuel Tank Inertia Capsule System is aimed at the automotive industry and prevents the ignition of fuel, thereby mitigating the spread of fire and explosion that risk human life and property damage. According to the NFPA, from 2014 to 2016, an estimated 171,500 highway vehicle fires occurred in the United States, resulting in an annual average of 345 deaths, 1,300 injuries, and $1.1 billion in property loss annually.

FTICS movie v1 from A2Z Technologies Canada Corp on Vimeo.

Other potential markets for A2Z’s unmanned robotics technologies include: agriculture, fire-fighting, and rescue operations.

The Company’s senior management has worked closely with several branches of the Israeli government including the MOD, IDF, and the Israel Police. The management team is led by Bentsur Joseph, a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record of establishing successful corporations and expanding them into new markets and industries. His previous venture, Comfy Interactive, was acquired by Shamrock Holdings, the private equity family investment firm founded by Roy E. Disney.

A2Z Technologies Canada Corp. Company Highlights

  • Military Robotics space is expected to reach US$53.93 billion by 2027 for a projected CAGR of 13.5 percent (Zion Market Research).
  • Diverse portfolio of advanced military robotics and technologies
  • Provider of military technology to Israel MOD and other government organizations for over 30 years.
  • Provider of sophisticated software for integration between applications and Point of Sale (POS) for NCR Corporation (NYSE:NCR)
  • Clients include 75 recurring clients with long-term contracts that provide the Company with stable revenues.
  • Leveraging military expertise to expand product and service offerings into multiple civilian spaces with large addressable markets.
  • Plan to expand existing product and service revenues through partnerships with governments outside of Israel.
  • Plan to commercialize Fuel Tank Inertia Capsule System (FTICS) starting with IDF civilian vehicles.
  • Strong management team includes CEO Bentsur Joseph who owns approximately 64 percent of the issued and outstanding shares.

A2Z Flagship Product: Fuel Tank Inertia Capsule System (FTICS)

A2Z’s proprietary fuel tank inertia capsule system (FTICS) is designed to protect drivers and first responders by preventing vehicle fires. The US Fire Administration estimates that from 2014 through 2016, an estimated 171,500 highway vehicle fires occurred in the country, resulting in an annual average of 345 deaths, 1,300 injuries and US$1.1 billion in property loss.

This FTICS releases a capsule into the vehicle’s gasoline tank and is triggered on collision by the deployment of the airbag. The capsule contains a proprietary formula that neutralizes the flammability of the gasoline, thereby preventing a vehicle fire.

Strategy for FTICS Product Rollout 

A2Z Technologies Canada Corp.’s strategy for bringing the FTICS product to market begins in Q3 2020. The Israeli Government owns approximately 150,000 vehicles, representing a  opportunity in excess of $US100M The Company intends to initiate trials with major car manufacturers, with the ultimate goal to have the FTICS system made standard worldwide. In the US alone there are approximately 275 million vehicles on the road.

Military Robotics Portfolio

Unmanned Counter-Terrorism Robot

A2Z Technologies Canada Corp.’s counter-terrorism robotic vehicles and control systems enable military forces to perform complex tasks while minimizing risk. These robots are armored, feature two-way audio communication systems, and offer excellent maneuverability in both urban and rough terrain settings.

a2z technologies robots

Unmanned Bomb-Defusing Robot

A2Z Technology Canada Corp.’s bomb-defusing robot is designed for military and civilian police special bomb disposal units. Compact and transportable, this tough robot can climb stairs, move under cars and roll through aircraft and offices. It comes equipped with two color-TV cameras, proportional driving control and 360-degree pivot turning. The robot has a maximum operating range of 850 feet and the battery stays charged for up to two hours.

Unmanned Fire Fighting and Rescue Wireless Robot

A2Z Technology Canada Corp.’s wireless fire-fighting robot can operate inside unsafe buildings as well as under hazardous conditions including extremely high temperatures and spaces where poisonous fumes are present. The double-tracked robot can be equipped for both firefighting and hazardous materials capabilities.

This unique robot transports easily and enables firefighters to carry out previously impossible or risky missions that involve close proximity to large fires, confined spaces or industrial buildings such as chemical plants.

