Resource INNvestor Reports

Is the resource space in a bull market or a bear market? And which metals should investors focus on? INN’s resource outlook INNvestor Report series answers those questions and more, with expert insight on major commodities like gold and silver, commentary on hot metals like lithium and nickel and predictions on niche topics such as critical and industrial metals.

Silver Price and Silver Stocks report cover

Silver Price Forecast and Silver Stocks for 2021

Silver was a top performer in 2020, adding more than 30 percent to its value for the year. What have experts forecasted for the silver market? How are new industrial applications like solar panels utilizing silver resources? Learn more about investing in the silver market by signing up for our FREE report below!

Resource Outlook 2021

Our biggest INNvestor Report of the year, the Resource Forecast 2021 covers every resource you need to consider when investing in 2021. Outlooks range from gold and silver to uranium and lithium to copper and rare earths. 22 articles and 124 pages long, you won’t find another report like this anywhere. Get your free report here!

gold outlook free report cover

Gold Price Forecast and Gold Stocks to Watch

Gold in 2021 – Will it be another wild ride? For the sixth year in a row, INN has compiled our free gold outlook INNvesotr Report. In our report 2021 Gold Price Forecast and Gold Stocks to Watch you will find exclusive interviews with expert analysis on trends in the market, forecasts for 2021 and more!

Nickel and the Battery Boom Report Cover

Nickel and the Battery Boom

Nickel Outlook for 2021 – “The substantial growth in European EV sales in H2 in particular has surprised many, helping buoy expectations of nickel demand from the battery industry heading into 2021,” according to Benchmark Mineral Intelligence analyst Greg Miller. Get your copy of the Nickel Outlook INNvestor Report with market forecasts, exclusive interviews with industry experts, and more!

Uranium Price Forecasts Report Cover

Uranium Price Forecasts

How can you strategically invest in the uranium market to make a profit? What do experts forecast for the uranium price? We’ve UPDATED our uranium outlook report with tons of information on uranium investing. Read it for FREE by clicking below!

Lithium Stocks and Mining Report Cover

Lithium Stocks and Mining

Demand for the metal is forecast to triple by 2025. How can you invest ahead of the curve and make a profit? Read our FREE updated outlook report to gain valuable insight into lithium investing!

Copper Outlook Free Report Cover

Copper Price Outlook

Copper is used in every form of technology from electronic chips, motors and cleantech energy. So, how can investors make a profit? Find out in our FREE copper outlook report!

INN on Tesla’s Battery Day Report Cover

INN on Tesla’s Battery Day

Now that Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) long-awaited Battery Day is done, what does it mean? Investors need to know the impact on demand for battery raw materials such as lithium, cobalt and nickel. INN expert interviews and analysis has the information you need.

Profiting from the Precious Metals Industry Report Cover

Precious Metals Outlook

After a phenomenal year, precious metals analysts and experts are optimistic for the new year. Will the gold price exceed US$2,000? Will palladium continue to rise in value across? Are you interested in learning how to invest and profit from this lucrative market? Click below to read our FREE outlook report on precious metals investing!

Base Metals Prices 2019 and Investing Opportunities Report Cover

Base Metals Prices and Investing Opportunities

Base Metal Investing News has compiled this informative, insightful look at the often overlooked world of investing in base metal companies. Copper, zinc and nickel all have a very different investment dynamics. Find out where the opportunities are today…

The Battery Metals Market Report Cover

The Battery Metals Market

Battery metals are some of the strongest performing markets right now. The opportunities continue to grow and we have the info savvy investors are going to need to make the right choices. Read our outlook report for the latest on battery metals investing!

Energy Investing Outlook and Energy Stocks to Watch Report Cover

Energy Investing Outlook and Energy Stocks to Watch

The Investing News Network has UPDATED our informative compilation of energy investing trends. What do experts forecast for the uranium, oil and gas market?

Critical Metals Free Report Cover

Critical Metals Price Forecast and Stocks To Watch

What’s ahead for the critical metals market? Find out what industry experts have to say. Read our FREE outlook report on the critical metals market by clicking below!

Industrial Metals Free Report Cover

Industrial Metals Outlook and Stocks to Watch


What’s ahead for the industrial metals market? Find out what industry experts have to say. Read our FREE outlook report on the industrial metals market by clicking below!