Silver and Gold Manipulation: Are the Prices Suppressed?

gold and silver manipulation

Chris Marcus, who is the author of the book "The Big Silver Short," has been following the gold and silver markets closely since then, with a focus specifically on price manipulation. What he's found has been eye-opening, but he emphasized that what market participants need is patience.

Get INN's interview with Marcus and also Brien Lundin, Stuart Englert and so much more. Plus, historic context on silver and gold price manipulation that isn't available anywhere else.

Table of Contents

  • Silver Price Manipulation: Fact or Fantasy?
  • What Was the Highest Price for Silver?
  • Brien Lundin, Chris Marcus: Is it Silver's Time to Shine?
  • Chris Marcus: Trust Your Gut on Gold and Silver
  • Stuart Englert: Why Precious Metals Price Rigging Happens, How it Could End
  • Andy Schectman: Gold's "Great Awakening" Bringing in New Buyers
  • Silver Price Manipulation Investigation Focused on JPMorgan Chase
  • Will Congress Aggravate Silver Manipulation?
  • Silver Manipulation: Closure Ahead?
  • Silver Manipulation Case Against JPMorgan Dismissed
  • Talking Gold Manipulation with GATA
  • Is Germany Jumping on the Silver Manipulation Train?
  • 10 Banks Hit in US Probe on Precious Metals Price Manipulation
  • The Silver Fix: New Evidence Exposes Other Banks
  • Ed Steer: The Silver Price Could Reach 3 Digits if This Happens
  • Bill Murphy: Gold's Next Move Up Could be Explosive
  • Ed Steer: Days Are Numbered for Price Manipulation
  • Ed Steer: If You're Going to Invest in Silver, Do it Now
  • Bill Murphy: Don't Give Up — Gold is Headed for a Big Move Higher
  • US Charges Precious Metals Traders Over Alleged Manipulation

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