Energy Smart Battery Pack

A2Z Advanced Solutions’ Energy Smart Battery Pack is a highly efficient, lightweight and quiet portable generator. The pack produces 500 watts of power and 33 amperes with a charge time of 3 hours. Currently sold to the IDF, this product is undergoing adaptation for multiple purposes in the civilian market.

A2Z Technologies Canada Corp.’s Management Team

Bentsur Joseph — President and Chief Executive Officer

Bentsur Joseph is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record in establishing successful corporations and expanding them into new markets and industries. Prior to A2Z, he was Chairman of Elad Hotels, who owned the famous Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. He was also Director of MARLAZ, a large well-recognized public holding Company which owns various publicly traded companies in the industrial, real estate, communications, and hi-tech industries. One of his previous venture was Comfy Interactive Movies, an Edutainment technology Company which was sold to Shamrock Holdings, the family investment firm founded by Roy Disney.

Joseph was also CEO of DIG Ltd, a public Company which produces and sells electric components through a large distribution network.

Adam Weinbaum — Chief Operating Officer

Adam Weinbaum holds a BA in business administration and is a licensed financial advisor in the USA, and is extremely knowledgeable with security regulation, financing, financial industry and the stock market. Previously in 2015, he served as an active registered representative and investor advisor for Network1 Financial Securities Inc., a US-based large brokerage dealer and investment bank. His responsibilities included financial and regulatory activities for high net worth investors. Weinbaum is licensed by FINRA and holds a series 7 and 66 license.

Amnon Peleg — Chief Technology Officer 

Amnon Peleg has over 30 years’ experience in managing projects based on integration of complex technologies. Prior to A2Z, Amnon was Director of Origin Group where he was responsible for identifying and applying new technologies for green energy projects, together with the execution of energy projects. Until 2006, Amnon served over 20 years in the management of technology projects within the Office of the Prime Minister, Israel. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Project Management from Tel Aviv University.

Gadi Levin — Chief Financial Officer 

Gadi Levin has extensive experience, including executive positions and directorships with several publicly listed companies on Canadian, USA, and London stock exchanges. He has expertise in multiple key management functions, including finance, treasury and accounting, investor relations, human resources, information technology and general management. Levin began his career in public accounting at Arthur Anderson and Ernst & Young, where, among other clients, he worked with software and biomedical companies. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting and Information Systems from the University of the Cape Town, South Africa, and a post graduate diploma in Accounting from the University of South Africa. He received his Chartered Accountant designation in South Africa and has an MBA from Bar Ilan University in Israel.

Issamar Ginzberg — Chief Marketing Officer

Issamar Ginzberg has a proven track record in improving Company profiles, positioning, and most importantly, their bottom line.  He has lectured and/or consulted for prestigious companies and organizations such as Google, New York Life and the Jewish National Fund. He has been interviewed by or written for prestigious publications including Prevention, Entrepreneur, the Washington Post, CNBC, Fox Business and Readers’ Digest.  As a senior marketing consultant to both public and private companies, he is an expert on business strategy, marketing and advertising. He has extensive expertise and experience in online and offline media, strategic business insight and helping companies achieve their next level of success.

Bill Hayde — Chief Strategy Officer

Bill Hayde has been a Wall Street professional for over 25 years in investment banking and the securities industry. He has successfully raised a significant amount of growth and acquisition capital for middle market companies and facilitated mergers, acquisitions, financial restructurings and divestitures. Hayde has great insight into privately-held businesses, has assisted with strategic options, access to capital markets and maximized value for clients. Hayde oversees A2Z’s investment banking and investor engagements.  In addition to his position at A2Z, Hayde maintains seats on the advisory boards of multiple public and private companies in the consumer and medical industries.

Vered Lotan — Director

Vered Lotan holds a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree from Derby University in the United Kingdom. She is also a licensed Industry and Management Technician. From 2014 until present, Lotan has acted as an independent consultant to private firms in the area of security. From 1976 to 2004, Lotan served as a senior officer in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).  Some of her posts in the IDF included Senior Officer in charge of data gathering and analytics, Senior Officer in charge of military reserves manpower, Senior Officer in charge of manpower for the medical corps. Lotan brings a wealth of knowledge and personal relationships from the IDF.

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