Powering Disaster-Relief Efforts with Renewable Energy Solutions

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EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies Inc. (TSXV:EHT) is a Canadian global energy solutions company focused on providing eco-friendly disaster-relief products to countries and areas in need. EnerDynamic has developed a line of patented solar panels, solar systems and house and building materials integrated with solar technology for government and general public use.

According to a report released by Allied Market Research, the global solar energy industry is expected to reach $422 billion by 2022. A main factor driving the growth of this industry is the adoptiontion of solar panels as a renewable energy source in places such as California. Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert the radiant energy emitted from the sun into electric energy.

EnerDynamic has developed six patented renewable energy products. Their most prominent project revolves around structural buildings and homes that they can construct quickly. Each home or building can be built within minutes to a few days depending on the size. Each building also meets the Canadian National Building Code (CNBC), one of the strongest and most comprehensive building codes in the world, enabling the company to sell this product across the globe. This product also offers a time- and expense-saving option for disaster-relief organizations that would need to establish buildings for their operations and those in need quickly and efficiently.

Another product that EnerDynamic offers disaster-relief organizations is their Power Wagon, a self-contained solar energy system. All sides of the wagon or trailer are fitted with solar panels, which offer a continuous stream of power for construction sites and disaster-relief organizations operating in remote areas.

The company also offers their customers traditional and enhanced solar panel options that provide both flexibility and potential cost savings. The enhanced models are lighter and can be embedded into the materials needed to shingle a roof, giving their clients the ability to capture as much light as possible.

EnerDynamic has formed joint venture partnerships with companies in Ghana, Burkina Faso, Arizona, US and Puerto Rico. Through their Ghana, Burkina Faso and Puerto Rico partnerships, EnerDynamic has been filling orders for their buildings, Power Wagons and solar panels to aid disaster relief initiatives and to provide eco-friendly housing in remote areas of Africa. The company is also touring through California to showcase their buildings and technology as an option for the housing market in the state. Through these combined partnerships, EnerDynamic expects to generate $30 to $40 million in revenue within the next year.

Company Highlights

  • Providing renewable energy sources to a niche markets of disaster relief, construction and more.
  • Patented fiberglass reinforced fire retardant structural insulated panel (FRSIP) and solar system technologies.
  • Six products in the market and generating revenue.
  • Home and building materials are CNBC and net-zero energy (NZE) compliant.
  • Potential revenue generation of $30 to $40 million within the next year.
  • Global reach through joint venture partnerships in Ghana, Burkina Faso, Arizona and Puerto Rico.


EnerDynamic is focused on providing eco-friendly disaster-relief products for countries that lack the infrastructure needed to run a smooth relief operation. The company also intends to utilize these products in areas and countries that lack the infrastructure needed to provide a renewable energy source to their citizens.

EnerDynamic primarily markets their products to disaster relief organizations and to governments in need of affordable housing and renewable energy sources. The company does intend to pitch their products to the United Nations (UN) and is aiming to make their products commercially available to the general public at stores like Home Depot or Lowes. This year alone, the company has generated $1 million in sales.

EnerTec Structural Building Line and Carports

EnerDynamic and their experienced architects, technicians and construction teams build and design various structures and energy systems for their customers’ needs. They are able to build temporary shelters, carports, elegant homes of any size, industrial complexes, greenhouses and medical and food-grade facilities. These buildings are easy to clean and are also mould and pest-resistant. Made out of durable materials, the building materials can be shipped across the globe and can be temperature regulated.

Set up with EnerDynamic’s energy systems, heating and cooling requirements for the building can be reduced by as much as 70 percent. This is achieved by utilizing the company’s responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes and patented products. The walls used in the company’s structural systems do not lose energy to the outside environment and prevent the loss of heat through the walls and other construction materials.

