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Connecting the Unconnected to the Internet in the US

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Rift Valley Resources Corp. (CSE:RVR) has developed a unique portable wireless broadband system as well as fixed wireless broadband networks that utilize TV white space technology. In the US, a recent survey by Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) determined that “162 million do not use the internet at broadband speeds” (Microsoft, February 2019) and are mainly located in rural areas of the US. That number includes the 34 million that have no access to the internet.

Rift Valley, through its subsidiary Ruralink Wireless, is involved in Microsoft’s Airband initiative, which funds the capital cost of wireless broadband networks that use TV white space (TVWS) technology.

Rift Valley has teamed up with Ark Mediacom to develop wireless broadband networks using TVWS throughout Ark Mediacom’s low-power TV station network. Ark Mediacom has over 280 low-power TV stations and licenses covering approximately 100 million residents in the rural US.

Rift Valley’s Company Highlights

  • 162 million Americans lack access to a reliable internet source, creating a large market in the US.
  • Has developed two broadband solutions to serve different market segments.
  • QwikCom has numerous applications for construction sites, security and surveillance and disaster relief, Wi-Fi for outdoor events, among others.
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