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MGX Renewables Inc. (CSE:MGXR) is a leader in the development of zinc-air flow batteries. The company has developed a patented modular energy storage system that is designed to store from 20kW to 100MW of power over long periods. MGX Renewables technology has the power to disrupt the hydrocarbon industry, which has been struggling under the rise of the green energy movement. MGX Renewables has been granted over 20 patents for its zinc-air flow battery technology.

The modular system is modular and scalable and able to support a wide range of discharge power, recharge power and duty cycle requirements. It can also handle long discharge periods by increasing the size of the fuel tank which combines zinc particles with the oxygen from the air to produce energy, providing a cost-effective and reliable energy storage system. Short duty cycles, meanwhile, do not adversely affect the reliability and durability of the system. As a result, the MGX Renewables’ zinc-air flow battery has numerous applications in renewable energy storage, grid energy systems and other major industries due to its scalability.

The system is currently in its final phases of testing before becoming a commercially-viable product. Once testing is complete, the company will be building a demonstration facility in New York City with its partner Digital Energy Corporation, a New York-based systems integrator. MGX Renewables also intends to roll out its systems to systems integrators in the US, Canada and Europe.

MGX Renewables Director Ron MacDonald has over 35 years of both public and private sector experience. He has been a Member of Parliament and brings a wealth of knowledge to MGX Renewables as the company rolls out its technology.

MGX Renewables Highlights

  • Over 20 patents have been granted for the zinc-air fuel cell technology.
  • The system is designed to deliver between 20kW and 100MW of power over long periods.
  • Zinc-air fuel cell technology is modular and easily scalable
  • Oxygen and zinc are readily available materials which keep costs of the system low.
  • Final commercialization and scale-up to mass production is underway.
  • UL and CSA certification for most modules has been obtained