Modular buildings and homes can utilize prefabricated structural insulated panels (SIP), a high-performance building system for residential and light commercial construction. The panels are made from an insulating foam sandwiched between two structural facings. Traditional SIPs must be finished on the interior with drywall or another building code approved 15-minute thermal barrier that protects the foam. Additionally, SIPs are created under factory-controlled conditions and can be fabricated to fit almost any building design, resulting in a building system that is extremely strong, energy efficient and cost effective.

EnerDynamic has developed a proprietary formula for a fiberglass reinforced FRSIP, which is a fireproof fiberglass sheet used to protect the insulation core. The FRSIP is 40 to 60 percent lighter than a traditional, mandatory interior covering, can be rapidly installed, easily transported, incurs low direct labour installation cost and can be used with other traditional coverings, like drywall, if required. The company’s FRSIP building solution recently received its class B fire rating, meeting CNBC requirements for all building applications, whether domestic or international.

enerdynamic structure


Utilizing the structural technology developed for homes and buildings, EnerDynamic has also developed a carport that can be used to provide shelter for vehicles and boats as well as providing power to nearby buildings, such as a workshop or house. The carport has been designed to withstand severe weather conditions while also remaining open to facilitate airflow.

enerdynamic carport

EHT Power Wagon

The Power Wagon is a customizable stock trailer that can provide remote site power through its self-contained solar energy systems. All sides of the trailer contain solar panels which feed into an integrated battery bank. The trailer can provide up to 10 kilowatts of solar energy and can store up to 10 kilowatt hours worth of battery charging.

The trailer can be fully charged within two to three hours of daylight and will continuously charge and maintain the onboard battery banks throughout the day. When the flip-up walls of the trailer are closed and locked, it becomes a safe place to store tools overnight while they charge.

enerdynamic trailer

The trailer is designed for construction sites and can charge cordless tool battery packs, operate power washers, fans, lights and can charge electric lifts overnight. It can even charge over 1,000 smartphones simultaneously when outfitted for emergency services applications. Aside from emergency services and construction site applications, the trailer can be used for outdoors events such as camping, weddings, street parties, among others.

However, the trailer needs to be carefully balanced to allow it to be towed by any vehicle with a hitch, including cars and pickup trucks. With this capacity, the trailer can be towed to remote power sites such as cabins, homesteads or emergency shelters by ATV and snowmobile.

Solar EnerTec

EnerDynamic’s patented solar EnerTec PV model is semi-flexible, can be mounted in various ways and is a third of the weight of their standard module. The model can achieve such a light weight because it does not require traditional solar PV racking, reducing the weight and the cost of the system.   

Reinforced Solar EnerTec

The reinforced solar EnerTec module can stand alone or be integrated into a structure. FRSET embedded solar roof module is a popular model for EnerDynamic. Traditional solar cells are embedded into the company’s fireproof skin of the FRSET. While most embedded solar cells are used in roof panels, a client may ask to have their panels on the side, back or front walls of the structure so they can get the maximum amount of sunlight to generate energy on any given day.  

The embedded solar cells offer substantial costs savings as they eliminate the heavy glass panels and aluminum racking required for traditional solar panels. EnerDynamic’s reinforced solar EnerTec offers solutions for two additional challenges: the weight limitations of the roof and shipping and labour costs. The passive FRSIPs would need to be thicker and more expensive if traditional panels were being used. Additionally, embedding the solar panels across the entire roof enables them to produce more energy than a home may need, creating an important source of power for the local micro grid or large battery storage systems.

Traditional Solar Modules

EnerDynamic’s traditional PV modules are made in a batch process that goes through various human and computerized checks to ensure quality and that they meet class A standards. The modules are produced with oversized connecting ribbons and bus bars to ensure there is little resistance which results in cooler running temperatures and higher efficiency.

Joint Venture Partnerships


In June 2017, EnerDynamic signed a joint venture agreement with Groupe NDUOM Limited of Ghana. The joint venture will facilitate the manufacturing and distribution of EnerDynamic’s EnerTec structural building and home technology through the expansion and vertical-integration within Groupe NDUOM.

