Karnalyte Resources Inc is a development stage company focused on two fertilizer products, potash and nitrogen, to be produced and manufactured in Saskatchewan. It owns the construction ready Wynyard Potash Project, with planned phase 1 production of high grade granular potash, and two subsequent phases. It is also exploring the development of the Proteos Nitrogen Project, which is a proposed small-scale nitrogen fertilizer plant with a nameplate production capacity of approximately 700 metric tonnes per day of ammonia and approximately 1,200 MTPD of urea, and a target customer market of independent fertilizer wholesalers in Central Saskatchewan.

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Western Resources Corp

Western Resources Corp is a resource company focused on the development of its potash project in Canada owned by its wholly owned subsidiary, Western Potash Corp, located in Southern Saskatchewan. Its objectives are to successfully complete Phase I of the Milestone Project to prove a new mining technology, which will then be applied to Phase 2 and 3 to develop potash deposit at an environmentally friendly model. The company's two reportable operating segments, being the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral properties and the investment in real estate projects in Canada.

Verde Agritech Plc Ordinary Shares

Verde AgriTech promotes sustainable and profitable agriculture through the development of its Cerrado Verde Project, from which the Company produces solutions for crop nutrition, crop protection, soil improvement and increased sustainability. The multinutrient potassium fertilizer marketed in Brazil under the brand K Forte and internationally as Super Greensand is one of Verde's sustainable products from which the nature-driven technology company helps to improve the soil microbiome.

Nutrien Ltd.

Nutrien Ltd was created in 2018 as a result of the merger between PotashCorp and Agrium, Nutrien is the world's largest fertilizer producer by capacity. Nutrien produces the three main crop nutrients--nitrogen, potash, and phosphate--although its main focus is potash, where it is the global leader in installed capacity with roughly 20% share. The company is also the largest agricultural retailer in the United States, selling fertilizers, crop chemicals, seeds, and services directly to farm customers through both its physical stores and online platforms.

VIDEO — Josh Linville: Fertilizer Market in Uncharted Waters as Prices Soar

"All of these things came together to put us to where we are today," said Josh Linville of StoneX. "It's not going to be a single event that gets us back down to where we were."

Josh Linville: Fertilizer Market in Uncharted Waters as Prices Soar youtu.be

Rising fertilizer costs have become a topic of widespread conversation since the war between Russia and Ukraine broke out, with global headlines sparking concerns about shortages and higher food prices.

Speaking to the Investing News Network, Josh Linville, director of fertilizer at StoneX, said that while the conflict between the two countries has brought the fertilizer space into focus, it's far from the only factor at play.

"This is the one (event) that's finally kind of brought it to the forefront ... (but) this isn't something that happened overnight, this is not just a Russia/Ukraine situation," he said during the interview.

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