“We are very pleased to successfully complete the JV and have the opportunity to work with a world class organization like the Nduom Group,” said EnerDynamic CEO John Gamble. “The NDUOM organization offers, among other opportunities, the final piece in our West African strategy by ensuring our products can reach the market in a cost effective and timely manner.”

Since forming the partnership, EnerDynamic has secured four purchase orders from Groupe NDUOM subsidiaries in Ghana. The first order was purchased by GN Power and consisted of 100 solar systems each three kilowatts in size. GN Power will install these systems for their customers and GN Bank, another Groupe NDUOM subsidiary, will be financing the systems. The second order was placed by Fresh Pak Ghana for a supply of 1,000 kilowatt solar energy system that includes ENERTEC ultra-light solar panels and supporting electronic infrastructure to generate, store and distribute power.

In September 2018, EnerDynamic formed another joint venture partnership in Ghana with United Construction and Investments Limited. The two companies in conjunction with the government of Ghana and the Ministry of Works and Housing will be constructing 100,000 affordable housing units in the country over a period of 10 years. The Ministry of Works and Housing will be providing the house designs, land and will ensure that the sites have access to water, electricity and roads. The houses will utilize EnerDynamic’s housing construction materials and solar integrated roof system.

EnerDynamic’s final purchase order was commissioned by the Ghana Health Ministry. EnerDynamic will supply the Ghana Health Ministry with 1,000 community-based health planning and service unit centers. An initial 200 units has been acquired and will be deployed in remote areas of Ghana where power is either limited or non-existent and will be used as a front-line clinics in rural areas where healthcare has been non-existent.

Burkina Faso

EnerDynamic and their African joint venture partner Maple Leaf Holdings SA have received an open order from the Government of Burkina Faso Housing Authority to immediately construct 40,000 homes utilizing EnerDynamic’s FRSIP housing solution. Over the past two years, the existing construction companies engaged to build the commissioned and needed 40,000 homes have only completed 500 homes. After talking to the appropriate authorities and being approved, EnerDynamic will be targeting an installation rate of 1,200 homes per annum by late 2019.


In January 2018, EnerDynamic finalized their joint venture agreement with Custom Complex Structures (CCS) whereby the two companies will market, sell and manufacture EnerDynamic’s modular housing system with integrated solar roofs. The joint venture will target California specifically. The California government has mandated that home built after December 31, 2019 will have to be NZE compliant. To be considered compliant, the houses will need to use solar panels, geothermal heating and other forms of renewable energy.

“This is a strategic JV at this time; the California market is set to undergo a complete overhaul in its housing market with the NZE policy being implemented. EHT will now be in a position to capitalise on this market potential, which will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars,” said Gamble.

Moving forward, EnerDynamic and CCS will be touring California with a tailored and customizable tiny house to showcase the company’s capabilities. The home will target both the NZE compliance markets as well as the currently trending tiny home market. EnerDynamic has also shipped a Power Wagon to CCS to be used as a sample to support sales as the company commences production on both products.

Puerto Rico

In 2017, hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico’s electrical system, leaving millions in the dark and provided challenges for utility crews trying to restore power to the country. To date, less than 60 percent of the electrical grid in Puerto Rico is working. In light of this disaster, FEMA and the US Federal Government have agreed to fund the reconstruction of the island and Puerto Rico is looking for a renewable energy source to integrate into their electrical grid.

In January 2018, EnerDynamic formed a joint venture partnership with Brieke Family Assets Ltd. to manufacture the company’s ENERTEC panels and solar systems for sale and distribution in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The joint venture will operate as CAT5 Solar and Microgrids LLC (CAT5) in Puerto Rico. CAT5 placed the first order of 67 solar systems the following month. The second order CAT5 received from Puerto Rico consisted of 100 solar systems.

Danosa Caribbean Inc., a 40-year-old commercial roofing product seller with Caribbean-wide reach and reputation, has joined EnerDynamic and CAT5 in their efforts to provide renewable energy solutions to Puerto Rico. Danosa Caribbean will be adding CAT5  products to its sales efforts.

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